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The Message (Part Two)

Sometimes some messages are best not read.



One year ago.

Anaya had spent most of her life deciphering the missing parts of the message passed down from her grandfather. Some of the edges were burnt, leaving some mathematical holes. But she was close now. She could feel it.

She exited Pod 7 of SPACE TECH CITY and limbered up her hamstrings before putting her headphones over her ears, She set off at a quick pace, the start of her daily running routine, making her way through the settlement grounds towards the door to the BIOPARK, a man-made replica of New York Central Park. Her music pulsed through her Ossicles as she picked up the pace. She constantly pushed herself. Her body needed to be in peak performance for the journey. She and the four of her crew were space tech's finest of Ultraterrestrials.

"The park was busier than usual," thought Anaya as she took in her surroundings. She slowed to a halt, rested her hands on her knees, and took a deep breath. Wiping the sweat from her brow, she looked over towards the new feature in the park, a fountain. Anaya smiled as she watched three children splash around ecstatically whilst their parents over-actively tried to restore order. Artificial sunlight from the ceiling of the BIODOME shimmered off the fountain's chrome.

Anaya watched the automated service droids whizzing up and down the walkway of the BIOPARK as they went about their daily AI data collection.

Her attention was shifted to a call from her Audiochip — it was space tech mission control. She pressed her earlobe and took the call.

"Captain Labelle, this is Commander Lavae Johnson. Could you make your way to Launch Area 7? We are going over some Intel on the ABIOGENESIS and need your clearance. Over," said the commander.

"I'll be right with you," replied Anaya.

She ended the call, replaced her headphones, and carried on with her run.

She arrived ten minutes later. A retinal eye scan opened the door to launch area 7, mission control. The captain's three crew members were busy at their keyboards, altering and adjusting the ABIOGENESIS software components. Commander Lavae Johnson greeted her on arrival.

"Good morning, Captain. If you would like to take a look at these findings on the evaluation of the Optogenetics we have been working on. I think we have made a breakthrough." Lavae smiled.

The captain mulled over the paperwork, nodding slightly as she read. She briefly looked up over the paper, towards the giant glass window situated at the front of mission control. The ABIOGENESIS sat on the launch pad. Technicians in high tech Astrosuits with clipboards walked around it taking notes, whilst engulfed in the plasma steam, from the testing of the Electro Thrusters.

"So you have isolated the neurons for complete subject behavioural control. Is that what you are telling me here?" said Anaya with authority.

"That's right, Captain," said Lavae smugly.

"That's fantastic. Great work," replied Anaya, handing the paperwork back to the commander.

"Okay. Flight Controller Jessie Howard, how's things here?" shouted Anaya as she walked towards another member of her crew, who was preoccupied with the holographic keyboard making checks on the launch systems.

"Everything is fine, Captain. I've been constantly checking and re-checking all the ABIOGENESIS components and software. The control panels on the bridge are sound. All in all, no problems," replied Jessie as she leaned back confidently in her chair.

"Excellent. Then tomorrow we have a test flight to Mars," said Anaya with confidence. She walked closer to the window taking in the sight of her ship once more, proud of how far she had come. 

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The Message (Part Two)
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