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UFO Sightings for 2017

California Led with 490

Another year of the same repeating pattern. Earthlings keep submitting UFO sighting reports and relative to big picture, nothing changes. Since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT put the modern day UFO sighting into motion, nearly 70 years later we really are no further along.

NUFORC The National UFO Reporting Center recorded a total of 4,655 sightings in 2017, down from the 2016 total of 5,619. Here is a list of sightings by state in ascending order:

50. N. Dakota 6
49. Hawaii 13
48. S. Dakota 16
47. Vermont 17
46. Wyoming 17
45. W. Virginia 18
44. Alaska 19
43. Mississippi 21
42. Delaware 22
41. Nebraska 25
40. Rhode Island 28
39. Arkansas 30
38. Louisiana 34
37. Maine 35
36. Iowa 40
35. Idaho 41
34. Montana 47
33. Oklahoma 47
32. Kansas 49
31. N. Hampshire 49
30. Indian 53
29. Nevada 55
28. Alabama 60
27. Kentucky 62
26. Utah 67
25. N. Mexico 73
24. Minnesota 81
23. Wisconsin 83
22. Illinois 85
21. Maryland 86
20. Tennessee 88
19. Massachusetts 99
18. Virgina 99
17. S. Carolina 103
16. Missouri 111
15. N. Jersey 111
14. Oregon 111
13. Georgia 113
12. Texas 116
11. Michigan 121
10 N. Carolina 135
9. Connecticut 146
8. Ohio 146
7. Colorado 147
6. Pennsylvania 161
5. New York 170
4. Arizona 180
3. Washington 192
2. Florida 308
1. California 490

California far and away submitted the most reports of UFO sightings, topping the list with 490 in 2017. Florida was next with 308, followed by Washington (192), Arizona (180), and New York (170). New Mexico, home to the famous 1947 UFO sighting in Roswell, came in at number 25 with 73 reported sightings. Perhaps surprisingly, Nevada, where the legendary Area 51 is located, reported only 55 sightings, coming in at number 29 overall. N. Dakota, Hawaii, and S. Dakota had the fewest reports with 6, 13, and 16 respectively.

2017 did have some highlights, though, as the Pentagon released information they had spent over $22 million researching UFOs and storing materials, possibly from UFOs, at secret sites in Nevada.

The Navy released footage of an F-18 UFO Intercept. The interesting thing about the Pentagon story and the F-18 UFO Intercept is that these stories were picked up by all the mainstream primetime news channels. The discussions were of a more serious nature instead of the usual brush off and demeaning comments suggesting delusional or schizophrenic thinking being involved.

Maybe the public is realizing there actually is a problem when your military claims the vehicles are not from Earth and they are unable to match their performance capabilities. Loosely translated that means they can't defend against them, though they won't come out and say that. 

The bottom line, though, is that if we're are at the end of 2018 and we are still evaluating UFO sightings based on how many there were for the year, we are not making any progress towards resolving the phenomenon. The key will be are any of the following concepts being employed to change the narrative:

  1. Are Earthlings referring to themselves as Earthlings — not their country of residency?
  2. Are UFO sightings evaluating the possibility UFOs don't fly?
  3. Is new terminology being used to better evaluate what is going on, such as vectating, volutes, celestial tach one vehicles, and applied electromagnetic force mechanics?
  4. Are Earthlings aware of the possibility Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU) and are controlling the events?
  5. Are Earthlings aware that Subliminal Dissemination is being used on them to prepare for the day of disclosure (flipping the planet)?

These are the real topics that will determine if any progress is made in 2018.

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UFO Sightings for 2017
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