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There Not Here

A Three part Science Fiction short story.

Hynek's  third kind

There not here

Part one.

It had been two weeks since the last visit, he didn't know why they chose him, what he did know was that nobody believed him. It usually arrived around midnight, waking him from sleep.

It was the bright lights that illuminated the room, these were what woke him and that's all that he remembered.

It was the same each time, two strange marks on his neck and two small holes on his temporal lobes. He always felt violated, but was used to it now.

The marks and the small holes, vanished after around 15 minutes from waking and for some reason never showed up on photos. Even the DVR never recorded a single incident.

He was frustrated, scared and alone dealing with his nightmare.

He was already awake as his alarm sounded. 6am. Feeding the animals, was his daily routine. The farm was left to him by his grandfather. Only five of his cattle remained from 10. They had took them, mutilated them then dumped them back. He was sure of that, there was no other explanation, 150 acres of land and not a person for miles.

He filled up the pig trough and topped up the chicken coop, before tending to the horses.

He heard the sound of Jed's horn, as he arrived in the pick up.

Jed the general store assistant from town, delivered Carl's animal feed weekly.

"Hello.... Carl," shouted Jed, as he banged on the front door of the house.

"Just a minute," shouted Carl from the stable.

Jed began to unload the feed. Carl made his way over.

"Hey, Jed," said Carl in a friendly manner walking towards him.

"Hey, Carl. How's things?"

"Oh, the usual Jed," replied Carl nonchalantly.

"Ok, ya got your horse feed and chicken feed, should be enough for the week," said Jed as he pulled out his invoice book.

"Thanks," replied Carl.

Jed passed a pen and the invoice sheet over to Carl.

"Say, you sure you're ok, Carl?" Jed had noticed the bags under Carl's eyes, encased in dark circles.

He had told Jed when the visits began. The rest of Greswick town thought he was a lunatic, Jed was more understanding.

"Not sleeping too well, Jed." Said Carl.

"The visits?" Questioned Jed.

"It's been a couple of weeks since the last one," replied Carl. sheepishly.

"Maybe it's stopped," said Jed enthusiastically.

"Maybe, but I'm more concerned about the cattle.I've only five now, i'm sure it's them Jed."

"I'm sure there's a logical explanation to it all Carl, I'll take a look down near the creek. I've known folk's livestock to take a trip down to the lake," said Jed.

"Thanks, Jed, I appreciate that."

Jed made his way back to the pick up, Carl waved him off, as he headed back up the dirt track.

It was around 1:30pm, when Carl finished up with the livestock.

A pot of stew bubbled on the hob, as Carl made his way inside, the farm house. He took off his boots and added another log to the burner, before sitting down.

He poured himself a whisky and kicked up his feet, taking a sip of his drink, he then placed it onto the wooden handmade table, in front of him.

It was around 3.30pm, when Carl was awoken by a knock on the door. It was Jed, Carl got up and greeted Jed at the door.

"Hi Carl, I took a trip down to the lake."

"Any luck?" replied Carl.

Jed took a deep breath before telling Carl the bad news.

"I found two of em, Carl."

Carl invited Jed inside.

"There dead," sighed Jed.

Carl ran his hand over his head in despair.

"They were in a bad way carl."

Carl sat down and finished the remainder of the whisky.

"There eyes were gone, removed by the look of it."

"Jesus!" said Carl in shock.

"I'm gonna get to the bottom of this Carl, don't worry," said Jed sympathetically.

"Thanks for all your help Jed."

Carl showed Jed to the door. Jed waved his arm out of the pick up's window, as he exited the farm.

Back in the farm house, Carl scooped himself a bowl of the stew from the hob, its meaty aroma filled his house. Taking a hunk of bread from the larder, he sat at the dining table, 6 seats, only one now occupied. Only memories were left of when the table was filled with family members.

He sat and ate, contemplating whether they would visit tonight, every time he lost cattle, there was a visit. Carl's nervousness and anxiety caused him to knock the spoon from his bowl. He quickly placed it back in.

9:30pm and he switched off his T.V., made his way to the bedroom, and lay awake for a while before drifting off to sleep.

15 miles up the road at Cathy's bar, Jed and his brother Eli drank beers as they contemplated their next move.

"So, there's no way he will sell?" said Eli.

"He's not gonna budge, I've been mentioning it for a month now, telling him it might be easier to move, but he's holding strong," replied a frustrated Jed.

"God dammit, then we do it tonight, I've got two more doses of Propofol, that should do it," seethed Eli, as he signaled over the waitress for two more beers......

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There Not Here
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