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The Chosen One: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The First Night

I was now probably miles away from Claire. I wish I could just hear her voice one more time? What if that was the last time I would ever see her? I can’t even think about it. She is a prey now. I could kill her.

I don't really know what town I'm in right now. Looks medieval and cold. Seems like no one has lived here for centuries. It's like one of those towns that never loses its charm, no matter how broken it looks. Something about this place seems familiar though. Like I belong here. Something seems to be pulling me north so I guess I should follow? I hear a noise in the distance. Did Claire follow me? She wouldn't. Would she? That's a pretty risky move on her part. She has never once left Lionhart city limits. I don't really feel like sticking behind to find out, so I just continue to walk. I reach an old, obviously abandoned house. It's a worn out blueish tint and all the windows have been boarded up. I am not sure why but I walked in. That feeling of belonging grew a lot stronger the second I placed my foot in the doorway. Walking around the house, I couldn't figure out why I felt so connected to this broken, little town. Nothing seemed familiar. Not the doll in the corner or the pictures on the walls. Not even the adorable little girls' nursery. Whoever lived here must of had a daughter. Assuming from the obsessive amount of pink. I walk over to the tiny crib in the corner. Nothing; a little locket hanging from the side. I go to grab it and immediately hear a shudder downstairs. Footsteps began to get closer, I am panicking now. I could of sworn no one lived here. Really wishing Claire was here about right now. Don't know what the hell a bunny could do but anything is better than nothing. I still don't know who I am so how do I shapeshift? I grabbed the locket, stuffing it in my pocket as the stranger grew closer. It began to creep around the corner. The moment it saw me, it changed its form. I know from all my training this is not a good situation. I watched as its skin changed from peach to brown. Its teeth got sharp. Eyes got large and deadly. A bear began to form from head to toe. He started to get closer I felt trapped. As I'm looking around, my only escape is the window. My best option, so I bolted. Out the window, over the fence, and into the woods.

He is chasing me awfully fast. I could feel my heart pumping, racing as I jumped over every hole and fallen tree. I know I needed to shapeshift but how? I concentrate on one animal only, the only one I know I stand a chance of getting away with. A rabbit. I'm not sure if that will work, considering I don't know if I'm predator or prey. So I just focus on my rabbit. I'm leaping through the air just trying to get any spark of hope. Whispering to myself, "Please change please change please change." I didn't. The bear gets closer. It is on my feet now. This is it. This is my death. I'm starting to wish I never left the ceremony. I probably could of gotten help. The bear has caught up to me now, it claws my waist and I fall. It climbs over top of me letting out a ginormous growl. I look into its eyes. I imagine how he feels. What he is thinking. What it is like to be a bear. Sensing it from the inside out. Miraculously, I began to form. The teeth first, then claws, and eventually, I became a horrific beast. 

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The Chosen One: Chapter 3
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