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The Triumph of the Doctor: Jodie Whittaker Makes 'Doctor Who' History with Debut Appearance

Oh, brilliant!

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

It's the end... But the moment has been prepared for. On Christmas night 2017, Doctor Who fans all gathered around their televisions to witness Peter Capaldi bow out of the hit BBC science-fiction show.

The festive episode entitled "Twice Upon A Time" saw the Twelfth Doctor come face-to-face with his very first face — the First Doctor (originally played by William Hartnell) portrayed by David Bradley. The two Doctors were trapped in a single moment in time whilst they both refused to regenerate. 

As time ticked, fans were gearing up, ready for the emotional send off. In the run up, the Twelfth Doctor was reunited with some old friends. Pearl Mackie returned as Bill Potts throughout the entire episode, however, the Doctor saw some rather familiar faces before regenerating. Matt Lucas returned as Nardole to talk sense into the Doctor and have one final hug. 

Not only that, many Doctor Who fans jumped for joy when Jenna Coleman reprised her role as Clara Oswald for one final goodbye to the Doctor. This is Coleman's first appearance in the show since she departed in the Series 9 finale "Hell Bent."

Of course, we all knew the First Doctor would regenerate, otherwise any other Doctor after the First Doctor wouldn't exist. After talking each other into changing their face once again, fans wept as Peter Capaldi said his emotional goodbye to the Doctor. However, once Capaldi's explosive regeneration was over, a new era began, as well as making new history for the show — Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor. 

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Peter Capaldi announced his departure from the show in January 2017, and Jodie Whittaker was given the role in July, when it was announced that the main Time Lord will regenerate into a female at the end of 2017. When given the role by incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall, Whittaker said she was 'beyond excited' to become the Doctor.

"It's more than an honour to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can't wait."

Jodie's first appearance left fans wanting more already, despite her saying two words during her debut appearance. The Yorkshire born actress said "oh, brilliant!" when her Doctor made her first appearance. 

Following on from that, there was a slightly humorous dig at women drivers. Once the regeneration process was over, the Thirteenth Doctor pressed a button and the TARDIS began to epically crash and explode on the inside, causing Whittaker's Doctor to dramatically fall from the TARDIS whilst it destroyed itself. The question on everyone's lips now — What will happen to the newly regenerated Doctor?

Doctor Who [Credit: BBC]

Jodie Whittaker's first series will air in the more later months of 2018 and is expected to pick up exactly where "Twice Upon A Time" left off — The Doctor free falling through the sky with a panicking look.

Whittaker will be joined by three companions in Series 11. The 2018 TARDIS team will be Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, Mandip Gill as Yasmin, Tosin Cole as Ryan and the brilliant Bradley Walsh as Graham. Award winning actress, Sharon D Clarke, will also be joining the main cast. Clarke's role is being kept top secret, but it has been confirmed her appearance is a returning role... Missy? 

Chris Chibnall has already began his first series as showrunner of Doctor Who. His first series is said to be kept spoiler-free and he's not telling the public or the press where they're filming to prevent any major spoilers making their way to social media. 

Jodie Whittaker will return as the Doctor next year. For now, you can relive "Twice Upon A Time" on the BBC iPlayer, if you're in the United Kingdom.

Are you excited for Jodie Whittaker's first series as the Doctor?

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The Triumph of the Doctor: Jodie Whittaker Makes 'Doctor Who' History with Debut Appearance
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