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'The Sarah Jane Adventures' Series 5 Finale Would've Seen the "Destruction" of Bannerman Road

Sarah Jane and Jo Grant were going to reunite again before a set of live episodes.

'The Sarah Jane Adventures [Credit: BBC]

To this day, Doctor Who is one of the most successful shows there's ever been. Starting in 1963, the show about travelling through time and space has built up a massive audience. With the show being such a success, it has expanded the fanbase through spin-off shows, including K-9 and Company and the most iconic spin-off show The Sarah Jane Adventures

The spin-off show with the late Elisabeth Sladen as the main star made its debut on January 1st 2007 as Series one took off with 2.9 million viewers when episode one "Invasion of the Bane" aired on BBC One. A full series of the spin-off was commissioned before the episode aired, which appeared to have been a good thing considering the response and reception it go.

Russell T Davies, the man responsible for reviving Doctor Who, was the showrunner for The Sarah Jane Adventures, giving it that feel-good teenage feeling to it. Sarah Jane teamed up with her son, Luke, and his friends to save the world from her attic with Mr Smith as deadly aliens invaded. The show itself ran from 2007 until 2011, when the show came to a sudden end following the unexpected passing of Elisabeth Sladen. However, the show was set to become a lot darker if the series finished. 

'The Sarah Jane Adventures' [Credit: BBC]

Sadly Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures never completed filming due to Sladen passing away when they were still filming, but they managed to complete three stories to the fifth series and able to tie it up nicely. The actual Series 5 finale was set to be a lot darker and powerful than any other adventure Sarah Jane and her attic team ever faced. 

Fans know the Trickster is an enemy of Sarah Jane that just never gives up, and always interrupts her daily life trying to end Sarah Jane for good. Written by Russell T Davies, the finale titled "The Battle of Bannerman Road," episodes eleven and twelve were set to feature the big reveal of Sky (Sarah Jane's adopted daughter) actually being a child of the Trickster.  There's very limited details to the story itself, but it also said that Katy Manning was going to be returning to The Sarah Jane Adventures as Jo Grant Jones as the destruction of Bannerman Road commenced. Sounds like one epic finale! 

Not only does that sound really exciting, but that same year [2011], three live special episodes were scheduled to take place over Halloween. 

Again, due to Lis' sudden passing, it never got the opportunity to happen. Like the Series 5 finale, there's not much detail as to what would've happened in the live episodes, but the brief episode synopsis' are below.

Episode one, "Full Moon" by Clayton Hickman:

"Planned as a Halloween special for a Live 2011 broadcast. Set at Halloween, it would have seen an encounter with the pagan gods Gog and Magog, who attempt to escape from a decaying alien prison ship."

Episode two, "The Station" by Clayton Hickman:

"Planned as a Halloween special for a Live 2011 broadcast. Set at Halloween, it would have seen the gang transported back to the years 1911 and 1934"

Episode three, untitled story, which was written by Clayton Hickman: 

"Planned as a Halloween special for a Live 2011 broadcast. Set at Halloween, it would have seen an encounter with a hideous gargoyle-like creature."

There was a fourth episode planned as part of the Halloween collection, but it appears episode four wasn't going to be live. However, it was going to be in animation form and would've seen the return of Maria Jackson and her father, who fans know from Series 1 before Maria and her dad moved to America. The brief synopsis for episode four "Night of the Spectre" by Phil Ford reads:

"Planned as an animated Halloween special for a 2011 broadcast. It would have seen the return of former series regular Maria Jackson and her father Alan who had since moved to the USA."

'The Sarah Jane Adventures' [Credit: BBC]

So as you can see, there was lots planned for Sarah Jane and her team. Series six was set to feature the Seventh Doctor's companion Ace, along with Matt Smith's Doctor with Amy and Rory Williams. 

Fans now continue to think Sarah Jane is still fighting aliens from her attic and keeping the world safe on a daily basis. 

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'The Sarah Jane Adventures' Series 5 Finale Would've Seen the "Destruction" of Bannerman Road
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