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The ET & UFO Phenomenon

The HET and CTV Phenomenon

If you go back and try to get an overview of the ET and UFO phenomenon, it quickly becomes a challenge to decide if you are making sense of anything. The UFO timeline basically starts with Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT. Though there have been sightings throughout history, those are regarded as the main ones.

The ET portion is more difficult to pin down. You find statements saying Orson Welles was the first person recorded using the term. Though it doesn't really appear he is using it to make a claim extra terrestrials exist, rather more as a marketing ploy to sell his stories about life from other planets.

Most people will probably simply think of the movie ET unless you clarify that you are talking about the ET that is associated with UFOs. From there, a person might think of the generic three-foot tall green being with almond-shaped eyes and possibly antennae. It is a lot more difficult to express a standard of thought common to all people with the term "ET." At least with UFO, most people think of a shiny, metallic, disk-shaped object that probably is from another planet.

A new trend is developing that may change the course of the ET and UFO phenomenon. The possibility that Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU) and that UFOs don't fly has some interesting clues that are becoming easier to see it may be true.

Some of the key points Earthlings are not aware of the possibilities of:

  1. referring to themselves as Earthlings
  2. using the acronym HET instead of ET
  3. using the acronym CTV instead of UFO
  4. UFOs don't fly the vectate
  5. misdirection
  6. subliminal dissemination
  7. hextocracies and hextaries
  8. Tach One is the speed of light

Some of it seems so simple, it seems ridiculous to even mention. Though, as long as Earthlings don't refer to themselves as Earthlings, they will never elevate the conversation or intellectual level to that of extra terrestrial intelligence.

Earthlings are so focused on the acronym ET they don't realize the possibility that HET could be living among us and are using subliminal dissemination and misdirection to prepare us for disclosure without allowing us to realize what is going on. Thus, a switch to something as simple as HET would shine the light on what could really be happening. They don't even realize they are incorrectly writing the word when they write it as extraterrestrial. When you write it as extra terrestrial you can see how the term humanoid extra terrestrial fits in as an acronym, the append lives among us and you get HETLAU. 

Earthlings don't realize the possibility that extra terrestrial spacecraft don't fly, that they vectate (vectored levitation), and that Tach One is the speed of light. This provides a new acronym, CTV (Celestial Tach One Vehicle), to replace UFO. The problem is just like ET—society is stuck on the term UFO. Could this be more subliminal dissemination and misdirection?

If it is possible HET live among us, is it also possible that our government is really a hextocracy and our military is really a hextary? No one has ever even put forth any of these theories, but when you look at everything happening, it starts to make sense and explain what is taking place each day.

Could the possibility that subliminal dissemination and misdirection are key tenets of the extra terrestrial plan to fool the Earthlings be what is really keeping everyone from seeing through the charade?

Adding Hetlau, Hextocracy, Hextary, Vectate, Tach One, Subliminal Dissemination, Misdirection, as well as an understanding of each one, along with new acronyms—HET and CTV—may have a profound change on the ET and UFO phenomenon and bring about disclosure.

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The ET & UFO Phenomenon
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