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The Mysterious Mysteries of Astral Travel

How to Astral Travel : The Journey To Your Higher Self

Don't you find it to be a bit strange, that this universal (super awesome) gift we possess that allows us truly great freedom and self-exploration, is thought of as just bullshit hippy nonsense? Well, I guess when you live in a cardboard cut-out world run by psychopaths living amongst people who think Donald Trump is the greatest thing to happen in the world ever... There's just no getting through to people! If I let myself get brainwashed and remained spiritually asleep my whole life, I'd probably think the same. Thank the Mighty Universe I am awake! But with this 'Awakened State', comes great responsibility. 

It is my spiritual purpose to help others become awakened once and for all. Changing the world starts with changing yourself. Changing yourself changes the world dramatically. You see when you raise your vibrations into higher dimensions the universe reciprocates in giving back to you, what you put out to it. When you Astral Travel, you are simultaneously raising your vibrations, physically feeling those vibrations and in most cases, you even hear those vibrations! Pretty cool stuff right? Well, that's only the beginning my dear friend. 

Let's start by giving you the truth of what Astral Projection really is. 

Astral Projection (or etheric projection) is the ability to separate one's consciousness from the confines of the physical body enabling one to travel vast distances through time and space and then return safely. Our energy bodies or (souls) are linked to the physical realm and the spiritual realm by this universal silver chord that is attached to us and the Divine Consciousness. Think of it as a spiritual umbilical chord that is only severed at the moment of "death" or rather the human concept of death. I also like to think of our lives here on Earth as a sort of deep sea diving in a sense. Attached by this silver energetic chord, we dive deep into the Earth (sea) and begin our quest to find the hidden treasure (our true self) buried deep in the ocean and upon discovery of said treasure, we rise once again into infinite consciousness, our true home. 

You're so intrigued and excited by this new discovery that you lay in bed, close your eyes and start to think of your destination. Although it's great to be excited, (how could you not be right?) the Universe has a sort of Ancient Laws we must adhere to which I will share with you.

1. The Universe is really chill and expects you to be just as chill.

Meaning that if you're overly excited and rushing the process, the Universe will basically go rogue and wait in the shadows until you learn to be calm and level headed. To be in a state of pure consciousness without emotion or judgment. It takes a great deal of practice and patience, but the investments and returns are OUT OF THIS WORLD 🌎 Literally... 

2. You must believe with all your heart and soul that you will Astral Travel.

So you might think 💭 "What is this, a spin off of Peter Pan? Believing is only for fairies and children..AND of course the never ending attempt to believe it's not butter.. everyone knows that". But you're right about the children! Children have the most potential for believing, and aren't you really just an oversized emotional mess of a child? Think about it. Truly believe in yourself and trust the universe. That isn't just a tip for traveling dimensions but an important life tip. But again, you need to keep in mind the First Law and find the right balance to not over-obsess yourself with that one thought. Let it sit in the back of your mind. When you have found the correct level of balance and have cleared your mind and allowed your body to fall asleep, you will begin to feel as though you're spinning or rocking back and forth. This is a very good sign you're on your way! Don't give it too much attention or it will subside. Simply acknowledge it and continue in meditation focusing on the third eye region between the eyebrows. After a while, you will begin to kind of sink and you will feel the existence of your energy body. There are a few techniques that are very helpful in actually getting yourself out of your physical body. (See here)

"Be still, and know that I am God" these words are powerful. Very powerful. I personally use them in meditation often and you can just feel the vibrations and positive energy filling you up. It is a tremendous feeling. Once you have mastered exiting your body, just have fun! There are no limits to what you can do in the Astral realm. Think of a place and you'll be there instantly. Fly, travel to the past and future, meet your true self, see your friends and family. The more expert you become at Astral Projection, the longer you will be able to stay in this realm. So Practice! Practice! Practice!

Hooray and happy travels! ✨

-Emrys Snow

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The Mysterious Mysteries of Astral Travel
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