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UFO Legacy Space.com Article

Earthlings should expect a lot more.

Volute (UFO)

Space.com just came out with an article (here) addressing the most recent Pentagon UFO investigation revelation. On the upside, the fact that articles about UFOs and possible government coverups are being covered by space.com is a good thing. It shows the latest story about an F-18 UFO intercept is credible enough to shed light on the UFO legacy without having to brush it off into the delusional and schizophrenic realm.

Even the opening has a nice warm and fuzzy tone to it, as if everything UFO-related is suddenly becoming more optimistic:

"Believers in aliens visiting Earth's friendly skies via Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) couldn't ask for more: A secretive government group backed by federal "black money," a talkative former U.S. military intelligence official, fighter-jet video of odd objects doing out-of-this-world maneuvers and a space mogul purportedly housing leftovers of unidentified aerial craft."

From there they go on to discuss the main areas of the secret UFO program and some of the key public and government officials behind it. They follow that up with the ominous quote now being heard more often after the F-18 pilot warning:

"that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone."

They even go back and touch on project Blue Book. What is interesting about that is that, if there is a possibility that ET spacecraft don't fly and FLY is an ET acronym for Forward Levitation using energY, then BLUE could be an ET acronym for Backwards Levitation Using Energy. This is significant for a couple of reasons.

Volutes (UFOs) could be using vectored levitation as the method of maneuvering. Whereas earthling aircraft fly, ET spacecraft would vectate.
They would be able to vector their levitation backward or, to use ET terminology, they would be able to perform blue maneuvering. To earthlings, this terminology is completely foreign. Similar to how RATIO maneuvering is Right Angle Turning and Instantaneous Omnidirectional acceleration.
In other words, we want them to use Earthling aviation concepts and terminology so we can understand them. When they don't, we just ignore it and keep calling them UFOs and wonder whats going on. We never stop to think of the possibility that the government could really be a hextocracy and the military could be a hextary. The possibility Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU) is an absolute impossibility. The last possible thing they would do is use ET intelligence in the form of porphemes and mock our earthling intelligence by putting a Volute (UFO) maneuvering terminology right on the cover of the book, as in Project BLUE Book. Get it?

The article then goes on to talk about MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, probably the largest civilian organization who tracks the ET and UFO phenomenon. To show you an example of why no one can figure out what is going on, imagine if civilians realize that ET spacecraft are called volutes and that they don't fly. The term UFO would become worthless and all the organizations who use it to get followers and make money would all have to change their names. Why do that when you can make money just saying legacy terminology and writing legacy terminology and concept articles? Is there really any advantage to being at the cutting edge of the ET and UFO phenomenon?

So readers basically have two choices:

Heed the F-18 pilot warning and prepare to learn new concepts and terminology like Tach One and Tactical Vee. Brush up on current subjects like Area 51 and Janet flights and the possibility of even more complex concepts like misdirection and subliminal dissemination as the explanation for the events on Earth.

Or just stay in the comfort zone and go back to Kenneth Arnold and Roswell, and use Edward ruppelTs legacy terminology, follow SETI and hope for radio signals, or just wonder about ufo sightings for 2017.

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UFO Legacy Space.com Article
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