Erica Antonakis
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The Accident

What Happens Now?

I'm trying to look on the bright side of things. Things could be worse, I'm mean I could be dead. They could have shot me on sight like my mother always said they would. Instead I'm sitting in a padded room in a straight jacket. I'm alive though, scared out of my mind, but alive. The day had started like any other. I woke up, ate breakfast, and headed off to school. Three weeks until the end of school and then I would be off to college away from everyone who knew me, everyone who picked on me. That was until it happened. 

My mother tired as best she could to teach me to keep it under control. She told me stories of people just like me being shot on sight or taken away screaming. She taught me breathing exercises to try and control m emotions. I wasn't always good at it though. When I was little I lost control a lot and we had to move around so many times I lost count. I was thirteen when I started my rebellious phase. Thought my mom was being overly dramatic, but I was wrong.

One day during class we had to do a presentation on a book we chose to read. I was so nervous, but I got through it without a hitch. The girl after me wasn't so lucky. You could just see her shaking and when she spoke her voice shook with her. She was stuttering excessively and a boy sitting in the front row started to make fun of her. The whole class laughed, the poor thing started stuttering even worse than before. I felt bad for her, the only people not laughing was me and the teacher who was yelling over the girl trying to stop the ridicule. Tears were steaming down the girls face, her whole body was convulsing and then so did everything in the room.

Books, desks, pencils, everything that wasn't nailed down went flying in the air swirling around the room. The laughter turned to screams and all of us ran for the corner of the room for cover. The boy who started all of this didn't make it; he was caught up in the storm of school supplies being bashed over and over again. The girl was still at the front of the class room. She had stopped shaking and her eyes had gone red and her hair floated above her head.

The fear in the room was palpable. Everyone had stopped screaming including the boy in the air. Now all you could hear the crashing of flying objects and the crying of scared middle school students. It felt like it went on for hours not knowing when it would stop or if it would stop at all. Suddenly men in black suits burst through the door. I heard what sounded like a gunshot and the girl hit the ground and everything came crashing down.

They took the girl and the boy away and we weren't allowed to leave until one of the suits talked to us to make sure we understood what happened. That the girl was like a bomb waiting to go off, that it was her fault that she had those powers and that freaks like her should be immediately reported to protect the so called peaceful society we live in. I didn't hear a word they said to me though and when we got home I cried into my mother's arms thinking that could have been me. What if I had lost control like that? What if they had come for me? That was the end of my rebellious phase.

The very next day we moved for the last time. I kept to myself and avoided everyone at all costs. Everyone talked about and picked on the girl who had no friends and never talked. It was a lonely life but, I was getting through it. I was doing well, ignoring all the taunts and keeping my powers under control. I looked on the bright side, I was doing well in school, I had my pick of colleges, and I had my mom. That was all I needed and if I focused on that I could get through my day with no trouble. I should have known it wouldn't last forever.

 Today had actually been on the good end of the spectrum. Everyone seemed too preoccupied with their own lives to even give me a second thought. For most of the day I was invisible, out of sight and out of mind. Until lunch that is.

I didn't even see her, I swear it was an accident. I had just gotten my food and was looking for a seat. Every seat was taken so I quickly turned around to eat in the corner of the cafeteria. Then I ran into her. Monica Adams, the bane of my existence. She started picking on me when I first moved here and hadn't stopped. My food, and hers, covered her outfit, which I assume is expensive by the way she blew up at me. I tired to apologize, but she never let me get a word in. She just kept yelling and yelling and everyone was pointing a laughing. Then she hit me. Slapped me right across the face and I fell to the floor.

It was like all the control I had just disappeared. All the rage I had bottled up over the years just exploded. As did Monica's hair, it just burst into ball of flame. I'll never forget all the screams, from Monica, from her friends, and the entire cafeteria. I quickly snapped out of it and regained my control. Scrambling to my feet I tried to figure out a way to help Monica somehow, but her friend pushed me back to the ground before I could do anything.

"Get away from her you freak!" I stayed on the ground from then on, never daring to get up. Tears streamed down my face as I realized my worst nightmare had come true. I knew someone was going to report this, I knew the men in the black suits were going to come, and I knew that I was probably going to die, but I couldn't move. I was too hysterical, I was frozen in place. The only thing I could do was cry.

When the men finally came I was in a fetal position on the floor. I wasn't crying anymore, I had run out of tears. It was just me in the room. When they had finally managed to put the fire out they took Monica as fast as they could to the ambulance waiting outside. Then they cleared everyone else out and left me locked in the cafeteria alone sobbing on the floor.

The suits escorted me out of the cafeteria, away from the school, and into the back of an armored van. The whole way I had my hands tied behind my back and a bag over my head. I didn't notice though my mind was in a sort of daze. I couldn't believe what had happened. How could I have lost control? Where were they taking me? More importantly what were they going to do with me? What about my mom? Was I ever going to see her again?

I couldn't tell how far we'd traveled when we came to a sudden stop. I was taken from the car and into a building. When the bag was taken off I was sitting in chair in the room I'm in now. I wasn't able to look around though, a woman in a nurse's uniform stuck a needle in my arm and the space went black. I woke up laying on the floor with a straight jacket on.

My worst nightmare had come true and now I'm here in a padded room waiting for something, anything I suppose. I don't know what's going to happen next. They could torture me, do weird experiments on me, or some third option equally or exceedingly worse. Like I said I'm trying to look on the bright side. I'm alive, but I'm not so sure it wouldn't be better to be dead.

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The Accident
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