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'UFO and Outer Space' Comic Book

True UFO stories

a soft cover copulation issues of the comic 

When I was growing up in the 70's, I did read a variety of comic books.  Everything from the super hero to TV and movie tie-ins, and anthology series. One anthology series stood out and was a favorite of mine: UFO Flying Saucers also known as UFO and Outer Space. The comic was about real life reports of UFO encounters from the files of Project Blue Book, the official U.S. Air Force investigation of UFOs, and reports from other sources. UFO Flying Saucers was published by Gold Key comics from about 1968 to 1978. The stories would come in different formats in the comic, a full story based on an incident, a two page spread on UFO origins, and comic panel on UFO hoaxes and frauds. It also came as computation book which contained comic stories of previous issues.

I could not find too much information on the web about this comic but you can read more about the publisher, Gold Key.

The Comic Book had Some Fantastic Cover Artwork

As a kid, I loved the cover art on the front page. I loved the depictions of alien occupants and the ships they traveled in. The aliens themselves look very scary to me as a child. The covers were very well drawn and imaginative. Well known artist Frank Miller got started with the publisher, Gold Key and may have some of his artwork in the comic somewhere. 

Comic Panel

Some panels would explain a big event and tie a UFO sighting to it.  This panel discussion suggests that the New York City power outage during the autumn of 1965 was connected to UFOs. Other panels would deal with other subjects such as UFOs throughout history or origins of aliens, different types of UFO occupants, etc.

A Great Review of the Very First Issues of the Comic

This is a cool review of the very first issue of the comic.  The narrator was very detailed and thorough.  

Why I Loved Reading this Comic

I loved reading this comic when I was in my pre-teen years during the late 70's. There were all kinds of documentaries and TV shows regarding the UFO flaps that occurred in the 70's.  I even had a reading assignment on the subject UFOs while in the 5th grade.  I was also just as interested in the possibility of alien life on other worlds and both were connected.  It was the era before The X-Files so it gave a kid like me some great entertainment at a time when there was not much on TV.  Since they were based upon real events, it made the comic more interesting for me.

Where to Find this Comic

This comic can be downloaded for a small fee at the website. After checking the website, archive.org I was not able to find any downloads listed. However, you can do a search and find various sites in which you can buy old issues of the comic.  

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'UFO and Outer Space' Comic Book
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