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Rachel Brown7 days ago
7 Things You Didn’t Know about Code-breaking Before Computers
Anyone that has watched any crime show or movie, knows that in this day and age, computer hacking, encryption, decryption and what-not is all a big part of catching the bad guys. Modern technology has...
The Coolest Futuristic Guns That Actually Exist
When you hear about cool and futuristic guns your first thoughts are probably about science fiction movies where these guns couldn't possibly exist. Well, you'd be surprised to know that some of these...
Athena Maverick 4 months ago
Beware Modern Technology
The gleaming, shiny surface of my new MacBook Pro shone like a beacon as the Best Buy guy set up my new computer. I sat as still as I possibly could while I watched the technician fiddle with cords an...
Knighten Cooper7 months ago
The World's Metamorphosis
I leveled the sword against my opponent. "I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes the throne." The king stood up and while removing his crown and outer cloak replied, "So be it." He lunged forward whi...
Made in DNA7 months ago
Screaming Metal (Part 015)
There didn't seem to be rhyme or reason to the timing of the outbursts. She needed to calm herself, lest she trigger a collapse and join Il'on and the rest of the junk here in eternal obscurity. As be...
Kevin McClintock7 months ago
The Bose-Einstein Crucible
"The Bose-Einstein condensate is a state of matter in which extremely cold atoms clump together and act as if they were a single atom." ––Wonderpedia "Isaac Newton produced many works that would now b...
William E7 months ago
The Comfort of Dreams
Hugo sat in the waiting room, waiting. The walls were peach coloured, the floor shone, pot plants occupied strategic corners. On a television mounted on the wall a video played on a loop. He watched i...
sharan r7 months ago
"Why can't we write all the 24 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica on the head of a pin?" This question raised by the great scientist Richard Feynman became the cradle for a revolutionary idea — th...
Jared Rimer8 months ago
Screen Reader Usage: Part 4
Welcome to another article here on Vocal. This is part 4 of the screen reader series. In this article, I would like to talk today about using a Mac computer using access technology called Voice Over. ...
Anya Wassenberg8 months ago
Space Travel: Breakthrough Starshot Launch Paves The Way To Alpha Centauri
On June 23, 2017, a slew of Sprite spacecraft had a successful launch into orbit. But, it was more than just a trip to Earth's orbit, it was the first step into a new kind of space mission, one that p...
Caitlin McDonald8 months ago
Love and Robots
This weekend I celebrated the successful completion of my first-ever Arduino-powered project, a dance costume sleeve that changes colour as the dancer moves. This weekend I also found out that the Afg...
G.F. Brynn8 months ago
Alex The Inventor (Book 2 - Chapter 1)
Read Chapter 1 (Part 1) at: Deep Sky Stories
Jam Steward8 months ago
When does a human cease to be human through the amalgamation of mechanic and technological hardware? Does the ultimate convergence of these things make my brain nothing but software. Just because my c...
Jam Steward8 months ago
Artificial Gender Intelligence
As a western society with fairly traditional views, England as a whole has moderately outdated views on what gender is as a concept (Woods 1995). Even with progressive views speaking of non-binary peo...
Alex Bernier8 months ago
Medical Paternalism And Me
Mount Vernon, Virginia December 12th, 1799 Cold air proclaims winter's arrival at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate. The President returns home drenched in the late afternoon, his hair covered i...
Brandon Mckinney9 months ago
It Was All Lost
For Ryuji Satosan the day had started out as it usually would, by starting his daily routine immediately. He slipped out of bed into his slippers before making his way to the bathroom. There he shower...
Seb Reilly9 months ago
It was a Tuesday when I first noticed them. That morning had been terrible; for the first time in nearly a decade I was running late. The night before I had been checking the headlines whilst walking ...
Jared Rimer9 months ago
Screen Reader Usage: Part 3
Welcome to another article in the series dealing with screen reader usage for the blind and visually impaired. This time, I would like to cover how someone who can't see can use a screen reader to bro...