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The Puzzling Maze Of The 'Westworld' Finale: 10 Burning Questions We Still Have

Here are the burning questions we are still branded with until Westworld's season 2. Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Westworld season finale.

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

With more twists and turns than your average maze, Westworld Season 1 was undoubtedly a wild horseback ride over 10 thrilling episodes. As Episode 10, "The Bicameral Mind," came to a close, and the promise that it could be until 2018 until we stroll into the park again, it could be a long wait. While we finally got a resolution to Ford's expanding narrative and the key of who the Man in Black was, were were still left open-mouthed by some aspects of the series and more confused than Teddy Flood. With that in mind, here are the burning questions we are still branded with until Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Westworld season finale

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

1. Who survived Dolores's bloodbath?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

What a way to end your first season! While some of the finale was mired in obvious plot-twists, the final few minutes of "The Bicameral Mind" was a good ol' Western shootout, which left a question mark hanging over all our key players. Sadly, the only person we are sure survived is the slimy Lee Sizemore, standing perplexed in Cold Storage and presumably realizing trouble lies ahead. As for Anthony Hopkins's Robert Ford, I was amazed he made it this far, but it he looks like he will be leaving Season 1 in a bodybag — but not necessarily.

William/MIB took a bullet to the arm, and finally seemed happy there was some danger to the game. Ed Harris has confirmed he will be back in Season 2, although in what capacity is unknown. He probably survived the rogue robots, but could easily return in flashback form, or emulate Yul Brynner's original gunslinger as a robot too. Finally, Charlotte Hale — the Delos board director was off pretty sharpish, but she too may have been caught in Dolores's sharp-shooting crossfire. For once it wasn't the robots heading underground on a slab.

2. Will we see more of Samurai World?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

Oh Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, you big fibbers. Both showrunners confirmed that we wouldn't be exploring the larger world of Delos, so as to keep the focus on #Westworld. The original film series had several other theme parks outside of the wild West, but new to the story was the appearance of SW (Samurai World?). It was a great segway out of the dusty plains near Sweetwater, to see a whole new world. Away from firing bullets, a world of slicing blades sounds a lot more dangerous, but how long until we go back to dynasties and dragons? Given a certain post-credit scene *spoilers*, probably not very long.

3. Where is Stubbs?

'Jurassic Park'/'Westworld' [Credit: Universal/HBO]

Luke "the forgotten" Hemsworth was dropped to a minor role in the first season of Westworld, but his attack by the Ghost Nation natives posed an interesting question. As well as mirroring Jurassic Park, it asks us "where is he now?" Hemsworth is surely not dead and the show is sure not to leave a loose end like that flying around. Personally, I would have liked to see more of Hemsworth, but *plot hole* you wouldn't really wander off to investigate a dangerous anomaly on your own. Doesn't that sound familiar?

4. Did Elsie really die?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

Speaking of dumb moves, it leads us on to the next point: Did Elsie really die? We all know the general rule that unless you see the body, the person is probably still alive. Even in Westworld, death is only the beginning. We know that back doors can be implanted in hosts, so it could well be that Bernard (or Elise) implanted a fake memory of her death in Bernarnold. Also, we saw a budding bromance between Elsie and Stubbs, so what if the savvy little programmer actually had Stubbs picked up and out of harm's way? Shannon Woodward was great comic relief, especially with her comment on the well-endowed robots, but only time will tell if she'll be back for Season 2.

5. How many times has Maeve escaped?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

The episode also brought around the timely reintroduction of Bernard, resurrected from that suicidal bullet to the brain. His discussion with Maeve revealed that Ford had been tampering with her code and planned for her escape, just like before. She usually makes it out of the park (apparently), but how many times has this happened before? The series gave us some great twists and turns, but out of all the key players, it doesn't seem right that one of them would program Maeve to escape. Even Charlotte and Sizemore had trouble getting Abernathy out of the park, so what is Ford's real purpose behind Maeve's botched escape?

6. What's in the suitcase?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

As Maeve finally makes her triumphant release from the park, Felix says to her, "I got everything you need." Is this like the glowing suitcase from Pulp Fiction, or was there more to its contents? A robot heading out into the human world won't really need anything, but I suppose it could contain the likes of a passport and money, or it could be something altogether more interesting. Also, as Maeve has escaped before, does this mean that all of the robot attacks and everything has also happened? Something doesn't add up with Felix and Maeve in general.

7. What is the importance of Armistice?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

For those who stuck around post-credits (you really should), you will have seen that Ingrid Bolsø Berda's Armistice gets the last laugh. After having her arm caught in the security door it looked like curtains; however, chopping off her own arm to free herself, Armistice faces a scared looking security team. She is now presumably trapped in a different side of the park, so will Season 2 be the Armistice Show? Having a Western robot roaming around Samurai World would be one way to ensure we return there. Secondly, she never got to complete her tattoo of the snake's head, but now we know that Dolores is Wyatt, will Armistice also get to complete her tat?

8. Where is Logan now?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

The multiple timelines theory was clocked early on, but if we have both Ford and William in present day, can we expect to see Logan too? He may have been saddled off naked into the distance, but you wouldn't really let your brother-in-law take your entire inheritance from beneath you. William warned Logan that he seemed mad and was losing control of his future, but Logan looks like the persistent type. We can assume that at some point Logan's father died and William assumed control of Delos, but let's not count Logan out just yet.

9. Where is Maeve's daughter?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

It was never going to be all happy families, but the mystery of Maeve Jr. was one that we hoped to be resolved in the finale. Alas, the Westworld gods weren't smiling at her, however, Felix's note reveals that Maeve's robot daughter is still around. The lil'est robot has been tracked to "Park 1 Sector 15 Zone 3," but where is this? Now knowing that there is more than one park, it is highly likely that Maeve's daughter is elsewhere in Delos. We have seen relatively few child robots in the park if you count out Maeve's daughter, Lawrence's, and the Ford brothers, but presumably there are more out there. Who knows, there could be Orphanage World populated with tiny tot bots.

10. Who is Charlotte?

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

Then finally, one of the more sinister roles in Westworld Season 1. There was always a sense that Tessa Thompson's Charlotte Hale was there to do more than just out Ford and get Abernathy out of the park. If she really has escaped from the finale slaughter, what will be her next move?

Then there was her weird welling-up at Ford's speech. For a character that has seemed so cold, and shown such disregard to life, it seemed oddly out of turn. There is still that prevalent theory that Charlotte = Charlie, the (apparently) deceased child of Arnold. We know that Charlie once existed, but could Season 2 spin two curveballs at us with Charlotte not only being the daughter of Arnold, but still alive? Either way, Thompson HAS to be back!

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

Feel free to discuss, but please don't shoot the messenger, I am just here to represent Delos! It was a typically clever extended episode of Nolan and Joy's brave show. Coined from an idea that is 43-years-old, Westworld shot off its critics to add it to #HBO's crown of dramatic shows with a fresh 2016 twist.

Leaving several doors to several parks literally open for Season 2, the first season was clever by closing on a cliffhanger. It may have left one too many questions for the audience, but it is one way to ensure we will all be back. Presumably Season 2 will pick up with the human guests and workers spending the next season trying to escape from Westworld. Stetson's off to what has been a great first year, long may Westworld continue to function as the world's most dangerous theme park.

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The Puzzling Maze Of The 'Westworld' Finale: 10 Burning Questions We Still Have
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