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Tales of the Yokai: A Kitsune Love Story (Pt. 2)

Is it wrong to love a monster?

The rays of the sunrise penetrated through the curtains as it shone upon my face, illuminating enough for me to slowly open my eyes. I stretched my arms and legs while glancing over to my right only to find an empty space. I shot straight up and looked all around my room. No Dia.

Maybe I was dreaming after all. I said to myself as I got out of bed.

I walked to my window and slid the curtains open only to be hit by the soothing and bright rays of the morning sun. Afterword, I open my window to let that morning breeze invaded my room. Taking a big sniff of the fresh outdoors air, I let out a satisfied sigh as I was ready for what today had in store for me. I watched my neighborhood undergo its everyday commune. Mechanics setting up shop, pastor opening up church for the morning prayer, Sensei Kaito opening his school for martial arts and finally kids waiting for the school bus to come pick them up.

I noticed one of the kids, happened to be my little brother, waving up at me as the school bus arrived. He was wearing his usual green shirt and brown shorts with a violet hat. He treasures that hat above all else because it was the last gift he'd gotten from our father. Plus, it makes him look even cooler. 

"I'm off to school, brother! See you when I get home!" he shouted before stepping on the bus.

I smiled in a heartwarming manner as I gave him a wave as well. As the bus zoomed from within a distance, I let out a small yet subtle sigh as I opened my closet to fetch me some new clothes. While I did that, I grabbed my towel and toothbrush, opened the door and headed straight for the bathroom. Singing a tune in my head, I casually open the door only to hear a feminine squeal. There, I saw Dia wearing nothing but black bra and panties. Knowing that I was screwed as this would happen in some cheesy cliche anime, I nervously looked up at her face. She had that bewildered yet blushing face which I felt a little bit at ease.

"My, you're quite forward Master... sneaking a peek at little o' me..." she said playfully as she placed both of her hands upon her face making a lewd face.

"I-it wasn't like that! I thought y-you left or something! I s-should've been more careful!" I stammered nervously. Well, I wasn't exactly prepared for this today.

"I know, Master! How about..." she slowly slid one strap of her bra down while giving me that "come hither" look. "...you take a bath with me...?" she asked in a seductively playful manner.

I swung that door shut faster than Lucifer's fall from heaven. My heart was pumping with adrenaline as Dia's whimpers and small cries were heard behind the door.

"So mean to me, Master!" pouted a saddened Dia who couldn't snag her prey.

"Uh, I'll wait until you get done and I'll shower, okay?" I asked nervously.

My response was the shower curtain sliding and the sound of the faucet head turning thus came the water flowing.

Relieved, I returned to my room to toss my clothes back on the bed. To kill time, I decided to practice my martial art Sensei Kaito instilled in me when I was young. It involves a lot of hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, grappling and firearms training. Though it doesn't have a set kata yet but it does come with a lot of drills whatnot. During one of my striking sessions, I heard a door from the far end of the hallway open. As my ears perked a little from the thunderous footsteps, I already knew what was coming my way or in this case: who.

The door flung open as my mother stood in the door frame, glaring at me like I was the scourge of evil. I, too, wasn't expecting this at all. Usually, she be up and out to her 'job' which I know what that consisted of: loitering around 'The Slums' -  the dark side of the neighborhood, couch hopping for a few dollars here and there and finally, going to 'The Club' with her no-nothing ass 'friends'.

"Morning, Mother! What seems to be the pr—" 

"How many times do I have to tell you to NOT leave the water running while you're not in there?!" interrupted my berating mother.

"But, it's winter time and it takes a while for the hot water to run. I told you this before!" I stated. 

"No you haven't! You don't pay bills around here, I do! You understand me!?" questioned my mother with a condescending tone.

"Yes Mother..." I said while looking down at the floor.

"Good! Now I'm gonna go kick it with the girls! I'll won't be back until tomorrow," she said while leaving my room.

I felt the morning's cold breeze filled the living room for a moment as she shut the door and went on with her day. Surprisingly, she didn't strike me, throw a lamp at me or anything. Huh, how... bizarre. 

Before I returned to my martial art workout, Dia came to the room with a towel wrapped around her delicate, petite body and around her head. The only thing exposed was her long, fluffy twin tails... wait a second.

"Before I go take a shower, how come you have two tails all of a sudden? I'm pretty sure I only saw one last night," I asked in a bewildered manner.

"Well, when you get done taking a shower, I'll be more than happy to explain my... abilities..." said Dia as she whiffed both of her tails at my face. When I thought they were soft before, oh man, this takes it to a whole new level. Plus the rich texture and the aroma of her fur that makes me almost want to push her on the bed and have my way with her. Before my primal urges got the better of me, I grabbed my clothes and dashed straight to the bathroom, leaving a playful yet confused Dia behind.

Upon reaching the bathroom, I took off all my clothes, slid the curtains slightly open, turned the water faucet on and hopped in the shower. Only this time, I didn't mind the cold chill of the water flowing on my body.


As I got dressed, I returned to my room and noticed Dia was not here. 

Where could she have gone to now? I said to myself as I left my room and search all around the house. I've looked in the kitchen, my little brother's room, and the laundry room. The only place I haven't look is my mother's room. However, I eliminated that possibility because she got her door locked down tighter than Fort Knox security plus I don't see a reason why she would even be in there to begin with. Frantic yet without any signs of Dia anywhere, I retreated back to my room.

Just as I leapt onto my bed and closed my eyes for a moment, Dia appeared out of nowhere and landed right on my chest; knocking the wind outta me. 

"Whew! I made it back in time. That's strange, why is this bed so r—" Dia looked down and saw me, nearly knocked out. Dia freaked out in a cute way and tended to my injuries.

"I'm sorry Master that I hurt you! Please forgive me! You can hit me, kick me!" said Dia in a spazzed tone.

"Whoa whoa! Calm down Dia! It's fine. It was merely an accident, that's all." I said in a calming manner. "I'm not going to 'punish' nor hurt you."

"Really? Are you sure?" said Dia, looking up at me with tear stained eyes.

I placed my hand on her head and petted her. She, in response, made a cat-like expression.

"Of course! So relax, okay?" I said while giving her one of my signature "heartwarming smiles."

She blushed a little and made that cat-like expression, only this time her tails were wagging happily. 

"Oh yeah, where did you go by the way, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked with curiosity.

"Well, I placed protective barriers around your house. That way, no negative spirits would come to your home. After I did that, I went back home to check up on things," explained Dia truthfully. 

"Really? What's it like on the 'other side'?" I asked in an intrigued tone.

Dia was a bit alarmed and shook by my strange fixation of the 'other side'. Realizing what I was doing, I regained my composure.

"Sorry... It's just... you don't run into someone as yourself everyday, y'know?" I stated with humor.

"No, it's fine. It's just that you're the first human to ever show interest in our culture. Most of the times, your kind wants to either enslave us or kill us," said Dia with a stoic tone.

"Yeah... a few of us are not necessarily bad as you can tell. However, I can't speak on the behalf of humanity. Plus, I guess I was interested ever since I was a kid. It's almost as if I was drawn to it." I said while looking at my left hand. "Oh yeah, I noticed that you don't have your hoshi no tama with you."

Dia looked puzzled for a bit. "My what?"

"Your 'star ball.' The one that holds a portion of your magical power." I explained in a different manner.

"Oh! Well, about that..." Dia trailed off as she looked away with a face ridden with lament.

"Uh, we don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." I stammered in efforts to change the subject.

"No it's fine. The thing is..." 

I listened intently and awaited what Dia had to say.

"My father took it away from me because he arranged a marriage between me and his yako rival's son. I detest and spurned his advances so as punishment, my father took my 'star ball' away from me," said Dia in a sadly tone.

"Hm, what if I got it back for you?" I asked honestly.

"Are you nuts, Master?! My father has powers that the human mind cannot fathom! You wouldn't last not even a minute against him! He could kill you with a mere thought!" warned Dia in a panicked manner.

"Well, I wouldn't know unless I tried. Besides, I wanted to test the results of my training anyway since I'm the second strongest person in my neighborhood," I said while doing a chest bump with my fist.

"Wow Master: you're either really brave or really stupid." stated Dia in a derpy manner.

"Gee, thanks!" I said sarcastically.

We both shared a laugh until my stomach started growling. Dia looked at me with concern and I responded with a nervous laugh.

"Don't worry! I can whip you something up to fill your tummy!" said Dia with glee as she got up and walked straight to the kitchen.

I followed behind and sat at the kitchen table. Dia happily hummed a tone as she summoned some strange ingredients that I haven't seen before. I was a bit cautious as to whether I want to eat it or not. Not that I don't trust her, I'm afraid that I might not handle her 'other-worldly' cooking.

"So, about your tails..." I said in a way for her to explain her abilities.

"Oh yes! I nearly forgot! Well how I attain or 'grow' a tail is by..." Dia looked dead in my eyes with killer intent. "...feeding on the pituitary gland of a human."

I instantly froze with terror.

"Haha, just kidding!" laughed Dia jokingly.

"Damn it woman! Tired of your shit!" I barked in a raspy, funny voice.

This made her laugh even harder than before. I just smiled a bit to just enjoy Dia being happy and all. I may not know her WHOLE story but I know just enough to see she's not a bad person; and if she is, she's one damn good actress.

"Okay, okay. Seriously, I get one if I reached a certain age."

"Sorta like birthdays?" I answered correctly.

"Correct!" responded Dia with glee. "Food is almost ready and I think your cute little brother is coming home."

"Hm? How can you tell?" I wondered with awe.

She pointed to her ears as they perked a bit and smiled. 

"Gotcha." I said while I nod in an understanding gesture.

I looked at the time and notice a lot of time has passed by. I guess the saying is true: "Time flies when you're having fun." I heard the school bus's engine as it made a turn down our street. By the sound of its roaring motor, it screeched to a stop indicating that it was dropping off its passengers. The sound of footsteps and children chatter can be heard outside. After listening carefully, I tracked the sound of my little brother. He was talking to maybe one or two of his classmates about some field trip. Little guy... I said to myself, smiling.

Suddenly it dawned upon me; how can I explain Dia to him? I quickly glanced over at Dia and her ears perked and she turned to face me. Judging from her expression, she was thinking the same thing and suggested on whether to reveal herself to him or not. I bit my lip for a minute to decide whether I should keep Dia a secret from him. The less people that knew, the better. However, he's nothing but a little kid and having another woman other than our mother around the house would definitely change his view about women. As his little feet touched the porch steps, it was now or never. Out of nowhere, an idea sprang to mind as I turned to Dia.

"Dia, you can assume the form of a human right?" I asked frantically.

"Of course but why do you a—" A light bulb must've lit in her head as she picked up what I was putting down. She placed the kitchen utensils down and pink smoke appeared out of nowhere. I coughed until it subsided to see if it worked. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight that beheld before me. She looked even lovelier than her true form. What replaced the ears atop of her head was red hair buns and her celestial robe now transformed into a red sundress.

"Well?" she asked playfully, noticing that I kept staring at her.

"You look great!" I said with a fox-like grin.

"T-thank you M-Master." She stuttered with a blush.

With the doorknob twisting and the door opened, came my little brother.

"Brother!" shouted my little brother as he drop his backpack and rushed to give me a hug. I rose from my chair and hugged him as he lightly tackled me with one of his own.

"Welcome home Java. Have you been good at school?" I asked as I took off his violet hat to rub his black curly head.

"Yup! I know how to multiply and divide numbers," he replied with enthusiasm.

"Well look at you, little Einstein!" I said with humor. We both share a hearty laugh until Java gazed upon Dia.

"Wow, she's pretty! Brother, is she your wife to-be?" wondered Java with sincerity.

I lost my composure and blabbered like an idiot. That question came outta nowhere. I like Dia but to go that far; oh my. 

"Uh... I... well... um... eh..." I fumbled between my words on how to explain my 'relationship' towards Dia. I glanced over at Dia to see if she could back me up on this one. Apparently, she made a cat-paw with her hand, placed it over her mouth and moved her body from side to side in a swaying motion, making a cute expression.

"Well, little bro. How about we discuss over dinner?" I suggested with a open gesture.

"Food?! Yay!" shouted Java with enthusiasm as he walked to the kitchen table. 

He pulled out a chair and I picked him up and placed him on it. Scooting his chair to where he can reach his food, Dia had finished preparing the food as she placed all around the center of the table. It consisted of a bowl of rice (gohan), a bowl of miso soup (miso shiru), picked vegetables (tsukemono) and fish. If you were here, you'd be drooling with hunger.

"Dinner is served!" announced Dia with a warm smile on her face. Before she could sit, I pulled the chair out for her. She sat down and I help scoot her chair up for her. What can I say? Manners OP. I hurried back to my chair and decided to say 'grace'. However, I studied a lot about this type of 'grace' so I whispered to Java and he nodded with a sheepish grin. Dia looked at us, confused to wonder what was going on.

Java and I clapped our hands together and said in unison: "Itadakimasu!" (thanks for the food) Dia placed both hands in our chest and was in awe. After that, we all picked up our eating utensils and dug in on the food.

A while later...

"Ah, I couldn't eat other bite. Thank you very much Miss Dia!" said Java while rubbing his stomach.

"Aw... You're welcome Java. Whenever you get hungry, let me know and I'll make you something yummy, okay?" said Dia as she playfully rub Java's curly head.

"Awesome!" replied Java with enthusiasm. "By the way, Miss Dia..."

"Dia is fine, Java. You don' t have to be so formal towards me." she said sweetly while still rubbing his head.

"Okay! I was wondering..." Java trailed off his sentence by looking down at his twiddling fingers. He does that when he's either nervous or about to ask something completely left-field, if you know what I mean.

"Wondering what honey? You can tell me," responded Dia in a motherly tone.

"...Can you stay with us forever please?" asked Java while still looking down.

Yup, completely left-field indeed.

Dia blushed for a minute there at the request Java made. From her understanding, that means she's great enough to start a family of her own.

"That's up to your brother," she answered sweetly as both of them look at me; one with pleading eyes and the other, lustful eyes. 

"Of course Java. I don't mind," I said while I sweated a little by their pressure.

"Yay!!" they both shouted and jumped in unison. I smiled a bit at their childish act. As Java got up from the table and went to go take a bath, I helped clear the table with Dia. She turned the water faucet from the kitchen sink on while I set the plates and utensils down in an orderly fashion. Soon after, she started washing the dishes one by one while humming a tune.

I grabbed a book from the bookshelf next to the couch and sat down to read. The atmosphere of the house was that of a normal family setting; children taking a bath, mother washing dishes and father reading/studying in his leisure time. Yeah... sometimes I wonder would I be a good parent?

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the front door. I got up from the couch and walked towards the door, looking through the keyhole. I smiled a bit as I open the door to see Sensei Kaito. He stood around 5'1", wore his symbolic black with red stripe fedora along with a big grey coat covering the remainder of his body.

"Hey Sensei! You just missed 'luncinner'. How are you though?" I asked in a enthusiastic tone.

"I can see where young Java gets his enthusiasm from." said Kaito with a sweat drop. "Anyway, I thought I'd drop by to let you know about the tour—" He stop in mid-sentence. Confused, I was going to say something but he held his finger up as in to not interfere. He sniffed the air twice and his usual stoic expression changed into intrigued curiosity. "Since when did you start dating kitsune women?"

My senses skyrocketed through the roof.

"S-sensei! H-how did you know?!" I questioned with astonishment.

"Really?" he responded with an unamused tone.

"...Right. My apologies," I replied as I looked down at the ground. My sensei knew me since I was a little kid. In fact, he told me he and my father were close. So yeah I can't necessarily hide anything from him let alone lie.

"Mind if I come in for a bit or now is not a good thing?" questioned my sensei with a smirk.

"I-it's not like that!" I stammered with a embarrassed tone. "P-please, come right in!"

When Sensei Kaito step inside the house, he stop dead in his tracks. Dia, with a plate in her hand, turned around to see whom it was that entered the household. She, too, froze up and drop the plate that was in her hands as it fell onto the ground, shattered in pieces.

"What are you doing here?!" they both asked in unison while pointing at each other.

And so the plot thickens...

Malachi Jones
Malachi Jones

My name is Malachi but call me Mali for short. I had a bad upbringing but somehow made it out okay. I love creative writing, to make stories that are relatable. Please to make your acquaintance and hope we can be the best of friends.

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