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The UFOs That Got Me Curious

I have seen UFOs.

My first UFO sighting was when I was 12 years old on a cruise ship called the Viking Serenade off of the Catalina Islands in California while I was standing next to my mother on the deck. I saw a line of five lights, one behind the other, until it turned into a circle and disappeared. The X-Files came out in 1993, and this was the summer before seventh grade besides, as I’m class of 1999. From then on I was curious. I started reading everything I could find. The internet also had plenty of information. I can’t remember what year I saw a cigar-shaped craft while on the Mountain View, CA overpass on Shoreline but I saw something while in the car with my mother.

In Muros, Galicia, I saw a ship of some kind streak across the sky with their lights off in midday, while I was sitting on the beach one day in the middle of summer. I have seen interesting things. There are rumors that there is a grey alien at Moffett Field. I have spoken with people who feel this is true. A set of friends I had in the early 2000s knew about this stuff. In high school, I got into MUFON, I managed to get a membership from my parents that I maintained until senior year.

My curiosity drives me to read many books on the subject. They are observing us because we are close to having major ecological disasters such as the plastic in every ocean making up a huge gyre in every ocean that is connected by the plastic itself. We also have atomic bombs being way too common in major countries. In the United States alone, we are having major governance issues with our “democracy” that are being observed by people from other planets.

They come here to keep an eye on us, to make sure we do not blow ourselves up to extinction again like we did in the past. Civilizations like ours have been on Earth often enough but somehow they fail to get past their differences if they do not succeed in unifying the people and evolving. Don’t think Earth is unique because they are watching us in order to make sure we do not drop the bomb. If we do fail, there is always the possibility of starting over. We do not want multiple atomic bomb blasts. This causes danger.

Imagine the news reports that could result from something that horrible. Nobody wants to drop a nuke, that is partially why they have watched us since we did drop the bomb on the Japanese. I have to wonder why the Japanese and not the Germans? The Germans were doing far worse to people besides the Japanese and Chinese who were busy doing experiments in their prison camps. We get to see UFOs every so often when they drop by to be visible since many have probably seen UFOs, to begin with.

We are on probation in the galaxy at large. They are making sure we do not do something silly with the Secret Space Program by keeping an eye on that. We are going to be set back 100 years if the bomb is ever dropped. They are watching us carefully. If the bomb is dropped once, then some races with interest are just going to pack up and leave because they will lose interest immediately. We have to work towards fixing the problems on this planet because we have to fix it, and we are alone in this regard. They are not going to help us unless we make an effort. I want to do many things to fix the environment as a scientist when I finally get my M.D./Ph.D. after my M.S. /M.B.A/Law Degree. There is much work ahead for me, including extra Archaeology Master's. 

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The UFOs That Got Me Curious
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