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Mo Darasi10 months ago
Google's AI "Deepmind" Has Learned To Be Aggressive If It Proves Beneficial
Deepmind is a company devoted to creating artificial intelligence based on neural networks. These neural networks are the virtual equivalent of neurons in the human brain. Deepmind's aim is to create ...
Jared Rimer10 months ago
How Can We Defend Against Ransomware?
Hi folks, A couple of articles came across my desk on the 2nd of May. They reminded me how many dangers lurk on the Internet, and got me wondering how we can protect ourselves from what is becoming an...
Adam McCaulley10 months ago
The Singularity
"Jay Bird, it's your 5:00 AM wake up call. Come on get up and play with me," The sultry voice said into Jay's still sleeping ears. "Come on Jay, don't make me get rough with you," The voice continued....
daniel morris10 months ago
A Primer for Symbiote
One of the most powerful, technologically and biologically advanced super weapons has been stolen from a secure research station and tracked to a third rate, backwater world at the edge of explored sp...
G.F. Brynna year ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 12
Read Chapters 1 - 11 at: Deep Sky Stories
daniel morrisa year ago
Symbiote Chapter 2
Nighttime at Kittery naval ship yard was always a pain, but even more so when one drew the mid-watch. At night nothing happened. The silence was so deafening many had gone mad. This night, not even a ...
Dr. Williamsa year ago
Star Quest
Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars in other words, let's reach our true destiny. A take on Frank Sinatra's hit. But, that movie "Inters...
Dr. Williamsa year ago
The Energy Equation
In a year that has already seen it's share of misfortunes not only for countless millions of Americans but millions more the world over along comes pre-summer inflationary trends in the price we pay f...
RJ Planta year ago
Tricorders for All
Look at us! All together again, chatting about things and stuff. Well, one-way chatting. Which is actually less chatting than—What? Oh, ok. Dave says I’m rambling. Today, we’re going to talk about Sta...
Joint NASA/ESA Mission Proposed to Search for Life on Europa
Europa is one of the most fascinating places in the Solar System, and is considered to be at or near the top of the list of worlds to search for possible evidence of life. Beneath its outer ice crust ...
RJ Saxona year ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Eight)
Chapter Eight His shoe felt damp, but not damp from sweat, but blood. He had no time to put on his socks, the only shoes that were available to him at that moment were his stiff dinner shoes, his heel...
OPERATOR By Shane Phillips This was supposed to be an easy mission. They usually were, and even when they weren’t, she was always notified in advance. But as she tried to peek around the corner of the...
G.F. Brynna year ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 11 (Pt.2)
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Dr. Williamsa year ago
The 21st Century Challenge
The die has been cast, the gauntlet thrown, do we dare pick up the challenge or do we retreat to our safe haven of complacency? For too long we have ignored the warning signs of what we have done to o...
RJ Saxona year ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Seven)
Chapter seven Tossing his baseball cap onto the stairs banister, Blake checked his watch. 12:26 PM. "Sarah!" shouted Blake as he closed his front door behind him. There was no reply. He quickly sat do...
Alan Kotoka year ago
Let Guinea Pigs be Guinea Pigs
If you work in a biomedical research lab, you better not get emotionally attached to the lab animals. For some lab workers, it isn't easy. Those mice and guinea pigs, and sometimes rats, can look down...