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The Message (Part Three)

Sometimes some messages are best not read.

Kramer's fate

Part Three

January 2



For the last six years, our planet's governmental,

political and economic structure had collapsed.

Climate change brought devastation to all countries across the globe.

Chaos ensued, worldwide war had begun.

Totally savaged and ravaged.

Our greed, our selfishness, our disrespect,

of mother nature's gift, had led to this.

We only had ourselves to blame.


General Standheim stood firm, wearing full military attire, Cuban cigar in hand, he had full clearance and a final say at mission control. He gave the order for the next missile to be launched. Keyboards clicked, radars blipped. Ashcroft village mission control, the secure N.P.R.P, resettlement military personal biosphere bubble, was on red alert. Air, land and water defense leagues were in full effect. Attacks were more frequent now, quiet towns and cities were leveled by the last of earth's cruise missiles. Hospitals were a thing of the past. The screaming injured roamed the desolate streets. Cars blocked the roads, all engulfed in flame and ash. Bodies lay rotting, fires raged. Flames licked from an emergency vehicle's rear doors, in the driver's side of the vehicle, a paramedic sat, seemingly frozen in time, his eyes bulged, his charred remains had been smoking for the past hour, the sound of his ashy remains crackled, as the lower half of his jaw ripped free landing in his lap.

Approaching from the distance the sound of a speeding black Ducati motorcycle echoed off the walls of dilapidated buildings. The rider dressed in black leather, silver helmet and visor, sped through the streets with haste, dodging and weaving in and out of the debris and burnt corpses, heading to the resettlement launch base. Standheim had made the call to Captain Jeff Kramer an hour ago.

"Great to see you Kramer, how was yesterday's E.M.T. moon ride." Said Standheim extending his hand towards Kramer, Kramer removed his helmet and gripped the General's hand firmly.

"Smooth, no problems, I've been on roller coasters more frightening. Is the cruiser all set." Asked Kramer confidently, as he lit up a Cuban with His novelty gun lighter.

"All set. Got your coordinates set for Gliese 581d, bunch of exoplanets there, seem stable for life. There's been a signal from planet Alexis, so you might wanna check that out, it's in the vicinity of the Goldilocks zone, your computer server has the details." Said Standheim sternly.

Kramer walked towards the giant horizontal window of the N.P.R.P, (New Planet Relocation Program) Mission control bunker, taking in the view of the Mega space cruiser through the large horizontal windows inside launch control. Tech crew were busy typing away at their keyboards, making the final checks before Kramer's departure.

"Oh my, Yes she is one big bird." Gestured Kramer, exhaling cigar smoke against the window.

"One of the largest. STI are currently constructing a much larger one. 'THE ABIOGENESIS' Hopefully ready to rendezvous with you along the way, around 2031. All being well. They are working on the Quantum computer, it has a capability of increasing the hyper drive, but it's still in the early stages. Captain Anaya Labelle has a crew totaling five, currently in training for their mission" Said The General casually walking over to Kramer.

"Anaya Labelle, I remember her Grandfather, I was just a young space cadet back then, but that man was a great scientist." Said Kramer proudly, now sitting at a computer panel, his main concern was the supply hold and whether his cigars had been packed. Typing in the inventory supply info, he smiled to see they were there, he could always trust Standheim.

"What, you think I forgot." Smirked Standheim.

"Check and double check isn't that what you always told me." Replied Kramer sarcastically, now putting out his cigar in a cup of water that belonged to a technician to the side of him. The technician shook his head in disbelief at Kramer's actions. Kramer ran his own set of rules.

Ten thousand passengers were aboard the mega space cruiser. All N.P.R.P employees. 10-15 years journey, The first stage, 10 years in cryogenic suspension pods, for all crew. Mission control had the cruiser in their hands up until that point. It was up to Kramer to take them the rest of the way in from there. The crew would remain in the pods whilst Kramer took the helm co-piloted by N.P.R.P Cyborg AL. (Artificial Lifeform)

Kramer suited up and entered the launch area and marveled at the giant beast he was about to board. He turned and looked over to the window of mission control, Standheim stood on the other side of the glass as he watched Kramer take the Electro lift to the bridge of the cruiser.




"ALL SYSTEMS GO" Shouted Standheim, signaling mission control. 

They clapped and cheered as the Mega space cruiser shot into the sky with a blinding flash.