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The Mr. Men and Little Miss Return in All-New 'Doctor Who' Stories

The iconic illustrations are back with a new series of books, 'Doctor Who' style!

[Credit: Egmont Books Ltd]

We all read the Mr. Men and Little Miss books as children, right? Whether it's Mr. Bump, or Little Miss Chatterbox, we all have our favorite stories. Now, the iconic illustrations are back with a new series of books — Doctor Who style!

You can recognize the Doctor from miles away, and you can sure recognize him in the first four books of the series. The first set released consists of: Dr. First, Dr. Fourth, Dr. Eleventh and, of course, Dr. Twelfth. Twelve books in total will be released as part of this world-colliding collection — the world of Roger Hargreaves and the explosive #DoctorWho world! What could possibly go wrong?

Due to Roger Hargreaves's death in 1988, the illustrations for the sci-fi collection were completed by his son, Adam Hargreaves. Don't worry, they look exactly how Roger would've drawn them.

All the doctors have a unique style or feature.

[Credit: Egmont Books Ltd]

Whatever the key characteristic, illustrators will always make their drawings and designs as unique as possible, and this is easily noticeable in the new Mr. Men books. Not only that, in each book the Doctor is accompanied by a companion or villain from their time as the Doctor.

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Dr. First has been drawn and colored in black and white, indicating that he is from the original series back in 1963. Adam wanted to keep the continuity as accurate as possible. Susan is the companion that stands alongside in the story of Dr. First — what would the first Doctor do without his granddaughter beside him?

We automatically know which one is Dr. Fourth by nothing that iconic scarf Tom Baker wore during his era of Doctor Who — not to mention his curly hair hidden by his brown hat. The quintessential companion, Sarah Jane Smith — who starred in the show alongside Tom Baker in the series — is back for new adventure. That can only mean trouble, right?

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Dr. Eleventh shows signs of Matt Smith's time as the Doctor in the most obvious ways. Hardcore Doctor Who fans recognize Matt Smith as the Doctor due to the bright red fez and the classic bow tie. Dr. Eleventh would not be the same without these features. Oh, and Adam did his best to include Matt Smith's chin as well. Where would the Doctor be without his wife? That's right, River Song is the companion in this Mr. Men story. Don't worry, you'll easily recognize her

Finally, the current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) — who is departing this year — has been given one final adventure in the TARDIS alongside Missy in his Mr. Men story. Capaldi's height hasn't been forgotten in this book, nor have the Sonic Sunglasses. If you're in a slow and lazy mood, then this book can be read to you by Michelle Gomez herself.

Are the books released yet?

[Credit: Egmont Books Ltd]

Series 1 of the books, which includes the mentioned Doctors, is already on sale, and can be found in all good book stores, or online via Amazon. Series 2 of the books, which will feature Dr. Second, Dr. Seventh, Dr. Eighth and Dr. Ninth, are scheduled to be published on August 22nd.

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The Mr. Men and Little Miss Return in All-New 'Doctor Who' Stories
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