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Top Secret Extra Terrestrial UFO (Volute) Formation Tactics

Intercept Energy Angles: Release, Reverse, Resolve

Tactical Vee

The easiest way to understand the formation tactics Extra Terrestrial pilots use to maneuver their vehicles in engaged combat situations is to first study how Earthling fighter pilots learn a SOP (standard operating procedure) for basic fighter maneuvers.

All fighter tactics can be traced back to Oswald Boelcke who is seen as the father of modern-day fighter combat tactics.

Oswald Boelcke

Fighter pilots are taught to take off, land, navigate, refuel, and fly in formation. When flying by one's self the pilot will refer to himself as a single. As in a single aircraft or single ship formation. This can be represented by a triangle with the letter S for single in it. This allows the pilots to diagram their tactical maneuvering.

Two Ship Section -Leader / Wingman - Right Echelon


The origins of fighting in groups can be traced back to Manfred Von Richthofen who was a student of Oswald Boelcke and after Boelcke's death took the concepts of Dicta Boelcke and implemented them as group tactics expanding the fighter doctrine. 

Manfred Von Richthofen

As ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) evolved into WWll pilots found themselves flying in formations of two, three, or four aircraft. Tactics were still rudimentary, focusing on having larger groups engaging each other. Flying by yourself was not recommended, as you had no one to provide mutual support to help protect you.

Pilots would fly in formations of two as a section combined with a leader and Wingman and, depending on which side the wingman was on, would determine if they were in right or left echelon.

Two Ship Section - Leader / Wingman - Right Echelon

Two Ship

Two Ship Section - Leader / Wingman - Left Echelon

Two Ship

Pilots would fly in formations of three, consisting of a leader and two wingmen joining up on each side. This formation has had a lot of names associated with it, from Three Ship, to Skein, Trio, Vee, Vic, and Wedge.

Three Ship - Leader / Wingmen - Vee


Pilots would fly in formations of four, called a division, consisting of a two ship division or element leader and wingman and a two ship section or element leader and wingman. Essentially, this is just two groups of two joined up together and scaling out the concepts of two aircraft into two groups. The key is that the four aircraft operate as a group and only break down into their respective groups of two. At no time is there a three ship group and a single. The tactics do not exist for this and this is what makes the three ship formation tactics of the Extra Terrestrials so unique.

Four Ship Leader Wingman Division Leader Wingman Section

Right Handed Four Ship Element

Four Ship Leader Wingman Division Leader Wingman Section

Left Handed Four Ship Element

The reason Fighter Pilots fight in groups of twos evolves from a tactic formulated in WWII by John Thach. His Thach weave allowed two pilots to alternate positions between leader and wingman when being attacked by opponents with more maneuverable aircraft. This increased flexibility and allowed US Military pilots to gain an advantage over adversary pilots who were not familiar with it and fought in more traditional regimented welded wing formations and did not allow for a break in the leader wingman relationship.

As tactics evolved, John Boyd introduced his Energy-Maneuverability theory. This basically taught that fighter combat is the process of conservation of energy and energy management skills.

This is the point in fighter combat tactics evolution where the Earthling pilots should have picked up on how to learn the tactics Extra Terrestrial pilots use. Just as a single pilot uses the "S" to denote himself the Extra Terrestrial, pilots use an "E" to denote Energy since they know that is the most important concept of combat. It is far more important to be aware of the Energy state of the section whereas it is obvious how many aircraft there are.

Single Ship Energy Formation


During the Vietnam war, pilots learned that they needed to differentiate their tactics based on the concept of the tactical egg. This allowed the pilots to use the concept of energy as fighting in vertical and angles as fighting in the horizontal.

Earthling pilots again had an opportunity to pick up on the evolution of fighter tactics and terminology, as can be seen in the way Extra Terrestrials denote the two ship section as energy and angles. Earthling pilots continued to use legacy terminology and tactics and mainly focused on increasing the performance of the aircraft, not the aircrew.

Most fighter pilots will disagree with this saying that fighter tactics have advanced exponentially. If Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU) weren't keeping Tactical Vee tactics suppressed, I would agree with them.

Two Ship Section - Energy Angles - Right Echelon

Energy Angles

Two Ship Section - Energy Angles - Left Echelon

Energy Angles

In 1972 The Gruman F-14 Tomcat came into service. 

This is where Earthlings pilots really should have been able to see the connection to Extra Terrestrial pilot combat tactics as the key terminology was integral to the aircrew in the form of the RIO (Radar Intercept Officer). The Tomcat's long-range radar allowed the aircrew to set up merge Intercepts at up to three times the range of comparable fourth generation fighters like the F-15, F-16, and F-18.

This essentially provided the fighter pilot with three types of fights.

  1. The Intercept fight.
  2. The Energy fight.
  3. The Angles fight.

The term Intercept is what allows the Extra Terrestrial pilots to distinguish between the two wingmen in a three ship formation. Whereas a standard Vee formation has two wingmen and a leader, the Extra Terrestrial Tactical Vee has three component parts, Intercept, Energy, and Angles, and the Mantra: Release, Reverse, Resolve. Intercept releases from the section, Energy reverses (the same thing as releasing except the opposite direction), and Angles resolves the situation.

Tactical Vee - Intercept Energy Angles - Right Handed

Tactical Vee

Tactical Vee - Intercept Energy Angles - Left Handed

Tactical Vee

You can even see clues of HETLAU (Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us) demonstrating awareness of Tactical Vee's here on Earth. If you watch the movie Top Gun you can see how Maverick and Goose, and Cougar and Merlin, were flying a standard two ship at the beginning of the movie. Then, at the end of the movie, they put Maverick on ready five and didn't launch him to help Iceman until Hollywood was shot down. This is because Earthlings don't understand how to fight in threes. Extra Terrestrial pilots would have been able to launch together in a Tactical Vee. In fact, they would prefer not to fight in formations of Two or Four because they are less effective.

Also in Robert Shaw's book Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering 

He spends 341 pages showing you how to fight in formations of twos and fours. Then, on page 342, he takes you out on a sample hop and has you fighting in a three ship formation.

Most fighter pilots will write this off as irrelevant. The question you should be asking yourself, then, is does this fighter pilot not even understand what is going on or is he aware and just acting as though he is not aware?

If you want to understand Extra Terrestrials, Extra Terrestrial Fighter Tactics, and HETLAU, this is the level of attention to detail you need to be willing to exercise.

Page 342 of Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering

Tactical Vee Steganography

Also, look at the entrance to Nellis Air Force Base where Air Force Fighter Pilots are taught.

Entrance to Nellis Air Force Base

Note the Tactical Vee formation sitting right at the front gate, even though pilots are taught to fight in twos and fours. No one even notices it, yet it sits right in front of everyone in plain view every day. That is exactly what is going on on planet Earth. Once you know what to look for, you can see the HETLAU right in front of everyone in plain view every day.

The holy grail of Tactical Vee steganography and HETLAU can be seen in a  book called Bandits.

Knowing that the SOP for Navy aircrew to board the carrier is a Two Ship Right Echelon formation, that last thing you would expect a Navy Aircrew to demonstrate awareness of is a Three Ship Left Echelon formation (Tactical Vee). Yet on page 39, you can see three Top Gun instructors circa 1973 demonstrating this very knowledge and awareness via steganography (Steganography is the placement of hidden messages in pictures).

Holy Grail of HETLAU

Tactical Vee Steganography circa 1973

You can see in the picture how the three people on the bottom row right are positioned as if they are a Tactical Vee in left echelon. The person third in from the bottom right has his hand as if it is on the "stick," showing he is in control or leading as Angles. The two guys to the right of him have their hands the same, showing they are the wingmen Energy and Intercept. The way their thumb and forefinger are positioned shows awareness of mergeline tactics. The mergeline is the hypothetical line that exists between fighter aircraft that is used to determine if actions taken by the enemy are hostile. Note also the person in the top row third from the right has his hand positioned making the gesture for the letter "E" for "ET."

Again, this is the level of detail a person needs to be aware of and prepared to invest their time and attention towards when studying to understand ET and HET. You can easily see why the phenomenon has gone unsolved for such a great length of time.

It appears from all the steganography occurring throughout history the HETLAU plan on using it to prove they have been here the whole time. When they disclose their presence here on Earth, it is going to be difficult for the Earthlings to believe. It is going to be even more difficult to believe they have been here the whole time. With a little forethought, the ET and HET were able to realize they need to leave clues on Earth to easily be able to prove it to the Earthlings.

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