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The Extra Terrestrial Amendment

Another Extraordinary Event

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is possibly known as the extra terrestrial amendment. It really should be known as the ESH amendment since the possibility exists HET carried out the ET architecture right in front of the public's eyes without anyone being the wiser.

Most people think the 25th Amendment is one of the best examples of a democracy working properly. The ability to resolve who will ascend to power upon the vacancy of office without any need to argue. What a well-refined system the American people have come up with.

The problem is without an understanding of the possibility of Hetlau, there is no awareness of the possibility of a Hextocracy. Knowing that a hextocracy is in place to implement the scripted events of the ET architecture (ETA) provides another great opportunity for misdirection analysis.

The hypothesis that we keep testing is that the events have hidden clues around them that will be available for perusal after disclosure. Knowing they are already being put into place and knowing what to look for allows us to find the repeating patterns that provide for a preponderance of evidence that we can use to substantiate the claim in the lack of corroboration needed to make it factual.

Immediately, we can see in the 25th Amendment using the EARTH methodology and wormation:

25 = ET
20 = T (alphanumeric)

5 = E (alphanumeric)

A = Alien
MEND = Fix or Repair
MENT = MENTal = Mind

So the possibility exists that the amendment says the aliens fix or repair our minds. A better way to read it is they change our minds. We think the system is broken and needs repairing. The possibility exists to them, the system is working perfectly and these changes are designed in advance to effect a change they desire. The misdirection changes should cause us to:

  1. Focus on an event. 
  2. Waste inordinate amounts of time.
  3. Waste inordinate amounts of money. 
  4. Prevent us from recognizing Hetlau.
  5. Allow Hetlau to accomplish their goals.
The event the 25th Amendment is going to get us to focus on is the replacement of President Nixon by Vice President Gerald R Ford. That was what the amendment was intended to, allow for an orderly succession of power in the event of a vacancy, at least according to the EA viewpoint. There was a vacancy, as Richard Nixon resigned the office over events surrounding the Watergate scandal.

So the possibility exists that what appears to be an orderly transfer of power is really an enormously complex series of scripted events. The enormous time and cost waste kept our focus on the event. This allowed them another opportunity, as they have had so many throughout history, to keep us looking the other way, thus the misdirection. All the while the EA think all is well and everything is working normally. 

Let's go back and look at something first. Nine times in history the Vice President has become the President. This was the first time though that the reason was because of the 25th amendment. The EighT (note ET) times prior, the Vice President had been part of the ticket, the President & Vice Presidential package that were elected to office. So even though historians will say they (the vice presidents) weren't elected to the office of president, technically they were.

It's Gerald R Ford that is the unique one in that Spiro Agnew was Nixon's Vice President who also had to resign from office over a scandal. Note, this is just a coincidence. Ford was nominated by Nixon so technically since he was not on Nixon's ticket, he is the only one actually not elected to office.

Note, Spiro Agnew is an enagram for "gains power." So you have to ask yourself, how could someone who resigns from office basically in disgrace possibly gain power? Well if the possibility exists of Hetlau and this is really a Hextocracy, then clearly any individuals "taking one for the team" would certainly be rewarded. It's just that the method of reward probably won't take place or be seen on Earth, which is why the EA can't figure out what is going on.

When we use EARTH methodology to read the names surrounding the events we can see ETI taking place and the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence to support the ETA.

N = 14
IX = XI (backwards or reverse)
XI = 11 (symbolism roman numerals)
14 + 11 = 25

25 = ET
20 = T (alphanumeric)
5 = E (alphanumeric)

ON = NO (backwards or reverse)

So NIXON says ET NO meaning EA or that he probably is an EA not an HET. Remember the possibility would exist there would be lots of EA in the know who are keeping it a secret but helping the ESH accomplish their goals.

RALD R FORGED (enagram)
ARRDL  FORGED  (enagram)
iva = 4
i = 1 (symbolism)
v = 22 (alphanumeric)
a = 1 (alphanumeric)
1 + 2 + 2 - 1 = 4
D = 4
iva = d (alphanumeric and symbolic substitution)

So the name GERALD R. FORD says the possibility his succession to power was faked or the arrival to power was forged.
Note his birth name was, Leslie Lynch King Jr.

So, in summary, there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the hypothesis when you know the clues exist and how and where to look for them. Either that or there are just a lot of coincidences piling up.

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