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The Survivors: Chapter Two


As the sun began to set, I started to shove things into my bag. My heart raced as I grabbed as much off the shelves as I could. I packed our first aid supplies, our remaining food and water, a flashlight, as well as some fire starting materials. I paused for a second to take a deep breath before continuing to pack. “Everything is going to be okay,” I repeated to myself. Deep breath in, slow exhale. I stopped putting things in my bag to help Emm pack hers.

“Hey Emm, what things should we pack for you”, I asked even though I knew she’d really have no Idea.

“Ummmmm,” she said as she wandered around looking for stuff to put in her bag.

We filled her bag with nonsense, some crayons, a pad of dirty notebook paper, and a few bottles of water.

“Are you gonna pack Reggie?” I say as I zip the bag up.

“No, I want to hold him,” she tightened her grip on the stuffed rabbit’s arm.

I stopped and looked around to make sure I had everything I needed. There was an old metal gun locker in the corner of the bunker. I knew Dad had planned to be with us when the outbreak began or else he wouldn't have left behind a rusty box of unlocked guns around Emily. We didn’t have much time before we had to leave. I opened the locker and pulled out two handguns and as much ammo as I could fit into the empty spaces in my bag. I spent the rest of the time pacing and going through every possible scenario in my head. Most of them ended horribly, but it was a chance we would have to take. I looked at my watch, not that it was much help. I knew it was almost night and I could see that Emily was getting restless.

“When are we going?”

“Soon,” I said as I peered out onto the streets from the peephole in the large metal door.

“Are we going now?" You could see in Emily’s face that she was mad at me for avoiding her questions.

I continued to look out the peephole. The lights from the men’s trucks were still on and there were flashlights visible from almost every direction. There was no way we were getting out now.

“Rocky, I want to leave now!” she emphasized the word now by stomping her tiny foot.

“Look at all those lights. Do you think we can leave here without being caught?” I asked, lifting her up to look through the peephole.

“No," she sighed, sounding defeated.

I set her down and looked her straight in her little brown eyes, “We will go as soon as the patrol is far enough away that they won’t see us if we open the door.”

“But Rocky, when will that be?”

“ I don’t know, Emm.”

“Where will we go Rocky?” her eyes got large and sad. I sighed, smoothed down her long brown hair, and just kind of stared at her. Emily looked exactly like our mom, just in miniature. Long, smooth brown hair, beautiful brown eyes with hints of gold here and there, and a smile that could get you to do anything she wants.

“Can we go now?” Emily asked, and tugged on my shirt. I look out the peephole once more. The lights were moving away from the bunker. I turned to Emily and smiled. Now was our chance. I rushed to grab our coats and bags off the bed.

“Here let’s get your coat on,” I held out her coat so she could just slide her arms in. I zipped her up then handed her her bag. She looked like a little pink marshmallow. I hurried to put on my coat and bag. 

“Emm, we can go now.”

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The Survivors: Chapter Two
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