Curious tech and technology from the realm of science and science fiction.

Dr. Williamsa year ago
The Year 2525
"In the Year 2525, if man is still alive, if women can survive, they may find." That opening to one of the most memorable hit songs of the late 60's set a very ominous tone for the future of mankind. ...
RJ Saxona year ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Six)
Chapter six (Present day.) Tom logged out and closed the lid of his laptop, just as his girlfriend walked through the door. "Did you get my 3 D prints, the structural planning is tomorrow," said Jane ...
Jared Rimera year ago
ATPC Hit with Ransomware, Does Not Pay
On February 15, 2017: a company called ATPC (the Alternate Text Production Center) was hit with a ransomware strain. The E-mail that was sent to me indicated multiple things that I would like to highl...
RJ Saxona year ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Five)
Chapter Five 'You have reached your destination,' voiced Lexis GPS system, as Dr Henson pulled into the drive of the beach house. Inside, Kelly Henson sat next to receiver 27, brandishing a shotgun fr...
Dr. Williamsa year ago
Crisis: Water
Whatever you may think of the Syrian crisis, the Iran nuclear agreement, or the troubles with North Korea, there still remains an undercurrent of economic uncertainty in every part of the world today....
RJ Saxona year ago
There Not Here
There not here Part one. It had been two weeks since the last visit, he didn't know why they chose him, what he did know was that nobody believed him. It usually arrived around midnight, waking him fr...
What is Gene Circuit Engineering?
Re-wiring gene networks of a natural biological cell for customized behavior has promising applications in biomedicine and biotechnology, made possible via a broad field of science known as - syntheti...
Alan Kotoka year ago
Look Out Pharma. The Tech Industry is After You
In early March, a clinical trial reported results of an experimental treatment for migraine, which in two hours provides noticeable reductions in pain. And, most importantly, the treatments don't use ...
Through the Latest Looking Glasses
When Snap Inc., creators of Snapchat, announced in September its plans to roll out its first actual product, the video-enhanced Spectacles eyewear, speculation was strong that the product would be a g...
Dr. Williamsa year ago
Organic Intellectual Energy
Throughout the ages, all living organisms whether it is a small blade of grass or a blue whale all emit a form of energy. Energy in a way that is so transparent, so subtle, and yet, very definitive in...
RJ Saxona year ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter 3)
Chapter Three Blake provided the answers to the five questions that were required to evaluate his eligibility for C.F.L. He hovered his cursor over the submit button and clicked. The page read 'EVALUA...
Dr. Williamsa year ago
The Third Industrial Revolution
When the first Industrialized Revolution unfolded the fuel that ushered in a new found way of life was all based on fossil fuels. The gluttony that followed in the fervor frenzy of drilling and mining...
Private Weather Satellites Hold Promise, But Perils Too
Any day now President Donald Trump will likely sign a bill that would expand a pilot program to test the promises of for-profit weather data collection. While the program may pave the way for benefici...
Kevin Wortmana year ago
What's On Your Mind? Your Computer Will Soon Be Able to Tell You
One of the greatest magicians in history, Harry Houdini, was well known for his death-defying stunts and mind-blowing escapes from sealed chambers. One of his most astounding tricks was reading a pers...
Dr. Williamsa year ago
Comes A Horseman
On a night as black as pitch comes the Horseman. It is said that all through-out history man has been tormented by the constant struggle between good and evil. Where good intentions are swept away by ...
When Artificial Intelligence = Not Enough Intelligence
It’s a staple of science fiction: the devices made by humans run afoul of their creators by learning how humans think. From the renegade HAL9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey to the replicants in the sci-f...
G.F. Brynna year ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 10 (Pt.2)
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