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The Akashic Records

Why I Can Read Them

Many people, not just myself, can access the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are defined as a huge record of everything ever spoken all over the universe, also encompassing different dimensions since we have to count those too, when you are contemplating the existence of other civilizations besides ours. You can’t read the Akashic Records for somebody else without permission but you can read for yourself. I’m sure every mean thing ever spoken to me is in the records, from anybody who was ever mean to me for a dumb reason.

The key is to retrieve it using self-hypnosis or just plain being able to read the records. Reading the Akashic Records helps you to understand yourself not somebody else’s records. To read the Akashic, you have to get into a state of meditation, which enables you to access this. To read the records you have to allow the thoughts to come to you, which might yield some frightening events such as why you died in a past life, as well as how. Readings only work with what you understand in the present. My own Akashic Records speak volumes of what I want to do with my life.

Giving your intention words is a great way to start reading Akashic records for your own good, not for the common good. You have to ask accurate questions to the Akashic Records to get a good, blunt answer. You might see a picture in your head or a moving picture, or perhaps music might have a symbolic meaning. All you need to do is be receptive to the information. I access my Akashic Records often enough by being open to receiving the input. I allow myself to get into the flow of my visions, which pours into my psychic headspace. Insight can come from just “knowing” stuff.

The Akashic Records also stores my writing. I come up with great first drafts because I channel my work. I store funny punch lines in my Akashic Records as well, and then I retrieve the joke later. It is why I’m quick witted and can be funny to anybody. Some claim that relationships can improve when you look into the Akashic Records to see why that happens. I could only hope this can be true with my family. Akashic records help you figure out your life path too.

I can often see where I’m going with what I can do when I get my paralegal online schoolwork done as I can get my law degree someday. I want to become a pro-bono mental health advocate/lawyer. I do not want a dime from my legal studies. This is what my t-shirt business will do, is pay for schooling. Sometimes, reading the Akashic tells you the whole truth, and it can be disturbing. The future is also recorded in the Akashic. I know my own future because I can access this through my intuitive ability. More often than not, ideas pop into my head.

The Akashic used to terrify me along with every ability I have. But well, I’ve made my peace with my ability to read it. I can store many a funny joke in my own records to be retrieved when I need it. I need to take an accessing the Akashic Record's class, and learn how to do this properly without my shotgun method. Ancient cultures could access these records at will. The Akashic Records contain many thoughts, experiences, writing, and emotions. I access my ideas through having an Akashic Record to sift through. It is why I write good first drafts since I edit as I go along.

My ability to look at my Akasha is fraught with stress sometimes. I can see myself getting mono when I get my M.D./PhD. This will be a kick in the pants to recover from because of my immune system. I stay away from sick people. Especially this flu season, since the 2018 flu is quite terrible. I read that I won’t get the flu at all this year thanks to hand-washing and not hanging out with sick people. 

As far as how medical school will go, my Akashic Records reading has warned me I could go back to alcoholism and caffeine use in medical school from stress, long hours, and not living a balanced lifestyle. In high school, I was used to sleep deprivation which got somewhat better in college. In regard to the immediate present, I’m no longer sleep deprived which means that I can get through school this time around without feeling exhausted all the time.

I have the ability to retrieve lost knowledge but for that, I have decided to study Archaeology and some more anthropology at the junior college level since I want to get all my grades up in real school. I have to write what I can access in English given that I do not know ancient languages. I want to make genuine contributions to the field of archaeology so that’s why I need to study it some more. 

I need help with hypnotizing myself so I can get to the lost knowledge, but with people, I work with an understanding that I need to be medication consistent with my schizophrenia to deal with And also, I have limitations on how much hypnosis I can use per day. 

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