The Gliese 581d Project

The Gliese 581d Project: my sci fi (prequel) to the short story novel, EVACUATION. By R.j. Saxon. (still in production) :)

The Gliese 581d Project

(Mission for mankind)


(One year before the collapse of mankind.)

For the last twelve years, our planet's governmental, political and economic structure had collapsed, climate change brought devastation to all countries across the globe. Chaos ensued, world wide war had begun. Totally savaged and ravaged.

Our greed, our selfishness, our disrespect,

of mother nature's gift had led to this.

We only had ourselves to blame.

Chapter One

General Standheim stood firm, wearing full military attire, Cuban cigar in hand, he had full clearance and a final say at mission control. He gave the order for the next missile to be launched. Keyboards clicked, radars blipped, Ashcroft village mission control, the secure N.P.R.P., resettlement military personal biospheric bubble, was on red alert. Air, land and water defense leagues were in full effect. Attacks were more frequent now, quiet towns and cities were leveled by cruise missiles. Hospitals were a thing of the past. The screaming injured roamed the desolate streets. Cars blocked the roads, all engulfed in flame and ash. Bodies lay rotting, fires raged. Flames licked from an emergency vehicle's rear doors, in the drivers side of the vehicle, a paramedic sat, seemingly frozen in time, his eyes bulged, his charred remains had been smoking for the past hour, the sound of his ashy remains crackled, as the lower half of his jaw ripped free landing in his lap.

Approaching from the distance the sound of a speeding black Ducati motorcycle echoed off the walls of dilapidated buildings. The rider dressed in black leather, silver helmet and visor, sped through the streets with haste, dodging and weaving in and out of the debris and burnt corpses, heading to the resettlement. Standheim had made the call to captain Jeff Kramer an hour ago.

Rj saxon
Rj saxon

Hi, I'm R.j. Writer of various genres, including Science fiction/Shorts/Flash fiction/True life crime/Horror/Children's Literature.


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