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Devon Keogh9 months ago
A History of Gravitational Waves
14th September 2015. A 4 kilometer long arm forming part of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) changed its length by one ten-thousandth the width of a proton, due to a dist...
G.F. Brynn9 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 17
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Phillip Woodford9 months ago
Millennials Are Aliens and They Are Alienated
The Millennial generation has so much choice, so many life chances and so much technology at the finger tips, they have become the object of hate and ridicule from previous generations. The stereotypi...
Ben Tearzz9 months ago
Should We Be Careful With the Development of Artificial Intelligence?
The short answer would be yes. But let me start out by asking you a question. Have you ever seen Terminator? Doesn’t have to be all of them, just one of the movies. The thought might have struck you, ...
Alan Kotok9 months ago
A Thinking Person's Artificial Intelligence
Over the past decade, artificial intelligence migrated from computer geeks' workshops to something many people encounter in their everyday lives, but not without fears of its effects. Last year, the P...
The Dawn of Microbots and Nanorobots
Creating nano and micro-scale robots to assist biomedical interventions in humans is a relatively young research field receiving copious amounts of interest within scientific research and Sci-Fi.
Futurism Staff9 months ago
Interview With Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Founder Of Unanimous A.I.
It's rather fitting that Dr. Louis Rosenberg, an individual wholly dedicated to preparing humans for the immediate and distant future, is featured in a project titled Year Million, National Geographic...
Rob Salkowitz9 months ago
Can Better Data Head Off Environmental Disasters?
Do you live within 200 yards of an oil or gas pipe? More than 60% of Americans do, but no one—not public agencies, not commercial customers, and not even the energy companies that own the pipes—could ...
G.F. Brynn9 months ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 16
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Tomás Brandão9 months ago
The Wickedness of A.I.
Like with most things in life “There's no rose without a thorn”, in other words, there are going to be some negative points to this tale, and they don't exactly sound very reassuring, quite the contra...
Madeline Basirico9 months ago
Artificial Intelligence Programs For Startups
Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a growing field where technology and machines are created to obtain knowledge and learn from it, just like humans. Algorithms are created that allow machines to comp...
Top Bezel-less Technology Smartphones
Nowadays, smartphones are manufactured using technologies such as enhanced fast processor, slim design, metal unibody, fingerprint scanner and iris scanner. The latest to the party is the integration ...
Jared Rimer10 months ago
Screen Reader Usage: Part 2
Welcome to another article here on Vocal. I'm Jared Rimer. This is the second installment of a multipart series that delves into how blind and visually impaired people go about using the computer. In ...
Alan Kotok10 months ago
Do You Want Your Bacon CRISPR?
In the 1980s, pig farmers started seeing their herds come down with a viral infection causing severe breathing problems, a disorder that became known as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, ...
J.D. Saward10 months ago
We Are the Millennials
Story: Fictional interlude <h1> We are the Millennials. Transmission from the Millennials Council begins here: Source: <h2> Council of The Millennials Forefront Repository: Planetary Retention: Trigge...
Joshua Sky10 months ago
Interview with Trina Phillips, Chief Futurist at SciFutures
Trina Phillips is a writer, editor and one of the chief futurists at SciFutures, a company dedicated to helping companies bridge the gap between science fiction and reality, via ideation, prototyping ...
Jared Rimer10 months ago
Screen Reader Usage: Part 1
Welcome to another article here on Vocal. I'm Jared Rimer, I am here to talk today about how us blind people go about using a computer. This will be a multipart series. The first part will talk about ...
Rob Salkowitz10 months ago
Visual Content Needs a Social Life
Series note: As technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data and mixed reality start to blur the line between science and science fiction, some of the most exciting developmen...