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Top 3 Environmental Stories That Will Wow You

No one who ever thought the Earth was dull knows the real truth.

Definitely not dull. And in some cases, rather disturbing, some of these stories you'll read. Sometimes we take planet Earth for granted, but these stories are the reason why that's a massive mistake. We're nothing but specks in a universe, and for many of us, truly the universe just happens to be the world we live on. And people are talking about colonizing Mars?? Forget about it. We get enough excitement from the big blue planet we live on, guaranteed.

The Truth Is It Makes Sense That We Want to Get Off this Planet Given the Strange Happenings Going On, Though

But without a doubt, right now, we live on this planet Earth. And we have to protect it. I mean, come on, you saw the Independence Day movies! This is our turf. It's our job to defend it—from aliens or pollution. Nurture our environment, and we're better for it.

Or else everything from new islands to weird alien-like serpents to even a substantial shift in the ocean's ecosystem can start making you UH-OH.... Something's not right with Mother Nature.

So Here Are the Three Most Outrageous Stories You'll Hear So Far Regarding Our Environment, Our Planet, Dare We Say, Our Very Lives

And you'd have to be living under a rock to not realize that what happens to our Earth will ultimately affect us one way or another. Check it out.

Northern California's Seeing These Weird Alien Snake Things Now....

Don't panic, though. This isn't some type of The Abyss James Cameron movie thing.

Rather, you can find out what these odd 'snakes' are right here.

And you can learn about why Northern California's seeing them all over the ocean, too.

Something Shocking About Yesteryears' Oil Spills Due to the Latest Research....

Remember the Deepwater Horizon? Of course you do. They made a movie about it recently.

Oil spills were some of the biggest stories quite a few years ago, but did you know that even now oil spills still affect our environment? Here's why.

These guys, though, were probably affected the most. And still are, to this day.

Lastly (But Not Leastly) We Have a New Freakin' Island Off the Coast of North Carolina

And almost overnight, apparently. One day, the coast of Hatteras looked normal—the next day, there's an island literally just a swim away. You can ask yourself how did that happen. But the more important question to ask is... why.

You have to read this and learn about why it's important to know that somehow the ocean just gave birth to a new island which as you'll find it has been called "Shelly Island." For a specific reason.

Exciting? Yes. A bit alarming? Probably. And not even from a scientific geological standpoint, but a political one!

Indeed.... Things Change in Our World

Now for the better, or for the worse? That remains to be seen. After checking out the links, you might already know that something's (no pun intended) fishy with what's going on, and maybe this whole global warming thing (again, no pun intended) holds water.

The good thing is knowledge is power. Now let's put that knowledge to good use and do something good for our Earth every once in a while.

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Pierre Roustan
Pierre Roustan

I am an author, adventurer, and father, living with my wife, four daughters and one son in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've trekked through tundras, waded through swamps, wandered through deserts, and swam in the Great Barrier Reef.

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Top 3 Environmental Stories That Will Wow You
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