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The Fourth Dimension

Time The Fourth Dimension

The science of Time! Long before H.G. Wells penned "The Time Machine" man has always been intrigued by it's concept. From DiVinci, Nostradamus, to Newton, to Einstein all have implied that the existence of a fourth dimension does exist. In many ways, Wells's narratives of his novels actually have come into existence. Like Jules Verne, science fiction of the 1800's has become today's reality.

It wasn't until Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity that mankind really put into motion how time equates to a fourth dimension. Mankind has always been aware of 3 dimensions. When we move forward or backward; that is one dimension. When we move side to side; that is another dimension. When we move up or down; that is the third dimension. The fourth dimension of time indicates all are moving forward at a constant rate. Even though man has not been able to successfully move in a reversal or at an accelerated rate of forward momentum of time, at least not yet, none the less we are moving in time as a fourth dimension. We all age. That is forward traveling in time.

To fully understand how time equates to the fourth dimension, we have to grasp the concept of Relativity in it's relationship to time. Einstein observed that the passage of time { which we all presume to be at a constant rate } is actually the speed of light. This theory shows that the speed at which time happens is mutable. Time, space and motion all fall into the fourth dimension in which they all act on each other. In other words, if we were to circle the earth and return to our original starting point our watch would be slightly behind. If we traveled into space at the a very high acceleration we would age more slowly than people on earth. This means that traveling at the speed of light through space we would actually travel thousands of years into earths future.

Man has always lived in a three dimensional world. Still there are many obstacles that hinder our movement. One of the most direct result of constraint in moving about three dimensions is that man cannot move through solid objects or perform major operations without some sort of incision. In Einstein's theory, space and time are really aspects of the same. At 186,000 miles per second time travels. A good analogy is: Someone that is age 20 were to board a space ship, leave earth traveling at 99.5% of the speed of light. After spending 5 birthdays in space return to earth at age 25 the people you knew when you left would have aged 50 years compare to your 5 years. This is because time passed more slowly for you. The greater the speed, time passes more slowly. At the speed of light, time stops. To exceed the speed of light, time goes backward.

From the novels of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, yesterday's science fiction will be tomorrow's reality. Scientists are already probing the mysteries and possible feasibility of movement in the 4th dimension. From NASA to the scientists working at the super collider project in France mankind is on the way to solving the most elusive scientific concept of all. E=MC 2 is the most famous equation in history. Understanding it is vital in the evolution of movement in time, the 4th dimension.

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The Fourth Dimension
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