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Politically incorrect, religiously wrong.

From the Ole' series. Ole' # 14 Nuit, the goddess of Sky is 36" tall and 120" wide.

I was interested in sci-fi stories from the early age. In high school at lunchtime, while others were busy with physical activities, I was busy activating my imagination reading Greek mythology. It was not long before I realized that the imaginary deities portrayed as gods and goddesses in Greek mythology were simply fictional characters created by professional sci-fi storytellers of the time. Those wishful thinking scenarios produced by creative minds of primitive humans were demonstrating the power of imagination, the subconscious mind, and intuition; in absence of knowledge about the physical reality and the world which they had to struggle with, in order to survive. However, the fascinating, inspiring, and motivating stories had always helped me stretch the limit of my own imagination beyond the boundaries of political correctness and religious beliefs.

At seventeen I was fortunate enough to be introduced to self-hypnosis and its mind-blowing effects of direct suggestions in a non-ordinary state of mind in a seminar intended to assist us in memory works and learning process, getting ready for college Entrance Exams. I was entertained. Shaken, and moved by the power of the subconscious mind, I randomly practiced the technique at any given opportunity, on every available subject willing to experience being hypnotized.

Decades later, Transcendental Meditation took the experience of Altered States, up to another level. A dramatic one.

I was left alone in a dark room chanting a meaningless mantra when a very strange phenomenon which was rather painful struck my body. However, the experience soon became magical. I felt weightless and suspended; spinning, while the word span in the opposite direction. I was in control of changing the direction of my spin at my will, which in response changed the direction of the spin of the world; uncontrollably.

In an ecstatic state of mind, traveling in my spaceship, orbiting the earth in an opposite direction; I was enjoying the ride, unable to comprehend the function of the experience. Once I revealed the episode to my guru, he talked about Kundalini experience. TM became my obsession and my addiction, with a positive conjunction that each time I travel in my Merkabah, it would lift my spirit up, in a spiral motion, resulting in another resurrection. A never-ending spiritual metamorphosis, transforming the consciousness of a wild, primitive, ego worshiping of a delusional human, to a peaceful, playful and loving more evolve consciousness of an alien left with a larger than life question hanging over his head; who am I?

The next adventure in the spirit world introduced me to Kabbala. As a child, I was raised to believe in God of Abraham who had created a perfect world with just a line flow, waiting millions of years for a Babylonian fugitive to come along and fix it. Foreskin!!! An ancient and accepted sci-fi erotic story about a man who is infatuated by his manhood and fascinted by his own imaginary friend. The roots of religious brainwash are deep. And the fear of punishment in the afterlife is greater that the joy of life. Thus, suppressing the courage to doubt the exudates of the imagination of a man and his obsession with his almighty manhood; the fugitive Babylonian foreskin worshiper. But The Tree of Life and the book of formation aka Sepher Yetzirah believed to be written by Abraham. Not so convincing!

I was wondering where did he get all these information about the formation of the earth and evolution of human consciousness? What is the story about him fleeing Babylon? God only knows the truth about what was going on in that part of the world at the time. Who was talking to who, and who was fucking whom, and what visitations took place in where? From which alien race and from what foreign world the visitors had arrived? Did the ultimate authority of their government seriously worshiped foreskin in the closet, or they were happier grabbing a pussy in public just for fun?

I dismissed all the conflicting and confusing available documents; focusing on the function of the Tree of Life; a sensible ancient app. I was thinking; when/if I am worthy, the almighty will work his magic in a more respectful covenant than that, with a primitive Babylonian fugitive. He will then furnish me with true answers to all my mysterious questions, in a more intelligent conduct than body mutilation. After all, I am the legal immigrant of the other promise land in the West who has crossed deeper waters. Here and now, in this new world of information, we do things differently. We read and write in the cloud, through multiple intelligent agencies, capable of advanced communication, in multiple languages using androids, galaxies, iPhones, iPads, and numerous other devices and apps which he may not be aware of since he did not include them in his dysfunctional communication system. Though he knows that I am well equipped in handling the truth, post foreskin covenant.

Finding a purpose to life, making the best of this short experimental visit to the blue planet which we are trapped in, has always been more exciting than what may come in the afterlife.

All things flourish in happiness. An exciting sensation which is inspiring, encouraging, caring, sharing, protecting and reproducing in a playful show on stage in Le cirque de la vie. A tiny little piece of rock suspended in vacuumed space, spinning, moving in a spiral motion, dragging its generator along, toward the black hole. If this dysfunctional short-lived organic body was a product of a wise and loving creator; it would last throughout the rapid of its journey into the wormhole.

The Tree of Life pointed me to hermeticism and esoterics. Magically, I was commissioned to translate a couple of kabbalistic books from English to Farsi, thus, began to study the Zohar.

A Jewish rabbi who fled the Roman government and was hiding in a cave with his son for thirteen years, surviving on Carob beans and water, had written his own sci-fi horror series. What could possibly exude from the consciousness of a primitive human hiding in a cave, in fear of execution? Luckily there was no board of psychiatry with mandatory licensing required for insanity diagnostics caused by malnutrition. Neither there were any publishing companies to deny publishing horrid sci-fi stories in nonfiction genre. Yet, I was reluctant to dissolve my religious disillusionment; tolerating the nonsense, restlessly continuing to figure out what that fearful delusional man in hiding was trying to express? And what was his agenda with it? Then again, what else was there to do? Surf the internet for porn movies worshiping foreskin?

I began translating the first book which was written by a contemporary author, interpreting the original Zohar in his own terms. The sanity of the author was highly questionable. By the time the first draft of the second book was ready, there were more reasons not to associate my name to all the nonsense and requested a meeting with the author. Carrying the first draft transcripts in hand, and a larger than life question in mind the meeting did not go well, naturally!

"May I ask what is in your agenda with translating these books since there are misleading and confusing directions in abundance?" I asked.

"Just do your job and don't question the validity of what you do not understand," said the author.

I was relieved, leaving the transcripts on the desk, walking out, never to look back.

The Whole Life magazine opened a new door in an advertisement for The American Institute of Hypnotherapy leading to a doctoral Degree in Clinical hypnotherapy soon to be the most enlightening spiritual experience to date. A transformational tool to empower the self through positive suggestions given in an altered state. I anxiously attended a hands-on certification course in clinical Hypnotherapy. Once in the class, I saw the following miraculous words on the blackboard. They took me right out of this word, and back again faster than the speed of light.

Questions that Dr. ...... has no answer for

  1. Is there a God?
  2. Do we reincarnate? And if we do; how many times?
  3. Is there a life after death?

I was in heaven, knowing I was in good hands with total trust in what will happen throughout the next three days. The weekend certification course sold me the corresponding doctoral degree at once. Soon I had a part as a conductor, collaborating with one of the institute's facilitators in workshops. My favorite one "E.T abduction counseling." Naturally!!!

Of course, I was reluctant to believe in such topic as in Extraterrestrial Intelligence abducting humans for their studies, or any other reason for that matter. However, could it be that there are possibilities to tap into the other consciousnesses and share experiences while in an altered state? Regardless of the sci-fi stories created by lay people and professional storytellers, I was entertained by their imagination and reflecting the individual's ethnic, religion and cultural backgrounds.

I was a practitioner when a visitor was insisting on having lived in two different places at the same time. His hypnotic sessions were mindblowing. An initial contact with an androgynous Extraterrestrial Intelligence who introduced itself as Zorak.

The sessions were exciting. Enlightening, and well worth documenting as a manual or a handbook for a progressive life, in pursuit of happiness. Zorak identifies the self "I" as the only authority responsible for our actions. No fuck is given to any attachment to negative emotions associated with the delusion of permanence, in a never-ending everlasting sci-fi adventure story of an observer who is being observed by the self, actualized in singularity.

With no understanding of their natural environment, physical world and the universe, the nomads initiated imaginary deities responsible for any incomprehensible phenomenon taking place in the strange world they found themselves in. Throughout time, the uncivilized human warriors established orders within their borders and developed cultures to mold the masses accordingly. The Sun God, being the supreme uncontrollable deity illuminating the world, became the one God "Ra" in Egypt by an order from of Akhenaten approximately 1000 years before Abraham; the clever yet delusional Babylonian fugitive who had his own share of dealing with his own demons, worshiping foreskin.

Who can fathom understanding a piece of poetry like Rubaiyat, written in a gender-neutral language where for both males and females, the same nouns, pronouns, and adjectives are used in an ambiguous way of communication? Essentially meant to prevent any outsider from discovering the underlying meaning of the message, one can never study Farsi before learning to speak the language. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to translate a mystical poem from Persian to another language, no matter how hard they tried unless they spoke the language fluently and knew the fundamental cognitive behavior of the ambiguous and suppressive culture. And even then, the translation would not do justice to the mystic poet.

Words don't necessarily have a clear meaning in this language. The meaning of each word is totally dependent on the context, differing from sentence to sentence. And the context can be utterly confusing. Specific blasphemous rhetoric expressed by atheist poets risking their lives may sound convincing to the convinent clever clergy, yet appreciated by the same, if he as an atheist in the closet. The culture itself is formed upon ambiguity, so, one's true intentions and honest thoughts are purposely expressed through a passive aggressive behavior to confuse the reader. The culture promotes ambiguity so that the communication is always on the leap of being able to adjust the expression accordingly. Minimizing the risk of execution. This pattern of behavior has continued throughout the history of the culture, affecting the subconscious mind of the masses in a way that in general a 'Personal Truth' may as well be perceived as guilt.

Rumi, one of the best-known poets in America, was a mullah prior to his meeting with Shams from Tabriz; a free-spirited traveler who according to the legends whispered something wonderfully convincing to Rumi, so that he lost interest in the clergy, becomes an atheist, falls in love with Shams who became his God. Initiate of Sema lies in an ecstatic state of mind produced by his love for the beloved; the traveling dervish. According to some legends; Rumi held one hand to a tree as he turned around and around in despair of the absence of beloved; the traveler. While there are shreds of evidence of this love affair, whether sexual or spiritual, the culture and its fearful followers refuse to see the truth, deceiving themselves in a convenient delusional story, a foolish belief that the character portrayed as Shams Tabrizi in Rumi's poems is actually God, the almighty.

Rumi's personal transformation after this love affair with the free-spirited dervish Shams Tabriz is clearly evident in all his works. Prior to meeting with Shams, his poems are religiously agreeable. He is preaching about good and bad, right and wrong, rewards in Heaven, and punishments in Hell. While the later works are free of all those attributes, fundamentally focused on unconditional love, dissolving the disillusionment of the grand delusion expressed in an ecstatic state of mind and The Present. The lie has been living in the culture and is rooted so deeply, that it is almost impossible for the inconvenienced fellowship to accept facts over fiction.

In Divan Shams Tabrizi; Rumi's best-known poems are for the most part about beauty, controversial love and freedom from religion.

Khayyam and Hafiz also wrote in ambiguity, denying the existence of a judgemental God. These mystical characters were on the same stage as modern entertainers. Their passion for freedom of expression was their motivation. Their enlightened soul had no choice in their journey but to travel the path of happiness.

Let us laugh now and not take it seriously. After all, this is another sci-fi story. A comic one saved in the cloud, vs a tragic one, written on stone.

The following automatic writings are words spoken by Zorak, the nonexisting god of illusions aka the loving alien, on 11,11,2007 in the other garden of Eden in the other land of milk and honey in the west with the following coordinates:

33.8303° N, 116.5453° W. Or, Latitude DMS: 33°49'49.07"N Longitude DMS: 116°32'43.05"W position from the center of Urantia aka Earth, the seventh planet entering the solar system.

Attention earthlings!

Excessive judicious activities will be reported to Zorak.

Recurring reports may cause communication difficulties leading to PBI (Permanent Blockage of Imagination). PBI sustains fixed ideas resulting in religious fundamentalism, aka spiritually dead.

If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from PBI, please contact the child within. If clueless, you might consider Zorak's technique: Slap yourself 144,000 times while reciting I wanna play. If still unable to initiate contact; you are more fucked up than you realize and need substantial help.


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