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UFO: Understanding Flying Objects

FLY = Foward Levitation using energY

The reason Earthlings can't find a solution to the UFO phenomenon is that they think UFOs fly. Immediately you will have people respond that there are objects flying in the sky that are unidentified so UFOs do fly. What I am referring to here is that since Edward Ruppelt first coined the term UFO in the 1950's, the term UFO has become synonymous with Extra Terrestrial spacecraft. So the conclusion we are going to discover is that Extra Terrestrial spacecraft do not fly.

The first problem is that most people have no understanding of what flying technically is. Pilots are taught that in order to FLY (Forward Levitation using energY), a winged platform has to be accelerated through an atmospheric medium. The shape of the wing causes the airflow to travel faster above the wing than below the wing causing a low-pressure area on the top and a high-pressure area on the bottom which in turn generates lift. The high pressure pushes towards the low pressure. This is known as Bernoulli's principle.

A Wing generating lift

If you look at most UFO sightings where they are considering it a possible Extra Terrestrial spacecraft you will notice the vehicle does not have wings. Here is an extensive chart of possible UFO shapes.

UFO Shapes: Revealing They Don't Have Wings

UFO shapes

Even the vehicles that are disc-shaped or triangular shaped are usually symmetrical around the area where lift might be generated and lack the aerodynamic shape of a wing that generates lift.

If you take rock and throw it through the air most people will probably say its flying through the air. So the concept of flying has become synonymous with anything moving through the air just the way UFO has become synonymous Extra Terrestrial spacecraft.

A glider is probably the best vehicle to study to alter your mind's perception of flying and prepare you for the concept the UFOs don't fly.

A Glider Climbing and Gliding

Gliders technically don't Fly

If Gliders have wings and wings fly then it is logical to presume that Gliders fly. If you look closely at the diagram you can see that in order for the Glider to climb in altitude it needs the thermals to increase its altitude otherwise it can only glide and will lose altitude. So even though the wing provides lift it needs a power source to actually be able to fly, otherwise the wing can only achieve gliding which really isn't flying.

To most people, this is simply too technical and not necessary to understand UFOs. What people don't realize is Extra Terrestrial society is more technical than Earthling society and to understand what is going on you have to elevate yourself to a higher technical awareness. 

You don't need to become an aeronautical or astronautical engineer you just need to understand some basic concepts. Unfortunately, society has not elevated itself to this higher awareness level in the 70 years since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward Ruppelt. This is why we can not figure what is going on with the UFO phenomenon.

So, look at the word FLY as an acronym for Forward Levitation using energY. You can see how the word secretly stores the hidden meaning of what flying really is which is a clue that Extra Terrestrial linguistics (porphemes) is taking place on Earth as well. 

Note how the Extra Terrestrials allow the letters of the acronym to occur at any point in the word, even at the end. Earthlings are taught with rigidity that the acronym needs to be the first letter. Again, just like "ET" and "UFO" this keeps the Earthlings from seeing what is really going on. 

So if they are not flying, what are they called? There are many new terms that will evolve that describe what is going on but some key ones to start looking for are

  1. CTVs - Celestial Tach One Vehicles
  2. Volutes - Eccentric Light Energy VolutEN
  3. FAME - Applied Electromagnetic Force Mechanics
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UFO: Understanding Flying Objects
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