The Untold Story

A timeless love, Egyptian gods hidden in time and story lost within the ages. This hidden world is the first story of many of gods and the truths they never thought to share.

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Everyone knows the story of the great Egyptian Pharaohs and the Gods they worship. What they might not know is that those Gods are real and the Egyptians were onto something great. Raw, the most respected and feared of all the Gods, had three beautiful daughters each with their own domain. Emau the eldest, was Goddess of secrets, Kat the Goddess of the Nile, and the youngest Luna the Goddess of reflection. Each girl was powerful in their own right, serving the people and helping the land. They all knew the rules too. Don’t let the mortals see you and no talking with them. Of course the girls were curious but they loved their father and wouldn’t go against his wishes. That is until one day Luna stood by her mirror watching the mortal world and showing the mortals their reflections like she did every day. A young Pharaoh by the name Osiris appeared in her mirror and she was instantly taken with him. So much so she pressed her dainty hand on the silver mirror which allowed her to be seen by the boy. Of course it was an accident, or so it is told.

Osiris walked down near the reeds along the Nile river. He watched his people fish and craft their boats from the reed. The Gods had been kind to them this year and his people thrived. A few of the people waved from their perches and Osiris waved back graciously. Most of the fishers had known him since he was a child and he encouraged them not to shy due to formalities. He paused to sit by the banks and watch the water carry on its journey. His reflection stared back at him silently like a shadow of himself reflected on an ever moving surface. His image was obscured like someone had touched it creating ripples only to refocus as a woman. Osiris watched in shock and awe as the beautiful woman that now owned his reflection peered at him so intently. As if all the answers to the world rested in his mortal face.

“Who are you?” Osiris called out.

The girl’s eyes widened and her image rippled starting to disappear.

“Wait no don’t go please! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you please come back!” he called, reaching towards the surface of the water as if that could bring her back.

Slowly the ripple came back into focus with her beautiful face reflecting back at him. They sat for a moment in silence waiting for the other to make a move.

Luna didn’t know why she had done it, or so she claims. All she knows is that she stayed despite her father’s rules. The mortal was beautiful enough to be a God though Luna knew better than to think this Pharaoh was anything close to a God.

“Who are you?” the Pharaoh asked again.

“I am Luna, daughter of Raw, Goddess of reflection. Speak your name mortal,” Luna replied, not surprised when his eyes widened.

To know a Goddess or God was one thing but to know one who also knew Raw or was a relative was something most mortals could only dream of.

“My dearest Goddess, I am honored to hear your name. A name befitting for a beautiful maiden such as yourself. My name is Osiris eldest son of Ramses and Pharaoh of Egypt. My apologies for not paying your respects fair Goddess but until now I have not heard of your wondrous name,” he said.

Luna couldn’t help but smile and blush at the complements.

“Humble Pharaoh I have seen your altars and temples to my father and that is all the respect I need. My father keeps me and my sister hidden from the world of man so as to not have the mortal world snatch us away and play us for fools. You do understand young Pharaoh?”

“Oh yes dear Goddess forgive my ignorance. I will create bigger and better temples for your father so you may be worshiped as well. When you look upon the new temples please remember they they are built only for you and your sweet grace,” Osiris said admiringly.

“You are kind Pharaoh. Your devotion will be rewarded as will all who come after you shall admire your temples and great monuments. I can see why your wife is so loyal.” At that, Osiris flinched.

“It is true my wife is loyal but sweet Goddess how will I go back to her after seeing your divine face?”

“Little mortal please do not discourage. You must be loyal to your wife. We can meet here again at the next moon.”

“Until we meet again sweet faced angel.”

Weeks turned to months as the two continued to meet and ever so slowly, as all the good love stories say, they fell in love. But this is no normal love story and our dark tale doesn’t stop here. You see Osiris had a brother who was jealous as all brothers are and wanted the throne for himself…...and the wife. So he thought up a plan unlike any other plan. Or like another plan since you’ve heard it already. Probably. Hopefully.

One night as Osiris slept in his bed, his brother chopped him up into a hundred little pieces and scattered them all over Egypt. Now all the Gods heard of the Pharaoh's demise and they all grieved the loss of the mortal who gave them such beautiful gifts. One Goddess grieved more than the rest and her sisters, knowing their youngest sister lost her greatest love, tried desperately to console her. But the heart wants what the heart wants as the saying goes, and Luna continued to sink further and further into her misery.

That is until on the new moon Emau heard the whispers of a far off land, of the best kept secret in history, for it takes great skill to hide something from a God, especially when it is under their power. The secret of a Goddess who begged her brother death to help her bring back her lover who had been cut to pieces years ago. So Emau found her uncle Anubis and begged him to help. He told her that Luna had to find all the pieces and put Osiris back together, then and only then could he help. There is a catch of course like always. She was the only one who could do this, any help and the spell wouldn’t work. So Luna thanked her sisters and left as quickly as she could, her heart full of renewed love and hope.

It took the Goddess years to find all the pieces of her beloved. Many nights were spent weeping and discouraged as Egypt is a very large country and there was lots of places to hide small body parts. The Goddess came across many dry spells and faced many dangers such as having to wade into crocodile infested waters to retrieve a piece from inside one of the beasts. In the end all the parts were collected and the Goddess was ready. She called upon her uncle to perform the spell that would bring her lover’s soul back from the dead. A great light shot through the sky blinding the Goddess for a moment. When she regained her sight it was to see her love standing in front of her, a gentle smile on his face.

“My love,” he whispered sweetly, bringing her into his arms.

“I feared I may never see your enchanting smile again.” She held him as if her life depended on it, weeping softly for her joy could not be expressed any other way.

“Luna you realize what you have done do you not?” A soft voice asked from behind the happy couple.

A voice no one had heard in over three centuries.

“You have turned your lover into a God and as such he must have a name.” Luna turned to see the young girl standing before her.

The God Keeper was a brother and a sister who looked after the Gods to make sure they did their job and kept themselves in control. No one knew their name and it was rare that anyone saw their face. They also named the gods who were created and kept a watchful eye from the Great Library. The fact one was here was a miracle in itself or it could be a very very bad thing.

“I care not what you name him, my love shall be his regardless,” Luna said, holding her lover's hand tightly.

“Then Osiris I name you the God of the earth and its vegetation. Do your job well.”

With that the girl vanished and left the two alone for millennia to come.

I guess you can say this is a normal love story after all. One between a Goddess and a mortal man who was killed and brought back to be a God by the woman he loved. Soon after Osiris met Raw and married his youngest, most beautiful daughter Luna. Raw is still very protective of his daughters and erased their story from history. Mortal minds are so fleeting and readily believe what they are told. The two of them are still happily living together in Toronto, Canada I believe it is now. You’ll be able to see them walking about in the parks, a beautiful young girl with eyes like mirrors and a handsome young man whose hair is darker than death. If you look closely you can see the small glow that all divine have and, if you look even closer, the faint lines from where Osiris’s brother chopped him up. After all some scars never fade. 

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