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The Blue Queen (Part 1)


For those who are reading this, my name is Ciara Frost. That is pronounced Key-ara, I don't like it when people get my name wrong. I am Agent Domino, a classified agent within the Hunter Society. You won't know what that is though. There are a few things you may need to know before you read what happened, a few things about the world that we live in. Where to stat? How about I explain what the Hunter Society is? There are normal humans out there, almost like yourself, and then there are people like me. We have abilities, enhancements, that mean we can fight threats that ordinary people can't. We are the elite people of the world that fight Immortal criminals of this world. You might think you know what immortal means, because you know about the story of Dracula or studied all about the myths and legends gone by; it is not what you think though. Everything supernatural, weird, and made in a fantasy land exists or existed, well almost everything. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Ghosts and all other monsters from those tales are real. Except that they aren't monsters, well not all of them, most of them are people; people who are different and most who just want a normal life even if that normal life usually lasts around a thousand years rather than eighty to a hundred. Enough about that, that is the basics, I'm sure you'll find out more.

Things changed a few years back. At first everything was fine. When I became a Hunter, things where easy. There was a mystical fog or something magical called the Shroud, that hid immortals from mortals and vice versa. It separated our two worlds. However, it had grown weak so creatures, monsters, and every now and then the lost immortal being could cross over. There was little to no damage done and I always helped take care of business to save humans from knowing. That was my job, and as I said it was easy. Then something catastrophic happened and the shroud was removed. The world was changed. Things that were hidden from normal eyes where suddenly revealed, beings that you wouldn't notice like tiny men or a woman with snake hair, you could see. No one even really seemed to notice the difference. It was like all of history and minds were rewritten to accept it, like the human brain was programmed in such a way that no one would notice the difference. The only issue was that immortals weren't fully understood, their appearance accepted like it was normal but they themselves weren't. Many normal humans were either in denial about their existence or didn't seem to care, but that didn't help when it came to the real threats the world now held. That is were I come in. I stop these threats to what is seemingly a peaceful society, or at least one where the world isn't ending again. 

The Hunter Society realized things needed to change. They stepped up, recruiting more people and training them to defend our world. With the Shroud destroyed, this was easier. Before, Hunters gained their abilities at the age of eighteen, not really sure why, and trained from them. With the new growth in Immortal activities, this changed. Hunters started gaining abilities earlier, started training earlier, and this helped increase their ranks. A small number of humans would also start to gain abilities, even humans who never had a Hunter heritage and this filled out the ranks further. Me, well I was an exceptional case, I gained my abilities at the age of fourteen, the youngest person to do so at the time. I grew in the ranks and was recruited into the Hunters Society at the age of seventeen, years before the normal Hunters, because "I was ready." Soon enough I was told about the classified level of Hunter. The Society changed their hierarchy adding in a new field, one in which I was asked to join, the Assassins. A level of secret policing that would investigate and stop the biggest threats to our civilization. 

I am an Assassin, a mercenary of the Hunter Society, tasked with seeking out the greatest threats that only I can deal with. I am Agent Domino, a solo Assassin, and this is my final story.