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There's Noo Pace Like Home: We Finally Get A First Look At Noomi Rapace In 'Alien: Covenant'

As excitement (and acid) pumps through our veins, fans of Ridley Scott's Alien series are on tenterhooks for the arrival of his third entry in the long-running franchise.

'Prometheus' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

As excitement (and acid) pumps through our veins, fans of #RidleyScott's Alien series are on tenterhooks for the arrival of his third entry in the long-running franchise. There is a slightly longer wait until we crew up for #AlienCovenant, however, new footage brings home the #horror and finally shows us a returning face from 2012's #Prometheus.

Until now, there has been a big question mark over the inclusion of #NoomiRapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in Covenant. As the only human survivor of the Prometheus mission, it looked like a safe bet that Rapace would return for the inevitable sequel. Both Scott and Rapace flip-flopped between confirming her involvement, but it was later reported that Shaw would 100 percent star in Covenant.

Now, the latest teaser gives us our first (and possibly only) look at Dr. Shaw set to a macabre cover of John Denver's "Take me Home, Country Roads." So, if you are ready, keep reading after the jump to find out more!

Are you Shaw?

First and foremost, it ain't looking good for our plucky archeologist. As the remaining Covenant crew explore the Juggernaut vessel that we last saw in Prometheus, they make a worrying discovery. We again see #KatherineWaterston's Daniels come across Dr. Shaw's tags, before we meet a hologram of our previous heroine.

Shaw's ghostly visage haunts the room, presumably there to send out some sort of warning to anyone who made it this far. It certainly looks like our intrepid explorer may have gotten more than she bargained for when looking for the Engineer's homeworld, but is her fate already sealed?

If you look closely, the hologram seems to suggest that Shaw is strapped to some sort of contraption as her arms look splayed. The use of Denver's song could be used to draw the conclusion that Shaw is pleading to her captor to take her home. When we last left her, she was alongside Michael Fassbender's mechanical David, so was it him who put her in this precarious position? We know that David will return to the film too and it is fair to presume that his decapitated head finds itself a new body.

Warning: Major Spoilers Below

In CinemaCon footage (not yet released online), it is reported that only David is seen exiting the Juggernaut ship and is indeed reattached to his body. David leaves the ship and is met with a large crowd of hostile Engineers. He promptly dispatches them with the black goo bombs that the Engineers themselves created to destroy humanity — talk about justice. Importantly though, the clip seems to show the darker side of David that we have come to expect and indicates that he has been experimenting on Shaw!

I'm still not Shaw.

'Prometheus' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

However, releasing such an ominous teaser could just be one huge double bluff. Despite a myriad of footage already facehugging fans, there are still plenty of questions surrounding Covenant. The film has shown us so much and yet we know so little — is this an ironic analogy for the doomed crew we will soon meet? One way to shock viewers would be to have Shaw return at some point of the film. Either that or nope, she really is brown bread.

It is pretty clear that Daniels is the latest "Ripley" for the film and times have moved on from Shaw's tenure in 2012. To have Rapace reduced to a simple hologram would be a wicked twist but also one sure to garner hate from die hard fans expecting some sort of big payoff to Shaw's involvement. How would you feel is Ripley just got killed off-screen?

Either way, keep watching for more Alien: Covenant news ahead of its May 19 release. Already being called one of the greatest #scifi films of our time, it certainly looks like a faithful continuation of Scott's Alien legacy, which started back in 1979.

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There's Noo Pace Like Home: We Finally Get A First Look At Noomi Rapace In 'Alien: Covenant'
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