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Time Immemorial

Signs of Things to Come

Welcome back! As the last article stated we would be basically be reviewing and providing perspective while applying common sense in chronological order to these vast ancient texts spanning over the various types of ancient Cuneiform as well as Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which reveal in great detail not only our origins but obvious forms of advanced technology, and when I say advanced, I don't mean outrageously advanced such as teleportation, but rather think about the whole Steampunk aesthetic with a digital edge, combined with classical Greek attire and a preordained contract with royal customs, these guys go hard in the paint when it comes to tradition! So anyways, here's how it goes, I start with a date, provide an overview of the events according to their history and numerics, which ultimately perfectly time up with things like the archeological record and our own timeline of modern events, then a review of those events individually with a common sense perspective of my own, keep in mind that everything is up for interpretation, here goes!

444000 B.C.E. - Alulim arrives on Earth around this time, his ship contains 7 nuclear weapons, "Weapons of Terror," after being deposed from the throne of Nibiru. 

 440640 B.C.E. - Pisces begins 

 440400 B.C.E. - 50 Anunnaki/Elohim led by Ea arrive around this time, they build and establish Eridu, gold is extracted from ocean water via a vacuum filtration system aboard their ship, Ea and Abgal hide the nuclear weapons in South America, lessening gold shipments are sent to Nibiru, Deep Mining in the AB.ZU/Southeast Africa is required, Enlil comes to Earth to plan a permanent city development in the E.DIN/Eden/Mesopotamia focused on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers area, Alulim rules in Eridu for 28800 years, Anu arrives on Earth, Alulim challenges Anu for the throne of Nibiru, loses for a second time, then assaults Anu, He is tried, sentenced, and exiled to die on Mars. Ea is given the title Enki and manages the gold mining operations in the Abzu. 

 438480 B.C.E. - Aquarius begins

Ok, there we have it for today's excerpts, so what exactly just happened? First of all, the dates we are given are extraordinary! And they are counted and measured in units called Shars and are found in autobiographical texts of these beings themselves! A Shar takes 3600 Earth-Years to complete 1 orbit of Nibiru, which is the planet that these guys claim to come from, which is non-native to our solar system; essentially a Shar is one year on Nibiru. Shars are also the preferred method of counting the outstanding lengths of reign of the Pre-Diluvial kings in the Shumerian Kings List, after the flood, however, the human king reigns are measured in Earth years. Alulim, the first guy to set foot on Earth happens to be the first king on the Shumerian Kings List, when Alulim arrived his ship contained what we would describe now as nuclear weapons, like atomic bombs, and as we will see, this is not the last we will hear of them, Ea and his lieutenant Abgal take great urgency in secretly hiding these away far from where they landed in the Persian Gulf. Alulim communicated to the others via radio transmission that he found vast quantities of the gold they needed for their planet and that he wanted complete reign of their planet again in order to strike a deal, that's when Ea and the others began to arrive and build and establish the foundation of what will become the first ever city on Earth, they simply extracted the gold from the ocean water without smelting or refining, but when this started to decline a decision was made to deep mine in southern Africa, this is when Ea's younger brother, Enlil, who is heir to the throne, arrives and begins to plan the layout of the functioning city layout which included everything from a metallurgical center for smelting and refining to a spaceport and a nursing station. At the end of Alulim's 28800 year reign in Eridu, Anu, the father of Ea and Enlil, arrived and was challenged by Alulim for the throne of Nibiru, after Alulim lost the duel, he assaulted Anu by biting off his male anatomy, in other words, his balls, so he was tried and sentenced by a jury of his peers to be exiled to die on Mars. At this point, Ea is given the title Enki and promoted to manager of the gold mining operations that take place in South Eastern Africa in places like Johannesburg, etc. This is how the magic begins, I also like to include the accurate dates of the zodiacal constellations for fun as the play a slightly relevant role in time keeping as their stay on Earth unfolds. Stay tuned for the next installment as things only get more out of this world from here!

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Time Immemorial
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