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The Two Eyed Girl

What are you?

She stood amongst her friends, just chatting away. I heard something about how she swallowed her own eyes to clean them when they got dirty. She had to be talking about a story. Maybe. I shifted in my seat and focused on her eyes. They were two different colors. One a vibrant blue and the other a rather dull shade of red. They looked weird but at the same time a little mesmerizing. Her skin was a creamy kind of tan color and every time she moved, the sunlight from the window seemed to change the color of her skin. First, it was caramel then it looked like whipped cream. In one instance, it looked red. Her hair sprouted from her head a variety of colored strands. All the colors were dullish but stood out amongst their counterparts. Yellows, reds, blacks, and a few silver hairs ran from the top of her head, around her face and down to her shoulders. It looked like a rainbow slowly losing its color but it didn’t look bad. It gave her a mature sort of look. Her outfit consisted of a plain white T-shirt and flower print pants.

She said something else about putting her pet dragon on her wall and her friends laughed. I just stood from a distance confused. She had to be talking about a story. Then she held up her hand telling her friends to hold on and took out her left eye. The bright blue pupil rolled around in her hand as she blinked a couple of times. One of her friends shuddered as the wet thing sat face down in her palm. Left behind was a dark spot where her eye had once been. I looked on in shock as she looked around with only the dull red colored eye moving in it’s socket. Then she popped the blue one back in and blinked a few times, adjusting to it being back where it belonged. The eye rolled a bit before settling in place. I scratched the side of my head in confusion as I tried to wrap my head around what she’d just done.

Suddenly both eyes snapped in my direction. Her friends kept chittering on about some nonsense but I was too focused on the fact that she was staring at me. After a moment of us staring at each other she walked past her friends and over to me. I just stood there unsure of what to do. Would she kill me for staring or just say hi? My heart started racing. What if she was a zombie? What if her teeth crashing into my face were the last thing I'd see before I died? Suddenly she stopped my thoughts and said hi. I returned the hi and she introduced herself. Said her name was Carolina. I told her my name and she held out her hand. I looked down at it. Her skin shimmered a multitude of colors and her fingernails looked like a reflection of space. I stared at them for a moment until I realized the designs were moving. Little shiny specks like stars were moving slowly across the surface of her nails. I looked back up at her and tried to conceal my fear. A million thoughts ran through my head, trying to prepare myself for what might come next. Only one kept throbbing like a migraine behind my eye. What is she? I noticed her hand was still sticking out after saying her name and my mind snapped back to reality. I slid mine into hers rather nervously and we shook hands. Then she asked where I was from.  

I swallowed and said simply, “I’m from here. What about you?”

With bright eyes and a wide smile, she said, “I come from a place you wouldn’t believe.”

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The Two Eyed Girl
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