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The Future and You Podcast

Hosted by Stephen E. Cobb

An image depicts a possible future for humanity. 

The Future and You audio podcast was started by the host Stephen E.  Cobb back in 2005.  The show is a weekly podcast exploring how the future will be different than it is today.  The host uses interviews, panel discussions, and commentary to accomplish his goals.  The topics on the show are very wide ranging and on the cutting edge of technology.  Topics include AI, nanotech, genetic engineering, exoplanets, cryonics, futurism, and transhumanism.  Mr. Cobb has produced some 400 shows, interviewed 350 people, and moderated panel discussions at 30 or more conventions.  In 2006 Mr. Cobb won the newly created Parsec Award for podcasters for the category of Best News Podcast. The Parsecs are awarded annually for Speculative Fiction Podcasting by Farpoint Media. Mr. Cob is also an editor to Jim Bean's Universe Magazine, Space and Time Magazine, and to Robot Magazine.   Finally, he is also on the advisory board of The Lifeboat Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive various problems and guarding against the misuse of technology.  

One of the earliest shows.

This is a episode from late in 2005. The show has multiple guest interviews and runs nearly two hours. See podcast notes on the link provided for a complete description. 

The latest podcast

This podcast episode was recorded before a live audience on the topic of transhumanism at the Science Fiction convention ConCarloinas during the summer of 2016.  Guests were Ben Davis and James Maxey.  

An interview with Dr. Ben Bova

This episode was an interview with SF author and editor Dr. Ben Bova, which was recorded before a live audience at the Liberty Con Sci-fi and Fantasy convention in 2009.  This episode is a must for all Omni fans.  In the episode, Dr. Bova discuses his position as editor of the original Omni magazine when it was first published. 

A panel discussion on the topic of independent publishing.

This episode was recorded before a live audience on  June 4, 2016, at the SF&F convention ConCarolinas.  This show is all about independent publishing and how traditional publishing is now changing.

The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop

Topic: The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop is a group of scientists, engineers, space advocates, and space enthusiasts who are all pulling together to promote the eventual exploration of planets beyond our solar system.  This show was recorded before a live audience at the science fiction convention Liberty Con in the summer of 2015.  Guest include Les Johnson of NASA, Robert J. Kennedy (author, speaker and engineer), Yohon Lo (aerospace and system engineer), Kenneth I. Roy (author and engineer), and Martha Knowles.

Some of the books that Mr. Cobb has wrote.

Mr. Cobb is also an author and Science Fiction writer as well.  He has written 6 books that can be bought on Amazon in e-book format. 

Where to find this podcast.

The Future and You podcast can be found on iTunes and at http://www.thefutureandyou.libsyn.com/.  More information on Mr. Cobb and his podcast can also be found at http://thefutureandyou.com/

What I like about this podcast.

I have listened to this podcast on and off for almost ten years.  Mr. Cobb does a great job of interviewing each guest on the show.  The panel discussions are also just as equally great.  He also makes sure the quest he is interviewing is very expert on the subject matter and currently works in their field of expertise.  He is one of the few podcasters I have met in person and he is very fan friendly at conventions.  More on Mr. Cobb can also be found on his web page.

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