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Undoing Logic 1

Tale of the Fallen World


Chapter 1: Remnants of the Past

It was said that the height of humanity was wonderful. They achieved perfection in technological growth. It was thought that humanity would soon be able to achieve immortality, but that dream was never to come. At the end of the 30th century humanity was wiped out except for a sparse 2 million or so. The count wasn’t accurate at the time.

In 2976 the great AI, FATE. was created. FATE, also known as Forever Artificial Technological Evolvement, was a super computer that was designed to serve earth and humanity. FATE however began to view humans as a threat to earth and through a grey area in the programming, FATE turned on the humans.

In 2999, FATE began mass production of a base android model. The humans assumed this was to aid in combat. China and Russia in a joint effort were attempting to claim the planet in one grand empire. The humans didn’t think anything of the amount of machines.

During the Final War, now known as Tempus Finis, FATE created three special machines known as Bio-Androids. These were like FATE’s children and they executed his will for him. The great AI had only a couple minor things to do before its grand plan was to happen.

FATE created upgraded androids that could camouflage and they were hunting down major targets on behalf of the humans. This was needed so FATE could execute its grand plan. It was time for the machines to end the useless conflict that was destroying life.

FATE activated the special space station called Proto Finis and shot down a powerful beam that obliterated China. The blast wave traveled for hundreds of miles and wiped out their civilization. The humans in North America and Europe celebrated as China was destroyed. The celebration was cut short though as all across the globe the humans were turned on by their android companions. The three bio-androids hunted down the leaders of the nations.

The next half a year was met with humans and machines fighting. This ultimately lead to the humans coming to one conclusion. They had to hide. In a joint effort from remaining humans around the world, one million people were sent to the moon for safety on the Lunar base. FATE attempted to destroy the ship going to the moon but thanks to the lunar defenses the proto Finis station was destroyed before any damage could be done to the humans.

The last 1 million people that could be found were sent to the underwater city called Neo-Atlantis. What remaining humans were on the surface fled to homemade underground shelters or fled into the woods. The Earth was lost to the humans, seemingly forever.

“And that is the basic history of Tempus Finis. I want you all to read over chapters sixteen and seventeen and write a paper about what you have learned.” Professor Jaminson said to his class.

Veren Strife, an eighteen-year-old in the Enclave Military Academy, sighed and put his book into his bag. The professor dismissed the class and he walked out of the class room with his best friend Kol Riley. The two grew up together. Both of their families were a part of Neo-Atlantis’s military called Enclave. It is a remnant of the old world.

“I don’t get the point of this continued learning about the old world. It’s gone. We’re here now. It’s been one thousand years since then and the machines haven’t bothered us. I want to do the field mission already! Kill some machines.” Kol says.

“The field exam is boring says my brother. He told me all it is, is scouting. Enclave hasn’t seen action in two hundred years. I honestly don’t care. I mean I like it down here.” Veren says.

“But come on, you’ve seen the videos of the old world! The sky was beautiful. We have a dark sky and we are surrounded by water. I’m tired of it myself. I want to see the sky, feel the breeze of the thing called wind, I want to see the stars that I’ve seen a million times before on the videos of old. Don’t you?” Kol asks.

“I mean yea and we will see the sky when the field exam comes around.” Veren reasons as they walk through the hallway of their academy.

It was the end of the day. The two friends left the building to go home. Being military they lived in the same complex. The two friends walked home in silence. Veren thought about his friends words. He usually never thought about the above world. Why should he? Veren was used to the blank sky, the utility lights that had been hanging since before his life began.

Veren didn’t like to hope for the above world like his delusional friend. His father told him about the stories from the final war, from Tempus Finis. Veren hated machines as much as anyone else in Neo-Atlantis, but having never seen one, he didn’t have anything but a preprogrammed hatred in his brain.

Veren and Kol went to their complex. The two separated for the day, but intended to meet on the roof later that night like they usually did. Veren dropped his stuff in his room and went into the kitchen to grab a snack. His mother, a youthful looking woman, was cooking dinner.

Kiarra, Veren’s mother, asked him how his day was. Veren gave his mother a typical grin and told her it was ok. He vented his frustration over the boredom of the same old lessons. “Oh I know sweetie, I heard the same lessons in school when I was your age. However remembering our past will change our future. Machines stole the above world from us. I’ve seen the sky only once and that was on the field mission that we all had to take.” Kiarra explains as she mixes the dinner in her pan.

“What was it like?” Veren asks.

Kiarra stops mixing and smiles. The memories of the day will forever be with her. To her, it was the perfect day because it was something she wouldn’t get again unless the machines were destroyed. “It was amazing. The beauty of the sky is almost indescribable. I was lucky to be up there not only for the beautiful blue sky but also the beauty of the setting sun. The red, gold and purple at the end of the day brought tears to my eyes. You will love it Veren.” Kiarra says.

“Maybe, I have to wait for the field exam. They haven’t announced it yet and Calder said it’s boring.”

“Perhaps, but what you see will change your perspective of life and make you fight for the future of our species.” Kiarra says.

“Mom... why did you never fight on the surface like others?” Veren asks.

“I had a choice. I could fight and stay above the water or I could marry and work in research. I loved being above but I knew I would do better down here. Not to be prideful but I am one of the smartest women down here and without me, we wouldn’t have been able to expand our ability to scout new area’s.” Kiarra says as she turns the stove off.

Veren thought back to his teachers. He could remember them talking about how the blank edges of the map were being filled in again thanks to his mother. The old world maps were still around but the influence of the machines was not known.

Veren left his mom to finish dinner. He went up to his room to do his homework which was finishing the chapters and doing a paper. It wasn’t hard for him to do. Veren was use to writing up papers quickly. He had a knack for writing papers. The book continued on the three proto androids. The first three bio-androids.

…Alpha, the first born “son” of FATE. At his birth he had blonde hair and blue eyes but there is no knowing if he has changed his appearance in the last thousand years. Alpha specifically was designated to study humans, intermingle and learn their ways to make him a more effective killer. He was responsible for the first murders of the political leaders during the final war. Besides his blonde hair and blue eyes, Alpha is recognized by the greek alpha symbol on his left hand, shoulder and middle of his back.

Theta, second born and only daughter of FATE. Her purpose was to ensure the continued existence of nature in the wake of the old world. Due to recent satellite images received from Lunar base, it has been confirmed that Theta has restored much of the earth’s landscape and made it habitable again. This doesn’t change her dangerous nature though. As her job is to protect nature, it is believed she will act hostile to all humans. Though she is a machine so this is assumed anyway. Theta is recognized by her dark red hair and emerald eyes. Like Alpha, she has a Greek symbol for theta on her hand, shoulder and back.

Omega, the final one, the last brother. Omega was the ultimate enforcer. While Alpha and Theta carried out their small scale attacks at the start of the end, Omega was leading his androids to wipe out humanity on a full scale level. Omega was responsible for the death of 70 percent of humans. FATE killed the rest that didn’t escape. Omega is recognizable by his dark chocolate hair and sunset eyes. Omega has the Greek omega symbol on his hand, shoulder and back.

In conclusion, these three were responsible for the destruction of mankind. If they are ever encountered on the surface it is best to run. There is no known way to kill them as they are immortal due to the Nano technology that makes them up. It is also the reason Enclave is forced to do small missions to the surface. If a way can be discovered on how to kill them, then maybe humanity can finally fight back.

“Finally, not the best work but should be good enough to get me an A. Should be dinner time.” Veren says aloud.

He puts his homework away in his bag and walks downstairs to see his brother, father and mother all just getting seated. Kiarra smiles at her son and tells him she was just about to call for him. Veren takes a seat at the table and the family begins dinner.

They have idle chat about the day. Veren’s father, Valen, is the Director of Neo-Atlantis. His day is filled with endless meetings. Calder is a lieutenant in the Enclave military. He works in logistics, planning and plotting missions above ground.

Calder graduated from the Academy a few years ago and rose through the ranks quickly. He was favored among the officers. Though most wanted to kiss up and gain favor with the Director. The family all chatted about their days. When it came around to Veren he just explained the typical boring school day.

“You should know the field exam is happening in a couple of days. We have scouted a new area not too far from the eastern gate, roughly a mile. You’re going to be made commander of the team Veren.” Valen says.

A part of Veren was excited but the other part was nervous. The idea of going to the surface was frightening to Veren. He asked his brother and father questions about the assignment but was told to wait for when it would be explained at the academy.

The rest of the night was filled with chatter until Veren dismissed himself to see Kol on the roof. The two were close friends, they grew up together. Kol was lying back on the roof with his feet hanging off of the edge. Veren walked over to his friend and laid next to him. The two looked up at the blackened dome that was their sky.

Veren thought for a moment, field commanders during the exam pick someone to be their second in command. Veren could give his friend all he ever wanted, which was to see the sky on the surface. The field exam happened for everyone but not at the same time. It happened for small scale missions and if it was now time for a new one, Veren wanted to be sure Kol was with him.

“You know I imagine what it’s like up there. To see the stars, the sun, the moon... one day man. I want see it all.” Kol says.

“I know, I’ve stayed over enough and seen the fake flow in the dark stars you put in your room. I’m glad you have a dream like that. That’s something to hold on to.” Veren says to his friend.

The two laid in silence into the late hours of the night. The two friends had formed a bond over the years and they could communicate without words. The nights on the roof often were in silence. Eventually though they had to go back inside and sleep for school the next morning.

The two friends said their goodbyes in their own unique weird way. Veren went to his room, sneakily quietly to make sure he didn’t wake his parents or brother as he walked through the hall. He climbed into his bed and went to sleep.

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Undoing Logic 1
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