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Top 3 Reasons We Can't Find Extra Terrestrials


Wormation using Symbolism and Bracketing

  1. We are using the wrong terminology:
The single most recognized term in the search for Extra Terrestrials is ET. The problem is that it requires us to basically be able to interact with another planet outside of our solar system. At best we are only going to be able to get information from it that is stale at best. Even in a best-case scenario the closest star system is over four light years away so any information from it would be at least four years old unless we learn how to travel at speeds greater than Tach One.

Even if we get information we feel is valid from another star system we have no way to travel there to confirm any of it. Imagine a worst case scenario where an advance scout troop is sent here to tell us everything is "a ok" and they want to be our friends. Without the ability to do any reconnaissance on their planet they could be staging a major assault on our planet and we just have to take their word for it that everything is "a ok." For that matter, we may think "a ok" means everything is good and they may think "a ok" means attack ok? In other words, the inability to know for sure what they would be saying could be our undoing. They may be telling us the answer and we may think its the question.

Solution: Start using the term HET.

    2. We are using the wrong technology:

The term UFO presumes Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft Fly. It also presumes you can Fly in outer space which you can not. Based on those two premises alone there is enough evidence for the aeronautical and astronautical communities to reevaluate our understanding of what Flying really is, and whose doing it and who isn't. Then we need to better quantify what the objects that are not flying are doing and what terminology we are using to describe it.

It would be nice to have the Military and NASA help on this one. They seem to be at the cutting edge of what is going on relative to Flying and any other technologies that may be developed with capabilities beyond Flying but let's not get our hopes up.

Using wormation we can see that the word Military is Limitary as in the limit of our system. NASA is IS AlieN (A = 1 = I alphanumeric, symbolism ecronym, enagram). So in alien NASA MILITARY says the limit of our system is Alien.

Solution: Start using the terms CTV and Volute (Volutology, Volutologist). Focus on Vectored Levitation (Vectate, Vectating) as an advanced form of maneuvering. Focus on ELEVEN as the correct terminology to describe transiting a star system to get to another planet instead of "Flying" there.

     3. SETI is holding us back:

If you are going to Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) then you have to be willing to actually Search. If you look up the definition of Search it says you need to seek carefully and thoroughly. The operative word carefully means you need to use caution not to miss an option to search for. In other words, you need to look at all the options.
The operative word thoroughly means you need to look everywhere. When searching all of outer space that can be quite difficult. That doesn't mean, though, you get to overlook Earth simply because you either don't think they're here or the possibility exists you're complicit in hiding them here as Hetlau.

Solution: have SETI change there name to HETI as in the Hunt for ETI. To use the analogy of hunting in Africa for animal life: If you are searching, you have to be willing to look in all of Africa for all types of animal life. You can't choose to look in just the most distant and remote parts (outer space) for the most exotic type of animal (radio signals) as if you are hunting, when its possible the whole continent (Earth) is teaming with life (Hetlau) because you should have been searching.

Then redefine the ecronym SETI to Solution for ETI because by the time they get around to processing this request we will already have realized the possibility Hetlau is reality.

You could also use wormation and convert HETI to
H = Humanoid as in the HETI = the Search for Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Maybe they feel using the term Hunt is not PC and will offend the ET when we discover them and cause them react in a hostile manner towards us. Either way, 40+ years and over a billion dollars spent with no results, and results that could only arrive at partial disclosure at best, are not viable.

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