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The Overpopulation Crisis

What to Do About It

The answer to overpopulation is not necessarily to wipe the planet out with a deadly germ of some kind that can whittle us down. It isn’t even to use war as a way to kill people off slowly. By 2028 we could hit eight billion, the thing is we need to curb our need to have babies.

(Human Population Crisis)

Yes, it would seem that for every birth we have a death, granted that is even right now. Americans consume 26 percent of the world’s energy, while we use up our planets’ resources. The thing is we need to make sure that people who do not want to have children can stay that way. Some people give those people so much drama. Why? If somebody who happens to be female doesn’t want to have a baby, then leave them alone about it. Humans are busy taking over animal habitats but the solution to overpopulation is very simple. We get to colonize parts of the United States where there are no cities, as in, empty fields, since we do have many gaps between cities. The answer to the crisis is to build more cities both above ground, underground, and in the ocean, or even in the Middle East, on the water to accommodate the rising sea levels.

Extending the lifespan means we have achieved a way to stave off death. But is that a good thing? Many people take the right to life way too far. If somebody ill with cancer or HIV wants to pass on, then we need to make sure they have a means of doing that. Depressed people need medication but truly terminally ill people need a way to exit gracefully. We have to learn to be careful with our resources, and that is why making artificial meat helps since we eat beef all the time with less than humane conditions for the slaughtered cows or even the chickens for that matter.

The overpopulation crisis is a big problem for many of us Earth humans but the thing is, we need to accommodate it well. What if overpopulation is not as much a crisis as the scientists think though? There are problems making sure people get food, or housing and even employment. (Big Think). The upside to the crisis is that the more people there are, the more creative a civilization gets. But then how do we squeeze more people on this planet? We can start habitats in the desert regions. The thing is, we need to start planning a more sustainable culture.

We need to establish more cities in the open spaces available to us in any country or state. There are vast empty spaces between cities that we need to start using. We have a whole ocean or two to colonize as well as the entire solar system and our galaxy. There is something out there for us. We are able to have the babies, we need and maintain the population at a certain level. Killing off segments of the population doesn’t help. The sheeple do not necessarily believe this will happen but the elite wants it to since they don’t think ahead very well. It is easy to figure out what they are up to, often enough. The future of the human race, however, is in danger because of nuclear weapons, pollution, and the garbage crisis. How are we ever going to clean up our act? We need to start talking about this method of cleaning up our act. Cleaning up our act is quite necessary but it is a volatile suggestion to do so. What will it take to get people to start thinking about this stuff?

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The Overpopulation Crisis
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