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Time Prison

Bane of the Human Race

What is time, and why do we seem to never have enough? Time is very much a paradox in that it doesn't exist exactly. If no conscious being is there to keep track of events, then time is only an idea. Deers, trees, birds do not feel the constant anxiety like human beings because they do not keep track of time, only the cycles of night and day and the passing of seasons. So why is that? Why are only humans subject to constantly worrying about the waning hours of the day coming to a pass? 

Death. We fear running out of time to achieve our goals and proceeding what the individual would call a "full life." Human beings have made enormous leaps and bounds in both technology and culture. Our world is getting smaller by the day with each discovery and scientific advancement. The looming doom of the human race is that we know our days are numbered, not just as an individual, but also as a collective. Many civilizations that walked this earth has prophesied the eminent death of the world they knew, and even today our Facebook feed is cluttered with catastrophic events and predictions of an apocalypse. So many paths untraveled, so many stones unturned. The knowledge of the human race is still very meek compared to the unknown principles of the physical world we live in.

Very seldom is the destructive nature of children discussed. I, for one am, not guilty of destroying my parents things without any remorse for being meek and still learning basic skills such as how to walk and where to use the bathroom. Most people when discussing babies speak with glee and admiration for a new being brought into this world, but from a non-human standpoint babies are extremely dangerous. They do not know their limits and rules that govern our world. This unspoken fear is disguised as parenting, the creators (or chosen guardians) of the child take responsibility for teaching it how to live and not die in an untimely matter. When a child has grown enough to explore its surroundings and interact, it's usually not a good time. Anything breakable, spill-able, movable, or just outright dangerous will always receive the child's much unneeded attention. Most parents will place the child in a play pen or crib or whatever contraption thats been conceived to limit the child's mobility and overall danger to society. Although most would not say it, essentially the child is put into a cage to protect it from its destructive nature and given toys to distract and repress feelings of wanting to explore and tamper with things they know not of.

This example of how adults restrain children from destruction much raises the question of how does that correlate to adult humans? Do we too have a destructive nature? Are we not restrained? And if we are, by who? This brings me to the topic of this article, time travel and if we should do it. There is no widely known way of traveling through time, and most scientists decline its possibility or conventionality. So maybe at this present time, time travel is just an idea and not relatively possible, but what if it was? Would time itself unravel or would the present change as past events change? The present is relative to the spectator traveling into past or future events. The term "butterfly effect" is meant to explain that any small detail in the past that is changed could have large consequences in the present or future. Who's to say that hasn't happened? What if someone travelled in time to change history? What if the world and past we know wasn't originally that? Would we have any way of proving otherwise? Currently, no there is not. So maybe it is a good thing we have no way of time travel, because humans are a destructive breed. We have a habit of taking nature and killing it to get an advantage for us. From laying waste to rainforest to make room for a strip mall, to depleting ozone to increase production of consumer goods. Which brings the question, is this on purpose? Are we trapped to only occupy this planet for a fraction of time because of our nature? And if we are to discover a way to skip frames of events through time, would someone intervene? Whoever is our guardian or creator that established us and life has placed us into a time prison so that we are limited to how much destruction we can create. We know nothing of how time and history can affect the future and therefore should not be allowed to tamper with it.

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Time Prison
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