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The Crystal Skulls

Twelve crystal skulls were programmed to contain all of the knowledge discovered by the beings of the twelve planets.

There are many legends regarding crystal skulls which were associated with the Mayan and other South American tribes and numerous crystal skulls have appeared over the last fifty years claiming to be one of these ancient skulls. A crystal skull was reportedly unearthed on a dig and kept secret by the daughter of the top archaeologists for some reason. Years later, she decided to reveal it. It has been tested and found to have been produced with modern machinery. Of course, Star People could still have manufactured it centuries ago.

There are twenty-two power spots in North and South America that the ancient medicine people visited in order to gain wisdom. One of these was Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Power spots were where medicine men and women would travel to learn and share knowledge. These places were similar to the library of Alexandria in that they were centers for learning. The Mayans were the keepers of at least one of these power spots and the inherited guardians of the crystal skulls which were kept hidden at one of these spots. All the skulls found so far have been proven to be fakes produced by modern machinery.

Still, one wonders where the fascination with skulls carved from crystal came from in the first place. Could these have been inspired by tales of skulls that truly did exist at one time but as of yet have not been re-discovered? If they had been discovered would we know about it, or would they be kept in hiding by respected tribal elders? Knowing that for hundreds of years governments have either destroyed or confiscated artifacts integral to Native history, including our very ancestor’s bones, I sincerely doubt any unearthing of such skulls would be openly discussed by those who have been charged with their guardianship.

We have long been familiar with the pyramids in what was the land of the Maya and have recently discovered pyramids in other parts of the world that have long ago been buried by soil. There has been a controversial discovery in Bosnia of just such a pyramid and although some contemporary archaeologists deny this discovery is truly a pyramid, they have not addressed key issues such as its four flat sides, their alignment to the cardinal directions, and the thermal inertia analysis reports that reveal faster heat loss than would occur with a normal hillside. There has also yet to be a thorough investigation of the presence of two other nearby buried pyramids, structures similar to the Egyptian pyramids at Gaza. There are also three pyramids in Antarctica where pollen of tropical plants found in the snow indicates they were not always covered in ice. Some speculate that Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis that Plato wrote about. To admit that these are in fact pyramids and begin to explore them would potentially cause us to rewrite much of our understanding of pre-history. There are numerous reasons archeologists do not want to discover a new history, all of which have to do with money. Could the crystal skulls lie in some unexplored pyramid? Might they be better off left there?

Several of my teachers spoke of the crystal skulls. There were variations within their stories, but most of the details were the same. The skulls were associated in some way with knowledge given to us by the star people who programmed the skulls to hold the information to be revealed at the proper time. Some have said that the skulls are kept on Earth even though they contain information from other planets because Earth has been shielded in a way that prevents evil-intentioned beings from the stars from seeing the planet. It was this very shielding that allowed for the genetic manipulation that created human beings in the first place, as it was purportedly not done with approval from a higher authority. Some of my teachers have said that it is not the entire planet that is shielded from the awareness of other beings, but only certain spots. Some say this shielding prevents beings with impure intentions from being able to see, others say it protects us from these very beings. It is possible that there are shields to prevent both good and bad beings from having a clear view of certain spots on Earth. The skulls are presumably hidden in such a shielded spot.

Medicine people say that there were twelve crystal skulls constructed and programmed to contain all of the knowledge discovered by the beings of the twelve planets. The skulls were the size of an adult human skull, complete with moveable and removable jaws. Known as the “Singing Skulls” they were used in combination with eight obelisks to transmit the information that had been programmed into them. The obelisk completed a circuit between it and its individual skull. It is said that the skulls and obelisks could also be used as a teleportation device when all of them were placed in a circle and the skulls were aligned somehow with their individual obelisks. This happens by creating a vortex of energy. A three-foot cone was projected out of the top of the skull in which holographic images would appear. I was taught that it took three years to complete the programming of the skulls. Another teacher told me that there was also one larger thirteenth skull that was placed in the center of these twelve skulls and obelisks. There was no word of this larger crystal skull also having a matching obelisk.

Today we use crystals in radios and ultrasound technology. We know how to transmit energy and information using them. It is, therefore, not hard to believe that crystal skulls could be programmed to contain vast stores of information. Crystals are silica. The answer received back from the message Carl Sagan sent into space, which I will discuss at greater length later in this book, said that the planet they came from was predominantly silica. It would stand to reason, therefore, that these beings would know how to work with silica quite well. Imagine what we might learn if we were to access this knowledge. Are we advanced enough emotionally to be able to process this information? Would we be so disturbed by what we discovered that our entire belief system and purpose in life would come into question? Would we use any technological information for the betterment of mankind and the planet as a whole, or would we try to dominate others and in so doing, destroy us all? This is why Native Strength and emotional evolution are essential!

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The Crystal Skulls
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