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The Cure for a Full Planet

The Koda Monroe Cleet Chronicles

Year... 2100

Place... Earth (population nearing 11 billion)

Location… Washington DC. An undisclosed meeting room near where the White House once stood.

Present… The Council of Earth with representatives from every country, the Head Councilman, and a scientist who simply goes by Ares.

Finn Swelters leaned forward and tapped on his microphone. The high pitched sound resonated around the old meeting room. Had they met in a new facility with technology up to par, this wouldn't have been an issue. The nature of their meeting called for a private location and so they found themselves in a building no one used anymore in a room with decades old technology.

"Councilman, you realize this is a risk." Finn's voice didn't sound confident as the rest of the council stared him down.

"So is letting the planet continue to grow like it is Mr. Swelters. So is running out of clean water and food for our planet. So is being such a full planet we have to start building homes underground."

“The underground houses in India are working very well,” the councilman from India is so far across the large table, Finn can’t even tell he’s talking. He doesn’t know everyone’s names being the youngest councilman having replaced Councilman Bolin after he retired as America’s representative.

“But for how long?” another councilman called out. The representative from China he thought, she was always so vocal.

“It doesn’t matter, the decision has been made. These steps have been put into place over the past ten years. Every angle has been looked at with hundreds of men doing hours of testing.”

“I just don’t see why we can’t go back and render women infertile.” A loud mouthed councilman said. From the accent, Finn decided it was the French representative, but he was also far across the table.

“That wouldn’t work for many reasons. I’m going to let Ares have the floor to tell you exactly what will go on.”

“Thank you, Head Councilman.” A small gray haired man stood and walked to the front of the table. He was in his early twenties the hair color either a dye job or some sort of gene in his blood. It was silver, Finn realized noticing now he’d missed the beginning of what the scientist had said.

“Throughout time our people will be sent into pre-planned situations where the surrounding population won’t question where they came from. Every detail has been planned for every home meticulously. There shouldn’t be a disturbance in any year. A week from today we’ll meet and the process will start.”

“How are the people being alerted they are being sent back?” Council woman Sandy from Russia asked. She had a translator who only called her by her first name so Finn remembered.

“They won’t. They will simply comply with the rules we’ve set into place, or they will die.”

Finn had a pain in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure if it was the fried green tomatoes and bacon he’d had for dinner, all that was in the cafeteria of this old place, or his nerves.

Something about the whole situation made him feel sleazy. Clearly, part of it was sending people back through time without their consent. They would have to walk the line and not draw attention to themselves or they would die.

He didn’t think it sounded like the best way to live even if it did save the resources. Something was going to go wrong. He could feel it in his gut, and couldn’t explain why.


Place… Earth (population around 7 billion)

Location… Shelby, NC.. A carport in the house of the Smiths just outside the city limits

Present… Koda Monroe Cleet, her handlers Mary Stevens of 2016 and Sage Punnett of 2100.

Koda Cleet woke up to an unfamiliar sound. She sat straight up in her bed and looked around trying to find it. This was not her room.

“What the f...”

“Welcome to the year 2016!” A man was at the edge of her bed. He threw his arms into the air. “You’re not actually supposed to be here.”

To be continued…

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The Cure for a Full Planet
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