Transhumanism is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

F. Simon Grant2 years ago
Birdhead Father in Brightness
When Birdhead Father found the box baby (as his name in that moment went from being "Birdhead" to "Birdhead Father") the problem was his (literal) birdhead moved independently as a (literal) bird's mi...
Animality: Prologue & Chapter 1
The average male lion weighs between 350-400 pounds & grows up to nine feet long, three feet in height. Like us, lions have thirty teeth. Wild lions have a life span of twelve years, but in captivity ...
F. Simon Grant2 years ago
Postal Automations
“As you may know, the Red Queen Corporation, when it bought the U.S. Postal Service, decreed all of you would be replaced by robots.” Maury Holliday, the postal supervisor, had given a similar sort of...
Mammoth Cave
High anxiety and claustrophobia have always been a part of my personal truth for as long as I can remember. When I first arrived in NYC back in 1979, I was not only overwhelmed by the scale of its bui...
J.D. Saward2 years ago
We Are the Millennials
Story: Fictional interlude <h1> We are the Millennials. Transmission from the Millennials Council begins here: Source: <h2> Council of The Millennials Forefront Repository: Planetary Retention: Trigge...
Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 014)
Despite the warmth of the day that was still evident above, the cold within the depths of the abandoned tech seeped into her bones. Here, the outlines of the junk grew perilous; protected from the ele...
Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 013)
Priyanka slowly worked her way to a point where she could see into the darkness, "What am I looking at?" "There's a flashing light," said Deshel. "Faint, but consistent." Down in the depths, between t...
Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 012)
Though much of the smaller junk had settled over time, it would have been a mistake to consider it safe. Stabilizers and anti-grav cushioning helped them over the uneven swells and kept them from gett...
Guillermo Calvo2 years ago
Questing in the Valley of the Lonely and the Lost
Questing in the Valley of the Lonely and the Lost The great adventures: the greatest adventures, the most daring and thus the most final. Will I ever dare them? If only for an instant, the smallest se...
Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 011)
Priyanka had had enough. Her voice took a stern, icy tone, "Are you finished?" Her eyes met the both of theirs in turn. She reminded them of their contract, "You know the risks of every job. This one'...
corey turner2 years ago
The Seventh Obsession
Love has no face.
Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 010)
"Yeah, it seemed like they were kind of half-joking," Deshel shrugged. "More concerned with the mood interruption the noise made." "But the transmissions are real, and they emanate from this junkyard,...
James P.2 years ago
Technology, and the Future of Criminal Justice
Why you need to be more diligent than ever.
Shane Phillips2 years ago
OPERATOR By Shane Phillips This was supposed to be an easy mission. They usually were, and even when they weren’t, she was always notified in advance. But as she tried to peek around the corner of the...
Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 009)
Instead of returning to her command couch as she usually did to emphasize she expected orders to be followed, she remained where she was. Relief washed over Deshel's countenance as he saw her calm som...
Arthur Rosch2 years ago
The Earth Gets An Oil Change
Speculations verging on the ridiculous
Adam McCaulley2 years ago
The AI Missionary
[Hello, and once again I am back. I just want to thank my followers on Vocal. I am going to be scaling back on my writing for vocal so that I can focus on writing novels. Still if you like what you se...
Exoplanetary 002 - Love For Sale
Download MP3 Subscribe on iTunes Earlier Episodes - Episode 1 Episode 002 – Love For Sale by C. Christopher Hart Ben Wolverton visits the home of an asteroid miner and discovers that Exoplanetary's Hu...