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The Fall to Earth

The Descent and Attack on Purgatory


Abaddon, myself, and Abalam; the new Revered gather our council of new knights.

"When you said to turn your gaze to Earth, that may have been a bit more ambitious than we are ready for," I suggest to Abalam.

"Think about it. Earth is purgatory, what if we eliminated that plane. Then there would just be Heaven and Hell. We would have full manifestation of our powers anywhere we go. There would no longer be any expulsion or fallen. There would just be angels, no more status," Abalam rebuttals.

"We wouldn't be able to do anything other than at that one spot, the veil is too thick." Abbadon states.

"Exactly, but that one spot the veil has been weakened for decades, and we could easily push a team of five or six through," Abalam suggests.

"It's doable, but then what? We have five or six angels at that spot, we can't exactly have them launch a full scale siege on Earth with that few," one of the knights piped up.

"No... but it's a start. And if they could establish a connection to Hell, they could summon... someone... who would have that power," Abalam states.

"The Devil. You're talking about summoning the Devil." I grow a bit weary. Granted, I'm a newer fallen angel, but the stories that I've heard about him are terrifying to say the least; he has no side but his own.

"With five or six of the strongest of us, we would be able to stretch the veil out enough to allow us to access some of the older magics on the Earth, leading the way for the Dark Lord to return," Abalam states.

"He speaks the truth. But in doing so, we have no clue what his intentions would be. He could seek to destroy all of us in the process, and turn his gaze to Heaven after. Meaning we all would be at risk," Abaddon adds.

"Again, Earth may have been a bit... ambitious," I state.

"No. Focusing on Earth is the only way that we will be able to have equality. With the existence of Purgatory, we will forever be limited."

"Let’s say that we do succeed. Earth wouldn't just disappear, it would become a mixture of Heaven and Hell; the mortal world would fall into complete and total chaos and the humans that are strong, would be turned into either an angel or a demon. The ones that are weak, would just be playthings. Don't forget about the other things that exist beyond the veil. Purgatory exists for humans to follow their own path and for each individual to shape their own destiny. If we eliminate that, reincarnation, resurgence, all of it would no longer exist. We need humans to have a balance," I chime.

"Be that as it may, there may be a way for us to just drop the veil all together, so we would be able to walk amongst them without changing anything on a grand scale," Abalam states.

"Doing so, it would just be like introducing the creation of  new species. Very effective," Abaddon confirms.

"That could work. We would have to completely focus on that one spot. Us even with our powers combined would not be able to drop the veil. Even if we tapped into the Earth and forced every witch to channel their power, it wouldn't be enough. We would absolutely need Lucifer."

"The stories that I have he—" a knight starts.

"Those were eons ago. He has ruled his little kingdom but his ambitions have always been reaching for Heaven. I doubt he knows of our takeover and we would be wise to keep it as such. If he finds out, he will waltz in here and take over just like that. And we won't be able to do anything stop him," Abaddon warns.

"It's worth a shot, if we do nothing, the veil could potentially close and we will have to wait centuries for another opportunity," Abalam states.

"Fine. Then we attack tonight."




The day passes and nightfall arrives. Abaddon, Abalam, and myself assemble a group of well-trained heavily armed angels and push to the veil. We go to the end of the gate and open Heaven. We descend upon the Earth and push that same spot until the veil rips. We eight, strongest of the angels, push through and enter the mortal plane.

I reach deep and feel the Earth and once more I pull the energies into me like I did when I first arrived with the boy. I turn to Abalam and watch him crack one of the widest grins I have ever seen. I sense his power grow and he goes to the spot where his mortal body lies. 

He puts his hand down and sucks the remaining power. His wings expand and the pitch black tar that encases them starts to drip and pour from them. With tar flinging everywhere, the whole area increases ten fold in temperature. He flaps them and grows fangs, claws, and his spear turns gold with black fiery embers engulfing it.

Abaddon stands back and smiles proudly. I am horrified. The boy I once met is no longer a boy. I sense his pure hatred for the mortal world and he has just severed his last tie to his humanity. He slams his spear into the ground and it marks the earth with searing heat. His mother runs to him and falls on her knees horrified. 

"This isn't you. You're not a monster," she pleads.

She tries to speak his old name but the boy quickly stops smiling and stabs his mother with the spear in the heart. He lifts her off of the ground gripping her by her throat. He then removes his spear, removes his hand, and watches her collapse on the ground like an apple fallen from a tree.

"Good. Embrace your darkest aspects," Abaddon encourages. 

Abalam roars to the Heavens and the sky opens up and rain pours down. It used to be the Heavens would rain tears from Angels but this time, it is nature's screams from the bloodshed.

"I know what I have to do," Abalam starts.

"What?" I ask.

"Like before, I have to astral project but I have to go into Hell instead of Heaven. Now that I have my physical body's strength, it should be relatively easy."

He falls on his knees in a prayer like pose. Then he puts his palms to the ground and draws a circle around him, and chants an inaudible passage. His hands go behind him and his face outstretched to the sky with his mouth wide open. His wings expand and his eyes roll back. 

Abalam stays in this position for a while. After several minutes he returns to his body.

"Took you long enough," Abaddon pipes up.

It took me a few seconds  to realize, that is not Abalam. When he returns to his vessel, he is different; his arms return in front of him and his wings expand and shift even more. I look at his spear and it turns even more golden and black. Suddenly, a halo-like crown starts to form. 

Abaddon quickly shuts up and kneels and the other knights follow. I remain stunned.

"Well. Aren't you going to bow?" The vessel speaks. His voice is a lot different than when he last spoke. It is a combination of his voice and HIS true voice. 

"My apologizes, my lord." I get on my knees.

"Why have you summoned me? I wasn't able to make out exactly what Abalam wanted. The planes, you know how it goes. Language barriers and all... such a bitch..." The Devil starts. He walks and paces smiling feeling and embracing his new body.

"Well we managed to overthrow Heaven an-"

He turns to Abaddon and his expression instantly silences him. 


"It was just a little under a month ago, sire."

He quickly rushes towards Abaddon with his hand around his throat and lifts him off the ground. Abaddon struggles and tries to break free using his wings. To no avail, he just succeeds in lifting both of them up a few feet before his wings weaken and The Devil ends up squeezing tighter.

"I- p-" Abaddon isn't able to let out more than a few sounds.

He releases his grip and Abaddon falls flat to the ground. 

"I expected to be informed immediately about something of that caliber. A whole month?!? I shall overlook your failure this once. But if you keep me in the dark about ANYTHING else. I will not hesitate to kill you and any that I suspect of being involved. Is that understood?" 

Abaddon remains stunned but just bows in agreement.

"What can I say? I got trust issues. After all, what's the saying? Fool me once..." He grins widley.

"What's the plan?" One of the knights question.

"Earth is purgatory. When it was young, a group of angels strong enough with their powers combined created the veil; they are known as ArchAngels. Many witches have attempted to drop it, and many have died trying. It is a stubborn thing and it would need an immense amount of energy to drop."

"Exactly. This one spot has been weakened for about a decade now."

"So we focus fire on this one point."

"Even if we are able to drop it at this one point, it won't matter. It's just one spot."

"A single spot can cause an unprecedented amount of damage, depending on how it's used..."

The Devil cracks a wide grin and grips his spear with a fiery passion unlike any that I have seen before. He strikes the weakened veil and twists his spear as he bellows and roars.

With the veil struck, the surrounding area shakes and out of the breach,  a pack of wolves with their backs spiked and lumped like blades of grass emerge. Dark creatures that stalk and keep low to the ground. A rabbit hops near and one of the creatures spots it and lunges. Within seconds the rabbit is wiped from existence with two swift movements. The wolf quickly consumes.

The Devil starts to march with his pet wolves following closely behind. Each fallen angel falls on their knees, bowing to him. Out of the veil steps a man, with wings as white as snow and as strong as marble. He expands them and flaps, the Devil quickly turns and his face shifts from triumph to rage.

He positions his spear-tip away from the White Angel as he slowly advances towards him. The white-winged Angel unsheathes two twin daggers and positions one in a defensive stance and one facing. The two dance with locked eyes and pacing strides.

One awaiting the other to strike...the tension and suspense fill the air. We all grip our weapons in preparation for battle. The ultimate battle with the newly summoned Devil... and an unknown ArchAngel... witnessing one in action is truly remarkable. They leave no survivors and they are ruthless in battle. Each strike more deadly than the last. I grip my spear tighter feeling fear and arousal...a true opponent capable of killing me... I hold my breath and wait for war to erupt...

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The Fall to Earth
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