Traveling On the New Age Train

How it began part one

It has been 15 years. At my age ( 43 ) that time can seem like the blink of an eye, and yet I remember being an age where the future seemed stretched out, and I was invincible. 

I was married to my first husband when it began. Things began to feel 'off' and out of kilter. I began to feel even more uncomfortable in my own skin, as if I was in the wrong life or something. And then I met him. A man I shall refer to as Michael. He was everything my husband was not, grounded, sociable without getting blind drunk, and he had this whole social consciousness thing going on that was very attractive to me. He made me want to become a better person, and my feelings for my husband began to wander off track. I began to think about the two of us, and how wonderful it would be if we were together.

I never made my move, not really, but I began to ask for signs that he was the one....who I was asking I had no idea, a divine force perhaps. Sure enough, I got my signs, and he began to consume my every thought, and I started to make plans to leave my husband so we could be together.  I might sound like I was the meanest woman ever, plotting and planning my escape. But let me tell you, I was very unhappy at this time, to the point, I felt that if I stayed in this relationship I would die. Dramatic? Well the relationship with my hubby and I did end, and when my ex-husband did find another partner she did die. Maybe it was on the cards for him to have this experience....who knows?

Michael and I shared a strange evening before I decided to leave my husband, one where he implied there was a telepathy between us. We shared a bed, although we did not kiss or make love, we held each other as I shed tears. We were listening to the radio and he told me tenderly the next song that came on the radio would be a sign, and it was that cheesy 'Are You Ready for Love?' by Elton John. I remember weeping tears of joy, thinking I had found 'the one' even though he went on to tell me that love songs do not always mean romance. I guess I  heard what I wanted instead.

Prior to this incident Michael had gone missing, Our group of friends was concerned about him, as he returned claiming to have lost time and talking in a strange way.  I remember at the time thinking this was my fault, and this was only confirmed when my hubby and I went to visit, and as soon as I walked in his house, he began to hyper ventilate and a friend of his looked me in the eye and said ' I think you had better leave.'

And leave I did, I vowed to not see him, to try to be a good girl and keep the hell away.  That lasted for two weeks, I waited for a night I knew he would be alone, and went to see him...and that was the night we shared a bed. We had been talking and smoking pot as usual, and he out of the blue told me he loved me inside out. He came over to cuddle me, and overwhelmed with emotion I wept. I went in for a kiss, and he backed off.  Confused I left...I got home, and then I felt this strong urge to go back.

He told me that he had 'called me back' in his mind when I got there. This time we held each other, and I asked if I could stay the night.

I would like to say that we ended up together when I left my husband. We did not. He avoided me for some time, and then went on to find another partner. It broke my heart at the time. It took me a good ten years to accept, and I held out hope for a long time.

Looking back now, I can see that he saved my life. I dedicated so much time to exploring spirituality in order to make myself attractive to him, that I ended up finding the most prized item in my world. ME.

I tried to discuss that evening with him many times, and he would get angry and tell me to piss off and get over I did. I can see it happened for a very good reason, not the reason I was expecting, but a good reason never the less. The universe had a good plan for me, and pure magic was about to unfold during the 15 years that followed the Michael incident.

I was about to find out what love truly was. Michael was the key that opened a door that I felt closed to me. Michael was the soul that guided me to who I am today. Michael was my first introduction to spirit guides and magic and to him I am eternally grateful

Cheers then Michael.

During this 15 year spell I studied reiki, wicca, mediumship and crystals. By the time Michael had told me to piss off, I was getting over him. I was witnessing enough magic in the universe, and connecting with my guides to know that perhaps my calling lay elsewhere. I began to channel guidance from spirit guides, and began meeting people randomly who had a connection to spirituality.  They say when the student is ready...

I eventually re married to a wonderful man with a deep understanding of spiritual matters, and our meeting happened just as predicted by a medium.  Once settled down, another door opened. The idea of other intelligent life forms from other dimensions had always surprisingly felt fearful to me, so I guess that's why they eased me in slowly. It also kinda makes sense now why Michael had the missing time episode.

I shall write about the time they first made contact another time...

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