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The Chosen One: Chapter 1

A Story About a Girl Finding Her True Self

Chapter 1: Ava

Some say this is just a story. But for me, it’s much more. It’s how I put life into perspective, it’s how I understand how to live. It’s the journey of a million steps that start with only one leap. It’s ….Magic.

My name is Ava Grace LionHart. I was Born in 2066 at 12:59 PM, December 31st. Crazy right? Only one lousy minute off. Yes, I was the talk of the town. People from all over the world would call me the Chosen and the One! Of course growing up I had no idea what those idiots were talking about. My parents just always told me it was a curse. Nothing good ever came from the world. Nobody ever really talked about it. It was like some forbidden secret. But for all I cared, it was some rumor some idiot started who has no better things to do. I was never allowed to talk to anyone much. Most people feared me for some reason and others, my parents would hide me from. I didn’t have any friends since my life consisted of hiding and running. I did have one best friend though. Her name was Claire St. Demiro. She really was as amazing as her name. Everybody in town adored her. It was like living with a princess. Her name was mentioned at least 1200 times a day. She was gorgeous and she sure as hell knew it too. Her parents and my parents went way back. Back to when the circle of arcane first started. It was a group of people who reigned to control and organize every aspect of our lives, especially our power. But something went wrong one night with the spell that was casted amongst the land. It created madness. Families became separated and the town turned into predator against prey. Millions of people lost their lives including the circle. But one of the ones who actually made it out alive, my father, now devotes his entire life to fixing what has been destroyed. He made a new circle called the resolution and day by day grew a new and improved town. Though he never could destroy the magic that was casted, we all just have to live on.

Every year, when a child turns 18, they host a celebration. At this age you get tabbed. Basically, it's a nice interesting way of saying you get your power. They call you up in front of an entire crowd of people and my father, the mayor, tabs you. He presents you with a shining silver necklace and at the bottom sits a pendent in the shape of the creature you are given. It is selected at random, based on who you are and where you come from. Today is me and Claire's turn. We have spent 18 years preparing for this moment but even still I’m nervous. In school, we are taught how to prepare and ready ourselves to use magic but today it's real. No more practice courses, no more tests. It’s me against the world. I have never been on my own. Never known how to survive in a fight or flight situation. For heck's sake, I’ve never even been kissed. I did at one point have my eyes set on someone but he was a predator and since I don’t have my power yet I can’t be on the predator side of town. It is a really dumb rule but I know my father is only looking out for me. On a positive note, I won’t have to worry about that much longer.

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The Chosen One: Chapter 1
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