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The Year 2525

The Future Of Man

"In the Year 2525, if man is still alive, if women can survive, they may find." That opening to one of the most memorable hit songs of the late 60's set a very ominous tone for the future of mankind. Subsequent verses pick up a very foreboding story of mankind spanning 10,000 years. As with Nostradamus's disturbing predictions, Zager & Evans constructed an altogether more disturbing and sobering scenario for the future of humanity. A little more than 500 years from now we may find mankind at the mercy of all the technology we have created.

Could it be that in the year 3535 all of a person's actions, words and thoughts will be preprogrammed into a daily pill? Shades of George Orwell and others who prophesied man will ultimately destroy this planet and eventually himself. One hundred years later, man may find himself without the need for eyes or teeth just because the food sources will be so processed and programmed. Just like the other pills we have already been taking. So far the future does indeed seem bleak.

When we enter the year 5555 man, will no longer need arms or legs because machines will automatically do that for us now. So now we come to 6565. The time has come when society produces the next generation of man from the glass tubes. Just think that women will no longer experience pregnancy. Babies are now artificially created in test tubes. What a future we have in store for us. Make us think where will all our technology bring humanity. Granted, technology is vital for the preservation of humanity but we always have to remember that fine line between technology for the betterment of mankind and the demoralizing effects that too much technology for the wrong reasons will ultimately be destructive.

It is the year 7510 when in the song "If God's a-coming he ought to make it by then. Maybe he'll look around himself and say guess it's time for Judgement Day." Well, if that is what the future holds for mankind, we in the here and now had better take heed and figure out a way to avoid Armageddon that will defiantly happen if we don't take actions to avoid the mistakes of the past and reinvent them in the future.

Today, the hot bed of mayhem has already been made. Through-out the world the streets are awash in blood and tears. Aleppo, a city already in ruins is a testament to the savagery and horror that continues. Questions now must be forth coming. Yet, those policy decision makers remain transfixed on a path that continues to keep the juggernaut of violence from ceasing. The elusive path toward conciliation has never been more difficult than it is now. For years we have been vigilant guardians of policies that only translate to corporate profits instead of the sanctity of life. We keep witnessing the after effects that has laid waste from sea to not so shiny sea.

The financiers of terror remain unfazed. Wave after wave of a more sinister horror is griping nations even as more funds flow into the coffers of terror. These new waves of terror are a duplicated copy of the playbook written ages ago. In more recent years the drug cartels in South America and Mexico kidnapping was the mainstay of garnishing funds to continue their illegal and most often murderous trade. Today, the global reach of terrorists operatives have managed to infiltrate practically every country in the world. Terror knows no boundaries. The catalyst that sparks global retaliation sending the world into an inferno has already been lit.

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The Year 2525
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