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The Star King

Did an Extraterrestrial take the throne in Ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty?

The Star King

The Star King is a Sci-Fi drama about the life of King Akhenaton, the most unusual king in Egyptian history who mysteriously appeared in 1353 B.C. and took the throne in Egypt. This film will take the viewer into an alternate history of Ancient Egypt- not what is found in our history books. Something very strange happened in the 18th dynasty and Akhenaton and his Queen Nefertiti virtually disappeared from history until 1920 when the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti was discovered under a pile of rubble.

King Akhenaton suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took over the throne in 1353 B.C. teaching a single religion with only one god. He abolished slavery, abolished human sacrifices; He even gave Nefertiti, unlike other queens, equal respect and authority as the Pharaoh. They ruled together as equals. He was over 7 feet tall, had an elongated skull, very wide hips and  he walked around naked for everyone to see his shockingly disfigured appearance. His enemies were the dark priests of Amen who wanted Egypt to return to polytheism, human sacrifices to their god and to bring back slavery. Akhenaton came in and stopped them. This was the first time in history that a Pharaoh ruled side by side with his Queen and  attempted to uplift humanity from violence and war  in an attempt to lead the people out of corruption and into a better future. 

Why his entire family all displayed the strange elongated skull is still unknown. What motivated his religious revolutions are questions not yet answered. Scholars have tried to explain what happened, and most of them disagree with each other. Some people believe he came from the stars to enlighten the people during dark times. The Star King is a metaphysical adventure that will take you back in time to re-examine one of the strangest stories in history.

Akhenaton’s spiritual revolution and unorthodox methods were met with much skepticism and criticism by the people who lived in Egypt at the time. There are in fact hymns in the Bible that came straight out of Akhenaton’s poems. His poems were later bastardized by the Amen priesthood to ruin his reputation. His original poetry spoke of only love and never about war, power or perversion. The General of the Amen Priesthood had him and his family erased from the Kings List and the General claimed to be the only successor to Amenhotep III. It is clear that they did not want anyone to know that Akhenaton and Nefertiti ever existed and their story remained buried until 1920 when the bust of Nefertiti was found.

Imagine if you had the power to change the course of our spiritual evolution during the cradle of civilization but you were ridiculed and bastardized for introducing humanitarian concepts that were way ahead of their time; then your name and your entire family was erased from history and you were called a "Heretic". This is what happened to King Akhenaton. Creating more awareness about this mysterious king will help people come to know Akhenaton and help us correct Earth’s history.

Little is known about the origins of Nefertiti and her mummy has never been found. Tutankhamen (King Tut) who is the stepson of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, also inherited similar characteristics of an elongated head.

We hope that this film will inspire today’s scholars to take a second look at the facts and evidence and determine how much of history we actually have wrong. Akhenaton and Nefertiti truly did some amazing things to uplift humanity during dark times. They were the forerunners of monotheism and left as their legacy the foundations for all three of the world’s major religions.

3 Magic Words Movie

Metaphysical Film by the Filmmaker

The Star King Story Board

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Michael Perlin
Michael Perlin

Michael Perlin created the film, "3 Magic Words". He is a the author of "Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics", a mystical adventure into Earth's history, lost civilizations and hidden knowledge.   He has worked as an editor in Hollywood.

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