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Two F-15's Intercept Two SU-30's Not UFOs

Use of Earthling Two Ship Tactics Employed by Each Hextary

Lithuanian SU-30 Flankers
The intercept actually took place back in 2014 but as usual, the military doesn't release the information to the public in a timely matter. What can be gleaned from the intercept though is that both Hextaries are using standard Earthling two ship conversion tactics for the join up.

You can immediately rule out that these are not Volutes (UFOs) because they have wings and are flying. Unlike CTV's - Celestial Tach One Vehicles these vehicles are not employing vectored levitation or vectoring to maneuver. They cannot perform right angle turns and instantaneous omnidirectional acceleration known as ratio maneuvering.
(RATIO - Right Angle Turn Instantaneous Omnidirectional acceleration)

What you can see is that the pilots are either not allowed to perform, or don't understand how to perform three ship compression tactics of a Tactical Vee. If you pay close attention to intercepts you will almost always see the intercepting fighters in a formation of two. The vehicle or vehicles being intercepted could be anything from a drone, civilian or commercial plane, fighter jets, or even a UFO as seen here.

Either way, what appears to be military aircraft but might actually be Hextary aircraft intercepting each other, there are protocols involved under the rules of engagement. This prevents the pilots from misinterpreting the opposing pilot's actions as hostile and instigating an armed engagement.

For UFO enthusiasts who believe these vehicles exist and cannot understand why the government and military won't reveal them, these intercepts are key to disclosure. Rather than waiting for the flipping of the planet (the term that describes the day of disclosure), Ufologists could force disclosure by simply raising the awareness level of how intercepts occur.

Note the most recent F-18 UFO intercept has the pilot telling the government to beware aliens exist and the may be hostile here. Yet the government does nothing about it but waste money as can be seen here. So the fact civilians want more action should not be all that surprising. The key is the civilians need to raise their level of awareness and start using the correct terminology to discuss what is going on.

First off, a Ufologist would appear to be more professional by referring to themselves as a Volutologist. A volutologist is a person who studies volutology or extra terrestrial spacecraft. The technical name for an extra terrestrial spacecraft is a Volute.  Immediately the viewing public would realize these terms volute, volutologist and volutology are terms they are not familiar with and wonder what they mean, thus raising the level of awareness pretending to use similar subliminal dissemination tactics like the HETLAU might be using via the hextocracy.

By not using the terms UFO, Ufologist, and Ufology, the individual or group assessing the intercept would show that they are interested in analyzing vehicles that don't fly. Since Ufologists don't have not looked at the possibility that extra terrestrial spacecraft don't fly (they vectate) they are never able to raise the level of awareness of what is going on to a level of extra terrestrial intelligence. Simply by saying UFO the ufologist or any public individual is basically saying I am looking for something Earthling since by default it has to be from Earth if it fly's. This goes all the way back to the day of Edward ruppelT and nothing has improved since then.

Once the Volutologist points out that the aircraft are flying and employing two ship conversion tactics the intercept can be contained in the Earthling intelligence realm. What the volutologist could point out is that Volute pilots fight in Tactical Vee formations and Earthling pilots flying in two ship conversion formations are seen as hostile if they are flying in stealth mode.

F-22 and F-35 Stealth Fighters

Are they in stealth mode?

and/or are in combat spread.

Combat Spread

Volute pilots are looking for Tactical Vee formations that understand how to avoid a hostile pre merge setup by identifying their energy state based on the proper tactical formation. An example of pre-engaged hostile maneuvering can be seen here.

All the Earthlings need to do is discuss these intercepts and UFO sightings at the tactical level of a Volute pilot. By doing this they are rising above the level of Earthling military intelligence and will force the Hextary pilots to ready up. The last thing a military, hextary, or extra terrestrial volute pilot wants to experience is getting bounced by a Cessna 172 pilot at the merge.

If the Earthling civilians would simply step up their game that would be the exact analogy of what is going to happen.

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Two F-15's Intercept Two SU-30's Not UFOs
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