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The psychic faculty of telepathy occurs when one person tries mind-to-mind communication on another person. Telepathy is a mental realm exclusively, and is a form of non-physical communication of ideology, emotion, physical sensations, and mental imagery. Memories can be sent via telepathy to other people. In the west, telepathy is confined to psychics who practice it in giving psychic readings. Repeating somebody’s sentence by saying the same exact comment they make is a form of telepathy. So is getting the right answer in class at the same time somebody else is getting it. Sometimes telepathy works by thinking hard about somebody and getting a phone call from them.

Some people feel telepathy is an old, ancient, talent derived from caveman days where societies on earth had no electronic communication. Telepathy can be a faculty people use daily, however. Telepathy can be a spontaneous occurrence in times of danger or just a handy way to communicate with people distant from you. All other psychic talents like clairaudience are merely subsets of telepathy. The term “psychic” means of the mind. Clairvoyance is a kind of telepathy as is claircognizance. For a telepath, distance is no object and neither are obstacles in the long run.

Sleep can be conducive to telepathy since it can give you dreams about other people with similar faculties. Right now, more research is being done into telepathy. The pineal gland is where telepathy comes from. It is found in the middle of the brain, and was used more in ancient times than it is used today. Rene Descartes said that the pineal gland was the seat of the soul. The pineal gland is also known as the third eye. The pineal gland holds influence over the chakras, which are made up of energy and invisible to normal sight. Not every chakra is confined to their physical location as the heart chakra is in the center of the chest while the left side of the chest cavity is where the heart is located in terms of human anatomical structure. The pineal gland however, secretes melatonin which helps regulate sleep. Sleep deprivation causes your body secretions by the glands to stop being regulated. Some people have highly developed third eyes, which they use on a regular basis. In ancient times, people knew how to be lucid while dreaming.

Telepathy involves the ability to send and receive messages from one brain to the other brain. Telepathy is run by emotion between people such as a mother and child. Sometimes a dreaming person can have a precognitive dream, which is sent to their brain by telepathy. Those types of dreams require interpretation. Other psychic talents such as clairvoyance are also brought in through telepathy. Clairvoyance is a method of how telepathy is used. Empaths are different from telepaths in that they feel emotion only while telepaths hear thoughts, emotions, images, and sensations. Some telepathic experiences involve sending intense emotion to a person from another person, often between family members, for example, if a daughter feels cold while on a camping trip and her mother hears it. Or a son is in danger, and the mother in another country can feel it.

Telepathy allows people to see through each other’s eyes, in the moment it happens. Telepathy is a way of communicating across distances. Both the United States military and the Russian military have experimented with remote viewing, another skill that telepathy can create. David Morehouse experimented with remote viewing from 1988 to 1990. He has experienced remote viewing off-planet as well as remote viewing for targets on this planet. Humans are a telepathic species who have the problem of this faculty lying dormant for most of us. Rarely, people who want it open, get it open. In order to send a message to somebody else, you have to believe in telepathy to get it to work. Some telepaths can finish people’s sentences while they are talking to someone. This is something that happens in a matter of seconds. Telepathy is a real human faculty that we are currently experimenting with. 

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