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There Is No Such Thing As The Apocalypse

Since There Will Always Be Survivors

Some fringe groups believe in the end times. The thing is that W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan seemed as though he was flirting with the end of times. The attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 was shocking because we were just flush with the glow of the new millennium and the dot-com bubble was growing. People who believe in the end of the world are shockingly perverted because they clearly do not believe the human race is meant to overcome these calamities.

Most major world religions do preach a time of great change. People succumb to end of Times beliefs by watching The Walking Dead or Supernatural. Many new agers also believe in an apocalypse when Archangels Michael and Gabrielle will be coming back. There is no such thing as the end of days. Unfortunately, many safeguards are in place to prevent it. Not any singular politician wants to drop the bomb, not even North Korea. It's just theater, meant to scare us, what with all the economic sanctions befalling the United States.

Survivors who can survive the dropping of an atomic bomb will make it. Nobody wants to drop an actual bomb, you see. There is a major threat to the timeline if that does happen for one. And, for another, one bomb dropped on us, means we will drop a bomb on somebody else in revenge. You see, E.T. races will leave our planet’s orbit if we are in danger of dropping the bomb on somebody. If somebody does crack, it sets us back 100s of years. The E.T.s are around to make sure we do not do something stupid like create even more environmental devastation than there already is.

Religious people who haven’t taken a science class do not know that earth is actually 4 billion years old. That is enough time for many different kinds of civilizations to rise and fall. The history of Earth is a huge topic by itself. But religious people only believe the planet is 6,000 years old. This is a ridiculous assumption given the fossilized record of life on Earth. Christians believe that Jesus is coming back. Some believe that society will degenerate, and become as evil it was in the days of Noah. Some Christians feel that God is the first priority.

Survivors of the apocalypse will piece together a society no matter what. It needs to be a society where people let go of their hatred towards one another so that they can work towards survival. You see, the apocalypse cannot happen. The bottom line is that it is impossible for this to happen. Nobody wants to do this, not even the most callous dictator as we have many alt-right wing people in charge at this time. Many people seem to feel that moving the American embassy to Jerusalem is a part of biblical prophecy but what they do not understand is, “Get past your religious differences, and share the holy land.” What happened to sharing? It would seem that the situation in the Middle East at present is every man for himself. The entire concept of end times needs re-thinking. Survivors will exist, survival is possible, and really much science fiction is about the survival of the human race into the future. The concept of an apocalypse is not new but given all the brainwashing by various alien races who have been to this planet, influencing us, then you can see, hopefully, that they have influenced every major world religion that exists in the present. We will have to change, with changing times.  

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There Is No Such Thing As The Apocalypse
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